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Garner Police: Man Exposed Himself to Woman on Walking Trail

Posted July 29, 2007

— Garner Police arrested a Wake County man late Saturday morning for allegedly exposing himself to a female at Lake Benson Park.

Joseph Walls, 20, of 8400 Fawncrest Drive in Raleigh, was charged with one count of indecent exposure after the alleged victim reported the incident to authorities.

According to police reports, the woman was walking along a wooded trail at Lake Benson Park when Walls walked by her and exposed himself, she said.

The woman went back to her car and called 911. Walls left before the police arrived, but the woman was able to get the license tag of the vehicle he was driving, officials said.

Police found Walls’ 1994 Honda Accord minutes later at his home just outside Garner. Assisted by the Wake County Sheriff's Department, Garner Police took Walls into custody without incident.

"The [woman] really helped make this case by getting the license tag," Sgt. Veronica Weaver said in a police press release. "The information she gave probably stopped this person from committing this offense again."

This was the second incident of indecent exposure at Lake Benson park this month, police said.

On July 13, police were called to a similar incident, which had a similar suspect description. Police are still investigating whether the two cases are related.

Walls’ brother, 17-year-old Anthony Walls, was charged by the Wake County Sheriff's Department with manufacturing and possession with intent to sell and deliver a controlled substance after police found a marijuana plant at the Walls’ home during the investigation.

Joseph Walls is at the Wake County Jail under $1,000 secured bond.


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  • Brick Tamland Jul 31, 2007

    The guy was just hangin brain. If that's a crime, then lock me up.

  • Yelena Jul 31, 2007

    busylady, We can't cower inside and hide. Taking walks is a normal part of life, one we shouldn't have to give up because of saftey concerns. It's the same as the people who avoid air travel since Sept 11th because of fear of a terrorist strike. Much better to learn to protect yourself, cary mace and learn basic self defence.

    This flasher is a sicko. Somebody with problems. I'm glad they caught him, and I hope he winds up as somebody's girlfriend during a long, long prison term. Might make him think 2x before he exposes himself again.

  • luvbeingamommy Jul 30, 2007

    Voice of Reason says: "I don't see why this is even a crime. Our society is so prudish to make the mere showing of genetalia a crime. ...so what's the big deal."

    Are you serious? This is a park that is frequented by families with small children!!! Just a few weeks ago it was jam packed during the July 4th celebration...lots of families with kids!! I think it is a very big deal if my toddler runs the risk of seeing some maniac expose himself during an outing at the park! Also, there is an "Indecent Exposure Law" (G.S.14-190.9)that you may want to check out. If his victim was over 16 he will be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor, however, if 16 or younger this sicko just got a felony!
    As a responsible parent, I monitor what my child is exposed to! I honestly don't think that objecting to the "mere" sight of some crazed person's genitalia during a family outing falls into the category of prudish behavior!

  • beachboater Jul 30, 2007

    Hot dog!!! They got a wienie and a drugie at the same time!! Talk about two birds......

  • Obscurite Jul 30, 2007

    historians....AWESOME! I wonder how many of the kids reading this board are scratching their heads right now going, "WUT?"

  • iamforjustice Jul 30, 2007

    If Denzel or Halle flashed someone it is all good...but just as Norbit begins to flash...all hell breaks loose and it is a crime then. Double standard USA!!!!!!!!!

  • Voice of Reason 23 Jul 30, 2007

    Tarheelz apparently isn't capable of anything beyond circular reasoning. It's illegal, therefore it's bad. It's bad, so it needs to be illegal.

    BTW, thanks for the vote of confidence, but I have never flashed, nor have I been arrested for any crime.

  • Sue Donym Jul 30, 2007

    LOL @ historians

  • Historians 12th Jul 30, 2007

    Once again, your action news reporter in the booth at the gym
    Covering the disturbance at the basketball playoffs
    Pardon me sir, did you see what happened?
    Yeh, I did...half-time, I was just going down there
    To get Ethel a snow cone
    Here he come right our of the cheap seats
    Dribblin'...right down the middle of the court Didn't have on nothin' but his PF's Made a hook shot and got out thru the concession stand I hollered up at Ethel, I said don't look Ethel It was too late...She'd already got a free shot Grandstanded...Right there in front of the home team

    Here he comes...look...who's that with him? Ethel, is that you, Ethel? What do you think you're doing? You get your clothes on!

    Ethel, where you going? Ethel, you shameless........ Say it isn't so Ethel Ethel..................

  • Tarheelz1 Jul 30, 2007

    Jokeofreason, flashing is a crime... but you already know that..you have been busted before for the same thing haven't you?