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Cary to lower speed limits near schools

Posted July 27, 2007
Updated August 28, 2008

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— The Town Council voted Thursday to lower speed limits in school zones throughout Cary and to spend $260,000 to install signs and warning measures in those zones.

Speed limits near Cary’s 22 public schools will be at least 10 mph lower than regular posted speeds, with no speeds lower than 25 mph, officials said. The reduced speeds will be in effect from 30 minutes before classes begin each morning until 30 minutes after schools dismiss in the afternoon.

To heighten awareness of the school zone speeds, signs with flashing lights will be installed at the zones this fall, officials said. Cary officials said they would work with the state Department of Transportation on the new signage since some schools are located on state-maintained roads.

“We believe that these changes will go a long way in helping to ensure that our children can come and go from school in a very safe environment,” Cary Police Chief Scott Cunningham said in a statement. “The safety of our children is priceless, and the value of these measures will prove to be very beneficial as we move forward.”

The moves come after two students were injured last fall when they were hit by cars near Green Hope High School.

After the second incident, police began  to crack down on students cutting across a railroad line to cross busy Carpenter Upchurch Road in front of the school.

Town officials studied safety around local schools in recent months and determined street safety was handled differently from one school to the next. Officials said they would work with Wake County school district administrators on incorporating standard pedestrian safety measures into site and design plans for all new schools in town.


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  • Mike128 Jul 28, 2007

    How about the parents teach the kids to look before walking into traffic. Good grief, I was taught to do that long before I got to high school. None of the drivers in these "accidents" were sited. The student was at fault. Having a lower speed limit is not going to prevent kids who are not paying attention from getting hurt. Visibility is not a problem on 64 or Carpender Upchurch. There's no excuse for not seeing a car except for you just didn't look before stepping into the road.

  • lampagenda Jul 28, 2007

    Who could be against keeping children safe as they come and go from school where they are taught that they have no inherent self-worth because they are nothing more than the result of millions of years of favorable chance occurrences? There's no way we can teach them these important lessons if they keep getting killed on the way to school.

  • Tarheeljunior Jul 28, 2007

    How many kids are going to get hit while drivers are busy reading all of the information you people are suggesting that they put on these signs. My goodness! And by the way, leave it to Cary to make up rules for just their city and stick the tab to the State taxbase if they can. That just doesn't seem right.

  • diwanicki Jul 27, 2007

    They should use the flashing lights sign and the speed should be lowered to 15 and I agree they need to say the times and which schools are Tr and which are YR.

  • InTheWind Jul 27, 2007

    sww1rb & ratnix, I assume your statements are jokes, but they are sick comments anyway.

  • InTheWind Jul 27, 2007

    Amen to that, justmyview.

  • InTheWind Jul 27, 2007

    If you go watch the school zones, you will see that most of the violators are women in their 20's and 30's in SUVs. Those with children in the schools should be more careful you would think. I was traveling in front of Cary HS one day and scared out my pants. The car in front of me and I were driving 25mph and coming to a stop because a young girl was walking across the crosswalk. A young woman (like I described above) blew by all of us missing the young girl 4 or 5 feet. She never did slow down. The girl crossing was very startled. The biggest problem with school zone speeds is that they are not enforced, at least not in Cary. Just come over here and drive through the school zones at the proper speed. You will be behind everyone else.

  • turkeydance Jul 27, 2007

    MORE signs? have you seen how many there already are?
    another sign with small print showing At What Time the
    Speed Limit is XX, and Other Times it is XY. how can i
    read all that at 70 mph?

  • mrtwinturbo Jul 27, 2007

    Good Plan

  • JustMyView Jul 27, 2007

    “The safety of our children is priceless,"

    then why is Cary promoting alcohol at the Lazy Daze festival?