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Racist Fliers Sent to Henderson Residents

Posted July 26, 2007

— Officials are speaking out against fliers mailed to some Henderson residents that include a racial epithet and calls for "white workers to rise up" against crimes by blacks.

The flier from the American National Socialist Workers Party makes reference to several incidents, including a June incident in Granville County.

According to Oxford police, former Henderson police officer Anthony Dale "Tony" Finch, who is white, waved a gun and shouted racial slurs at James Maye and Dionne Hensley, who are black. Police charged Finch with ethnic intimidation and pointing a firearm at the couple.

The flier, which gives the home addresses of Maye, Granville County District Attorney Sam Currin and several people who associate with the NAACP, urges people to contact those involved in the case and "let them know you won't tolerate another white victim of black crime and Jewish slander."

"We will not and cannot tolerate domestic terrorism, witness intimidation or 'incitable' speech that has a history of leading to acts of violence," said the Rev. Dr. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP.

Henderson Mayor Donald "Clem" Seifert Jr. denounced the fliers, saying he does not want them in his community.

He called Henderson a diverse community where, for the most part, people get along. Seifert said the last thing they need is a group coming in from outside, stirring up emotions and essentially trying to drive a wedge between people.

“My first reaction is to ball it up and throw it in the trash can,” he said. “I doubt that when our forefathers were writing the Constitution, this is the kind of crap they were trying to protect.”

What’s most concerning, Seifert said, is that the members of the group promised to come to Henderson and rally. They don’t name a specific date, but their flier said they’re coming in the near future.

“I really hope they don’t,” Seifert said. “They need to … go back to where they came from.”

Henderson business owner Patricia Newhouse said she was also unhappy about the mass mailing.

“No community needs this kind of bad publicity,” she said. “No community needs anybody that is going to spread divisiveness instead of unity.”

Terry Garrison is president of the Vance County chapter of the NAACP. He was not pleased that the mailer listed the names, phone numbers and home addresses of people involved.

“It’s very intimidating and very threatening,” he said. “I’m not an attorney, but it certainly seems to be an invasion of one's privacy.”


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  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 28, 2007

    When will racists realize they are the problem?!?!? I'm speaking of white racists and black racists!! If you want people to know how ignorant you are spout your racism!!! If you are white and you still don't understand all the injustices that were thrown on people simply because they were black then you are about as ignorant as people can get!! You do more harm to the white race than anything in our country!! Get educated or shut up!!
    then who cares
    July 26, 2007 11:19 p.m.
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    You know, if you were speaking to racists of ALL colors, it ended up sounding as though you were only speaking to white people. All people need to quit considering race here in the U.S. and consider themselves AMERICANS!! Not Irish-American, Afro-American, etc. Just AMERICAN!!!!

  • sjmr1216 Jul 28, 2007

    bah...the only way to get rid of racism is to destroy the human race. people will always find an excuse to hate. i mean, really...not liking someone based on the amount of pigmentation in the person's skin or for that subtle genomic difference which makes us unique? it's ridiculous!!

  • GodBless Jul 28, 2007

    whatusay...My car AND my truck cost more than my house! Plus- all races have the "slacking", loud music thing going on. It's not a race issue - it's the youth - of all races - not having respect! Parents need to have better control over their younguns'.

    But back to the issue at hand. The KKK is a hate group that has nothing better to do than stir up trouble. Just like the Reverend Al,the Reverend Jesse and the "grand poobah" of the KKK. If people would learn to mind their own business and focus on making their own life right, there would be no one to listen to this garbage that is out there. These forums are a great way to vent frustration. The only reason they get out of hand is usually due to some individual wanting to blame someone else for their problems. In some cases, it's to blame others for problems that existed a hundred years ago. I am 99% sure that no one on these forums was even around at that time. It's over. It doesn't matter. Focus on today and God.

  • many moons Jul 28, 2007

    whatusay:U talking about the youth of America and there fads, thats what u are judging the black community on.Ive seen the samething in other cultures. I see a guy with spike hair thats blue with baggy clothes on that has a car that he paid $7000 for a engine, so that it would go faster whats the difference?And the comment about more blacks being in prison lets talk about facts ,blacks are a minority in this country ,not the majority.So how can there be more blacks in prison?

  • tlh1005 Jul 28, 2007

    Wow. I'm missing the point of all of the numerous posts about the NAACP, genetics, Bell curves, and expensive rims. Whether agreeable, laughable, or indisputably ignorant, what does any of this have to do with the racist propaganda that is the subject of the news story? It's pathetic that some readers will use any opportunity they can to climb up their soap box and shout their feelings about other races.

  • seriousbusiness Jul 27, 2007

    IQ gap? There's no documented study of an IQ gap amoung the races... the only documented gaps you may find would be those in "standardized testing" which are hardly a guage of intellect... I'd challenge you to locate and post any relevant study. As for the crime comment, the less fortunate are overly represented as committing the highest percentage of criminal acts. We could debate for days why... affluent black communities have low crime rates... and poverty sticken white communities have high rates of crime... Just how it is

  • Historians 12th Jul 27, 2007

    rpd911, that is a pretty bold statement. I've said it before & I'll say it again,unless you come from royal blood lines & then you have to take into account everyone was faithful, since it is 2007 we can assume since 1670 your ancestors have been married an average of 12 times, assuming you are an adult. Therefore out of all 12 marriages your family has never strayed from german decscent on the paternal or maternal side of your family in over 337 years, that is amazing, & I seriously doubt it is accurate! If it is you need to contact ancestry.com & guiness world records because my friend that is astonishing if true!

  • CONUNDRUM Jul 27, 2007

    Its amazing how evil is still trying to drive apart the children of GOD. It is shameful that some people look for more reason to hate someone then looking for reasons to be the true family of GOD.

  • whatusay Jul 27, 2007

    bmwerman...What people pay more for their automobiles than they do for the home they live in? What people do not know what a belt is made for? What people have their car radio wide open bellowing as they ride thru the parking lot at Wal Mart so they can be noticed? Who pays for for revolving rims than the car is worth? These are the things people notice and form an impression of blacks. School drop out rates are sky high for blacks, why? Why are more blacks in prisons than other races?
    Black or white the opportunity to succeed is their if they want it. Groups like the NAACP let blacks know every day that they don't have a chance to better themselves, but they do!!!!!
    The NAACP is always looking to blame someone, not improve anyone's live. Same with Jessie and Al.

  • MR EVANS Jul 27, 2007

    Life is too short to worry about what other people think. You can't change the way somebody feels about you especially if they don't really know you.