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State Says 'No' to Moving Franklin Hospital

Posted July 26, 2007

— The state government denied Franklin Regional Medical Center administrators' request to move the hospital from Louisburg to Youngsville.

The state Division of Health Service Regulation informed Louisburg's attorneys of its decision Wednesday afternoon, said town councilman Boyd Sturges.

Sturges said he did not know the specific reasoning behind the state's decision.

The Louisburg Town Council would like the medical center administrators to find another location in Louisburg, said Sturges.

Hospital administrators wanted to move from their 8-acre site on U.S. Highway 401 in Louisburg, where the medical center has been treating patients in Franklin and surrounding counties for 55 years.

Administrators proposed to build a $96 million, 184,323-square-foot facility on a 50-acre plot at the corner of U.S. Highway 1 and N.C. Highway 96 in Youngsville. The facility would have provided 70 acute care beds and three operating rooms.

Hospital administrators said the move was necessary to update their facilities and to take care of the growing population in Youngsville.

The town of Louisburg hired an attorney to oppose the move, saying that it would decrease the quality of medical care in the town.

At an April 17 meeting, several Franklin County commissioners said they wanted the hospital to stay in the center of the county.


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  • myidea Jul 27, 2007

    The town of Louisburg doesn't want it to leave because it is the biggest utility user for the whole town and the town doesn't (can't afford to) lose the revenue. Youngsville is growing so fast, I know I live there. There are 3 neighborhoods going in right now planned with more than 1500 homes. Louisburg doen't have that many total. Move the hospital.

  • Vietnam Vet Jul 26, 2007

    I work in a hospital and I've never understood why a private entity such as a hospital has to ask the state for permission to expand, move, or add services. Makes absolutely no sense to me!

  • Darren Jul 26, 2007

    It's truly unfortunate that we live under a non-market system in which private businesses are force to ask the government for permission to relocate. This is not an acceptable state of affairs for a free society. Good luck, FRMC--give those dictatorial bureaucrats hell!

  • gvmntcheese Jul 26, 2007

    Berger flip-flopped in the beginning and then he explained that if FRMC was not going to leave some ER care there in Luoisburg, he was not going to support it. Lucy from what I remember was quoted by thefranklintimes.com as saying she was also against it.

    This really is just another hot-button issue that takes away from the real agendas in Franklin County and the state. The hospital is what it is. Go over and take a look to draw your own conclusion as the what is really going on over there.

  • Mr. Iowa Jul 26, 2007

    MrGup2: I live in Raleigh and my fiance (and the rest of her family) lives in Louisburg.

    My "snide" comment was an observation. If the hospital moves, Louisburg loses for the reason gave by the Louisburg attorney. If the hospital doesn't move, then Youngsville loses for the same reason! So it's not a valid reason to NOT move because it equally applies to both towns!

  • Timtooltime Jul 26, 2007

    What does Lucy Allen or Doug Berger have to say about this issue ??? What authority does the town of Louisburg have in saying where a hospital ,or hospitals should be in service in the COUNTY !

  • Brick Tamland Jul 26, 2007

    I don't blame them for wanting to move. I wouldn't want the hospital in Lousiburg anymore, either.

  • Lookelou Jul 26, 2007

    FRMC will eventually appeal and win! Good Luck!

  • Joe Jul 26, 2007

    Louisburg hired a lawyer to keep FRMC from moving, but the town doesn't seem to care when other businesses move (along with residents). Pretty soon the only thing left in Louisburg will be an empty hospital because everyone will have gotten out of town!

  • theandylarkin Jul 26, 2007

    blah blah blah and on and on about Louisburg working the hospital. give me a break. HMA turned a large profit with a substandard staff, mainly off medicare/medicaid, and those with insurance. they really wanted to get close to that wake county line for more insurance dollars.
    so accuse Louisburg of trying to keep a cash cow, i don't disagree, but to make HMA look pitiful, be for real. It's not that property couldn't be found near Louisburg, HMA wanted closer to the county line. anyone who would tell you likewise is telling a fib.
    they're not planning on closing because they're building a new parking lot. maybe now the hospital will go to the new airport hub area. We've already been scammed by several politicians on that deal, but the whole county would benefit from it.