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Raleigh Man Convicted in Drive-By Slaying

Posted July 11, 2007

— A Raleigh man was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole after he was found guilty of gunning down a teen last year in a drive-by shooting.

Jurors deliberated for the better part of three days before convicting Michael Jones, 20, of first-degree murder in what police say was a gang-related shooting.

Jamal Jefferys, 19, was shot and killed June 3, 2006, on Beauty Avenue in Raleigh. Police said a three-car caravan drove down the street, and at least two shooters fired at Jefferys in broad daylight.

Four bullets hit the teen as he stood outside his home with friends.

Fifteen people were charged in the case, and 13 have pleaded guilty to lesser charges. Some of the co-defendants testified against Jones, the only person to be tried in the slaying.


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  • whatusay Jul 12, 2007

    I agree, let 13 off if they will give you "1". What a joke. They were all guilty.

  • 2AMANDA2 Jul 12, 2007

    "TaxMan and enoughsaid say it all! Sadly, it will continue as long as there are gangs and their music that glorifies the thug lifestyle."

    neptunescourt, i also agree with what they said, but where does the music come into play? you'd be amazed at how many "gangbangers" don't listen to rap. for the record, when did music become so powerful that it overtakes a person's upbringing or free will? people give music way too much credit and power. while i'm sure it plays a role, i just don't think it's bigger than how parents do their jobs and plain old common sense.

    just my thoughts.........

  • mindyourown Jul 11, 2007

    This 20 year old will find out what prison is life is like, good on him, he deserves it. The rest of you are correct, the others were released and they will be back in jail/court again but aren't they just as guilty?? C'mon where's the punishment in this country??? This is rediculous....Gangs? The police know who and where these gangs are so why don't they focus on them and go after them? Aren't we paying enough taxes to accomplish this??????

  • wizard633 Jul 11, 2007

    I am surprised no-one is trying to defend him on here. He really deserves the death penalty. His coward buddies should have gotten at least the same charge. Remember, if you run with the pack, you are just as guilty?

  • humbleblaklady Jul 11, 2007

    "THIS" is the kind of "justice" that Durham can only dream about! Thanks to Mayor Bill "G.W. Bush" Bell and Judge Orlando "Let'em Out for Any Reason" Hudson; gangs only need to relocate to Durham to plant their destructive seeds. "Equal Protection Under The Law" has always been a "JOKE" in Durham. From the police presence and investigations--to the judicial system--criminals know which communities are "free game" and a "get out of jail free (or tomorrow) card! Even the killing of and subsequent investigation of (the killing) four young black men doesn't come close to mustering the kind of investigation and manpower resources Durham (and the Mayor) spent on making sure that the "Duke LaCrosse" players received "justice" for being accused! This "drive-by" case at least suggests that Raleigh is looking at protecting "all" of her neighborhoods. I guess Durham, the "city of medicine" is more interested in practicing trauma procedures and unfortunately our community provides the guinea pigs

  • fyiarp Jul 11, 2007

    Yes, it's great he's of the street, but there was a caravan of 3 cars and only one person is taken out of society. They all should be, I don't think they all thought they were going on a sight-seeing tour.

  • neptunescourt Jul 11, 2007

    TaxMan and enoughsaid say it all! Sadly, it will continue as long as there are gangs and their music that glorifies the thug lifestyle.

  • ladyblue Jul 11, 2007

    Great work to all the people involved in bring a thug off the streets before they shoot more innocent people.

  • enoughsaid Jul 11, 2007


  • lilwil Jul 11, 2007

    It really makes you wonder what is "ticking" inside of some folk head that commit such "crimes"...

    Does this make them feel more important? I don't see how it could. Maybe we should start sending them to Iraq and see how they will react then, let them see what the troops are going through. I'm sure they will think long and hard before they commit any type of crime.