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Stripper: Mortician Talked About Wanting Wife Dead

Posted July 25, 2007
Updated July 26, 2007

— A former escort who says she stripped at the funeral home owned by a Rocky Mount man suspected of plotting to kill his wife said Wednesday that he talked openly about wanting her dead.

Ashley Brown, who used to work at Diamond Escorts in Rocky Mount, said she performed for Mark Bowling in a small apartment above his funeral home on as many as nine occasions.

During one of those visits, Brown said that Bowling asked her whether she was willing to kill his wife, Julie, or if she knew someone who would.

Brown said Bowling was very specific about what he wanted to happen to Julie and why.

"He did ask me to shoot his wife at Golden East Mall, to have her killed where he could get a life policy out on her to get out of his financial binds because his funeral home in Tarboro was getting shut down," she said.

Brown said she thought Bowling, who built and owned a chain of mortuaries with his wife, was joking and wasn't serious about wanting to kill Julie.

Nearly two weeks later, Brown said she saw Bowling on TV in handcuffs, charged with his wife's murder.

Brown said she never slept with Bowling, but only stripped for him.

She said FBI agents looked at phone records, which led them to her. Brown said she then told them about Bowling's request to have someone kill his wife.

Brown's former boss at Diamond Escorts said he believes that she is lying to get out of her own legal trouble, which she denies.

"Now, it's out there that I am a snitch, which I'm not. I am not a liar. I've never killed no one," she said.

Julie Bowling was found dead on Dec. 8 inside the garage of her Rocky Mount home after she failed to appear at Nash General Hospital, where she worked as an oncology therapist.

Authorities later arrested Mark Bowling and Rose Vincent, who police said drove to the Bowlings' home and shot Julie Bowling multiple times. Investigators said Bowling was in Florida at the time of his wife's shooting.

Police said Bowling and Vincent were having a romantic relationship and plotted to kill his wife.

Bowling is in jail, charged with first-degree murder and trying to solicit murder for hire.

Vincent is also charged with Julie Bowling's death. The state announced in February that it would seek the death penalty against her.

Bowling's attorneys did return calls about Brown's allegation.


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  • QT3.14 Jul 27, 2007

    It's okay... you can trust whatever a stripper/escort tells you!

  • shine Jul 26, 2007

    countrygirl30....... I thought the same thing. I was tlaking with my mother who had read the same article. She has changed her story since it broke on either the Evening Telegram (Rocky Mt.) paper or The Daily Southener (Tarboro). I can't find the article in the archives of The Southener but I am almost positive she gave a different account then.

    Don't know - do you???

  • linnway Jul 26, 2007

    I am so tired of reading about the race issue on here. I saw a women's workout group on Craigslist that was for African American only. Just think about that one.

  • countrygirl30 Jul 26, 2007

    The stripper cant be believed. She told another newspaper that she has oral sex with him but yet said she only stripped in her interview. Whatever, she just trying to get attention because its so high profile. I think she's only digging herself in deeper. My family is extremly close to this tragedy and I hope justice for Julie will be served.

  • shine Jul 26, 2007

    I wonder... Thanks.

  • Bing Used Jul 26, 2007

    SHINE....According to the N&O, Mark Bowling grew up in Hubert, a small Eastern North Carolina town outside Jacksonville.

  • shine Jul 26, 2007

    ginasb 82... I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I only met her one time and she was a very nice person.

    Why would a woman of her statue even stay with someone who did what you said he did - calling his old girlfriend two days after they were married? I am only asking... She seemed to be such a great person. I am so sorry for your loss of a friend and the family loss as well. Surely she must have seen some signs of his ......... whatevers you would call them mental - or........

  • shine Jul 26, 2007

    I wonder......... I know that Julie's family had money and I think she had backed the funeral business - I just wondered was he from the Charlotte Bowlings.

    Let me say that I had met Mark and Julie Bowling about four or five years ago. He, I couldn't tell to be except a well dressed young man with the ambition of extending his business beyond Rocky Mount. I saw her as a very nice, sweet, person who seemed to be more of the personality of the two and ......

    I am so sorry for her family's loss. I was floored the first I heard or read about this. She was a very nice person.

    It is a shame to read more into this although I am interested except for the ridiculous loss of life of a very nice person.

  • THE ETERNAL Jul 26, 2007


  • ginasb82 Jul 25, 2007

    Thinkaboutit, I think you have a great idea, I like it!!!!!