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Edwards' Headquarters Becoming Nuisance to Neighbors

Posted July 12, 2007
Updated July 13, 2007

— Thursday marked the second postal scare in four months at John Edwards’ campaign headquarters in Chapel Hill.

Both incidents proved to be harmless, but for businesses in Southern Village, Edwards’ headquarters is becoming more of a nuisance.

Businesses complain that they're losing money. Some of them shut down for the day. Business owners told WRAL they're tired of the scares and tired of the business day interruptions. One business owner plans to do something about it.

Dr. Annelise Hardin is a pediatric dentist with an office on the same floor as Edwards’ campaign headquarters. She said she has had enough of bomb scares and evacuations.

Her office plans to draft a letter to the building's management expressing frustration about the loss of business. She is planning to get other companies in Southern Village to sign the letter.

Keith Getchell runs a restaurant two doors down from Edwards’ campaign headquarters. The bomb scare wiped out his lunch crowd, he said. He, too, is frustrated and plans to sign Hardin's letter.

“We expected with the employees they were going to have and people visiting the office, we thought we’d get more out of it,” Getchell said. “But it hasn’t really helped our business. And with a day like today, it hurt our business.”

Hardin said the campaign staffers have been good neighbors. But running a new pediatric dental practice, she is concerned about her business surviving and her patients’ safety, she said.

“We need to have some protocols, maybe some resolutions as to how do we avoid this,” she said.

Andrea Purse, a spokeswoman for the Edwards campaign, said Friday that mail would no longer be delivered to the campaign headquarters at Southern Village. Instead, it would be delivered to and processed at an off-site location, she said, declining to be more specific.


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  • ladyblue Jul 15, 2007

    This candidate makes me as disgusted as Clinton and her campaign video. Everything Hilary does, Edwards slivers behind her and copies it.

  • richard2 Jul 14, 2007

    He's had the same effect on North Carolina too.

  • jenjen02 Jul 13, 2007

    LOL that is a good one X

  • jenjen02 Jul 13, 2007

    Hockey I guess it's because I examine deeper than the surface concerning this issue. No worries I am not going to vote for the man. I hope that reality sinks in soon for you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. God Bless.

  • HockeyRules Jul 13, 2007

    "He is a Demoncrat,"

    LOL..i like that.

    Guys, it is all good. Edwards won't win. In a year, he will be a non-factor, a memory. Hopefully his wife's health will stabilize and they will live quietly, out of the spotlight.

  • NoToIllegals Jul 13, 2007

    He is a Demoncrat, sorry I couldn't resist.

  • HockeyRules Jul 13, 2007

    Whatever, Jen. This is an emotional thing for you, not sure why. You don't like him, don't vote for him. Pretty simple. I don't see him as the demon you do, but thats for you to deal with.

  • jenjen02 Jul 13, 2007

    Hockey you know you shouldn't make assumptions.
    Where in the world did you interpret that the announcement of whatever was crucial in my opinion about Edwards? He for many other reasons is the most ill fit person to run this country. My 5 year would be a more responsible candidate. At least she knows how to stand for what she believes in.

  • HockeyRules Jul 13, 2007

    "-hes not worthy of that."

    Well, whatever you call it, he is worthy of you spending your entire Friday evening criticizing him.

  • HockeyRules Jul 13, 2007

    "I remember when his wife was first diagnosed with CA he announced he wanted to keep it private and for the public to respect that they could handle the fight alone. "

    Really? Then why announce it in the first place? i guess i look at it that, like it or not, they are in the spotlight. when they are sick, people want to know. happens to politicians, actors, singers, whatever. It is not a defining issue for me like it is for you.