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Autopsy: Johnston Couple Shot Before Being Cut Up, Burned

Posted July 25, 2007
Updated July 26, 2007

— Final autopsy reports released this week said a man and a woman whose remains were found beneath a Johnston County farmhouse had each been shot in the head before their bodies were dismembered and burned.

The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office received multiple bags and containers, including a freezer, 32-gallon trash can and large oil drum, of dirt, clothing and co-mingled fragmented human remains identified through DNA testing as those of Robin Leigh Clark and Ceasar Ruvalcava Ortiz.

Both died of gunshot wounds, according to the autopsy reports. Clark, 17 at the time of her death, had an entrance gunshot wound to the head. Ortiz, 23, suffered from multiple gunshot wounds – one to the left parietal skull and the other to the hand.

Johnston County sheriff’s authorities discovered the bodies in February 2006 beneath a farmhouse at 1294 Lizzie Mill Road in Selma and in a freezer beneath a shed on the property.

The occupants of that residence, Robert B. Pollard and his wife, Cecilia Louise Pollard, were later arrested.

Robert Pollard pleaded guilty earlier this year to second-degree murder and will serve eight to 10 years in prison; Cecilia Pollard pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and will serve five to seven years.

Clark was related to the Pollards, and Ortiz was her boyfriend. The two had been staying with the Pollards in 1997 before they were reported missing.

Assistant District Attorney Ann Kirby said the sentences were the best the state could get based on the available evidence.

She said Robert Pollard had a viable claim of self-defense when he killed Ortiz. Louise Pollard claimed that Clark committed suicide.

“We didn't have enough (physical evidence)” she said. “What was done to the bodies, as gruesome as it may be after the deaths, does not come into play.”

The autopsies ruled each death a homicide.


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  • whatusay Jul 27, 2007

    Ann Kirby will have some explaining to do when these 2 sick people get out and kill again, and they will. She might as well have dropped the charges all together. No justice was done here. She got a conviction button and the family gets a slap in the face. Fox news should pay Ann Kirby a visit and let her explain to the country that this was the best she could do.

  • doodad Jul 26, 2007

    If a convicted murderer on death row can enter new evidence in an appeal, why can't the evidence in these autopsy reports change the sentencing of these murderers?

  • doodad Jul 26, 2007

    Justice has been served once more? If this is the best that the assis. DA in Johnston County can do in a case as gruesome as this, then I surely hope the people of Johnston County will fight to have her removed from office. This case gave me chills the first time I read about it.

    This is a P**Poor example of justice.

  • shine Jul 26, 2007

    Why do you kill in self defense and mutilate and set fire to who you just killed that was trying to harm you. I would call the LLE and let them call the coroner and get whoever off my property.

  • illegals--GO HOME Jul 26, 2007

    Pay attention to the names and faces of these two sick individuals, as with the short jail time, you will see their names and faces again. Profilers will tell you that these type of individuals can easily be serial murderers and have no moral conciousness to keep them from killing again!!! They are depraved and I would not like to live in any area where they move to after they are released.

  • alwaysCool Jul 26, 2007

    crow- your right, that dead couple never had a chance to live. I dont agree with the short term that was given. Louise and Ceasar's family will never see their kids again. A crime was committed against them and the time given does not match the crime.

    As for stoping your 17 year old, Until she is 18, she is your responsibilty. Having place the rules and yes they will try you.

  • sunshine Jul 26, 2007

    Okay, they said that was the best they could get based on available evidence--it just baffles me and angers me that what was done to the bodies after death doesn't come into play in it all. They did it, hid the bodies, and who knows if it would have ever been discovered if Bobby and Louise hadn't gotten into an argument and split, and sounds like Louise's conscious got the best of her. They deserve no less than what they did to these two people. Sick, sick individuals!!!

  • gunnarbiker Jul 26, 2007

    The same treatment should be awarded to the scummy murderers.

    No trial. Just do them in and save my tax dollars.

  • missdawg Jul 26, 2007

    Why did this case go to trial before the autopsy evidence was completed? If these deaths resulted from suicide and self defense, then why were the bodies chopped up, burned, hidden and buried?

    Thank you. I share the same feelings. If I have to kill someone in self-defense, I'm going to call the cops ASAP, not cut somebody up and burn them, then keep parts of them in my freezer. These people are sick, have committed first-degree murder, and should have been charged with it. It's a shame that they will get the opportunity to do the same thing again in 10 years.

  • crow Jul 25, 2007

    Smorgas_Of_Borg...One I can tell you have never been a victum of something like this. Two Ann Kirby said "the sentences were the best the state could get based on the available evidence." That is BS, they didn't wait for the evidence. They plead this case on Feb 19 the autopsy was finished on July 2.They took the plea because Susan Doyle AGREED to take ALL the pleas that TOM BLACK started. How do I know that SHE SAID SO the day they told us that they were going to accept it.

    If you consider this justice, I am glad that you werent a part of this, they may have walked free.