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Shopping Center to Allow City Buses

Posted July 24, 2007

— City officials reached a tentative agreement Tuesday with one shopping center to allow city transit buses onto its property and continued talks with another.

Bus access to Towne North on Creedmoor Road is expected to begin Aug. 1, officials said.

Meanwhile, managers at Brier Creek Commons, off U.S. Highway 70 in northwest Raleigh, are still negotiating with the city over when and how to start allowing buses, officials said. The shopping center might need to upgrade its facilities to accommodate buses.

The two shopping centers have not allowed Capital Area Transit buses onto their property. Towne North managers have cited safety concerns, while Brier Creek officials have said their parking lots don't have enough room to handle buses.

City officials said bus access at the shopping centers is a matter of fairness for local residents who don't have cars.

The city did a study to rebut arguments against allowing CAT buses.

City officials said recently that they aren't concerned about two other shopping centers that don't allow access to CAT buses. Bent Tree Plaza at Strickland and Falls of Neuse roads, doesn't have the patronage to support a bus route, and another bus route provides access near Brennan Station on Creedmoor Road, officials said.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 25, 2007

    Leave the hood in the hood.

    The city bus system makes it easier for the problem elements in the hood to travel to the rest of city.

  • 68_polara Jul 25, 2007

    So why would they make a private development accommodate vehicles the size of buses when all the city needs to do is to make sure there is enough space for the buses to let passengers on and off the bus on the public roads that access the private development.

  • aquamama Jul 25, 2007

    Oh, how lame. My post was deleted. My point was this: people work retail for various reasons. They make little money doing it. I'm disgusted by people who look down on those who make a lower wage. The shopping centers should allow busses. Whoever has a problem with it should just shop online.

  • The Legend of Mike Hunt Jul 25, 2007

    Well look at Northgate Mall in Durham. You pretty much have to have your own gang and bulletproof vest to feel safe enough to shop their any more. All cause of Local Bus service brings in half of Durham's crime!

  • lboyette Jul 25, 2007

    This is why we stay so separated as a country.We have people that constantly sterotype neighborhoods,education levels etc. if it were not for the people who ride the bus you would not be eating out everyday for lunch at the restaurants etc.Put yourself in there shoes we are all human beings who deserve to be respected.Where would you get your convenient store gas,cigarettes,groceries. Do you work retail(Gas Stations,Grocery Stores,Restaurants? Think about how much the people who ride the bus everyday to work contribute to our catered lifestyle making peanuts for a living.We are the only group of people in this world who battle with each other more than working together on anything.We can't agree on anything as Americans.It is really a shame.

  • skinnycow Jul 25, 2007

    Good point bd5698!

  • nc911tc Jul 25, 2007

    To nowayebby:

    I shouldn't even waste my time typing this to people who make such ignorat statements, but here's my .02! I used to live in North Raleigh, but have since moved to another city. Southeast Raliegh isn't a bad place to live, it's just the few knuckleheads(BLACK,WHITE,HISPANIC)that gives S.E.R its reputation. I'm a black man, and by no means a thug, and I've seen more upper middle class white kids driving around hoopty and souped up cars than the S.E.R. residents!

    Now, some residents are not blessed to have means of transportation other than public transportation. I'm sure Raliegh is doing all it can to create more routes so more people can take the bus and therefore removing more vehicles off the road. If you don't want them coming to your area of the city, THEN MOVE!!

  • anonemoose Jul 25, 2007

    Tell Briar Creek if their parking lots aren't big enough to handle busses, they aren't big enough to handle fire trucks, and their occupancy permits will be pulled until that is corrected. :-)

  • kikidlc Jul 25, 2007

    in response to below quoted comment: "over crowded roads"...
    Well, if the bus system went to more areas then maybe we could get more people to ride the buses and there would be less crowded roads! So I'd say city officials ARE working on that problem!

    Raydianse said: "I am glad to see city officials taking on a real issue like buses to malls instead of dealing with crime, over crowded roads, over crowded schools, etc. Why not focus on real issues rather than invading people's private property."

  • Raydianse Jul 25, 2007

    Claudnc - you're right I wouldn't work in Brier Creek because I don't live in Raleigh - and if I didn't have transportation I definitely would not try to work somewhere that I have to depend on a bus to get me there. I would instead choose a place that is nearby where I can walk, bike, etc to work - like I have done in the past when I didn't have a car. I have worked retail, construction, nanny, etc so before you judge me and call me a classist take a step back. I have gone without a car and had to find other routes to work but the public bus system is not effective. I have taken the bus several times in my life and I can always count on a delay of some sort. Instead have a private bus system that then will serve the people who need it better bc the private group would focus on how to serve their clients while making some kind of profit. If the people felt they were paying too much then another group would come in & be competition for the other company - so the prices are driven down.