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Durham Police Launch 'Operation Bulls Eye'

Posted July 19, 2007

— Every city has its trouble spots, and Durham Police have pinpointed one of their worst – Northeast Central Durham.

It’s an area that makes up 2 percent of the city’s total land, but it accounts for 20 percent of the city’s crime. Durham Police are kicking off a campaign to stop the violence – Operation Bulls Eye.

Charnita Green lives in the target area.

“It’s bad over here. It really is, and a lot of people need help here,” she said.

Police call it the hot zone. Statistics show 30 percent of all gang members live in Northeast Central Durham.

“Prostitution, robberies and burglaries are some of the top issues in that area, and we’re going to address them in a variety of ways,” said Durham Police Maj. B.J. Council.

Maj. Jim Bjurstrom said there will be a noticeable difference in police presence in the area.

“We think by dealing with this actual area, it will have an affect on the crime rate throughout the city,” he said.

Police plan to use gang, domestic violence and patrol units to beef up round-the-clock presence for the year-long focus.

“We know we have to hit it with a lot more than just law enforcement,” said Durham City Manager Patrick Baker.

Northeast Central Durham sits just blocks from a revitalized city center. Baker says the downtown can't survive if the outskirts crumble. The city plans to pour resources into the historically neglected inner city neighborhood.

The program will be a first. Police have never done a concentrated year-long operation like it. The beefed-up patrols will cost $200,000,  but city leaders say it's worth it.


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  • ncfishfinder Jul 20, 2007

    but of course this has nothing to do with it being a mayoral election year and a new chief coming in.

  • 68_polara Jul 20, 2007

    They can arrest all the thugs they want but along as Durham county judges, like Orlando Hudson, continue to hand down such lenient sentences the murders, drug dealers, rapists, and thieves will end right back out on the streets.

  • Comments Jul 20, 2007

    OK folks....cancel your plans tomorrow night....Choppa has invited us all to go to East Durham. What a treat....oh wait....it's FREE to. Oh what luck....I can't wait !!!

    Darn, I just checked my calendar and it appears that I have a previous committment to dip my head in some nuclear waste down at Shearon-Harris tomorrow night....so I won't be able to make the Durham trip. You all let me know how that turns out.

  • WTFmph Jul 20, 2007

    Uhmm ... I am very sorry for this Durham neighborhoods' plight, but reluctant to see the perps, pushed out of it, perhaps into my own backyard.

    I wish I was a better person, but that's the facts, ma'am.

    I am terrified of these thugs, and if they can be contained in an hellacious area, good.

    I know it's so easy to say someone can move, but my circumstances are constrained by limited finances too. I can't move even though I carefully selected my neighborhood in 1990, and the white working-class constituency has been eroded. Some Durham thugs have already infiltrated.

    We are prime candidates for Durham's displaced criminals, and even though the 'hood has gone to hell, Satan hasn't quite taken over yet like it would if you drive these jerks to the slums of Cary.

  • elyhim Jul 19, 2007

    Every town has problem areas and people but the Durham police might want to get off their cell phones and stop riding and do some actual police work for a change.
    The only thing that will matter is increased presence in those areas, then again how many times has the bank not 400 yards from the police station been robbed this year?

  • choppa Jul 19, 2007

    Rufus Williams, LAMO!

    I swear, if you ever decide to do Charlie Goodnight's I will be in the front row.

  • Rufus Williams Jul 19, 2007


    I don't like people being near me so Duke football fits my needs. I appreciate the invite but I have cheated death too many times already. I will pray for you and the police who venture into east Durham.

  • choppa Jul 19, 2007

    Rufus, I was born at Duke and raised in Durham so I'm no soft keyboard thug hiding behind a computer screen. I'm out there everyday with no gun, bullet proof vest, backup, or even a can of pepper spray. It's just me and I have never allowed any "disrespect".

    Rufus, Duke football? I guess you don't like wins. How about you come with me to East Durham tomorrow night. I promise there wont be any "disrespect" around me.lol

  • blackdog Jul 19, 2007

    The police needs a campaign to focus on a bad area...

  • notadumbredneck Jul 19, 2007

    With the revolving door at the Durham courthouse and jail, they'll just spread out into other areas of the city.