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Raleigh Officer, Suspect Hit by Patrol Car

Posted July 10, 2007
Updated July 11, 2007

— A police cruiser struck a Raleigh police officer Tuesday morning as he and another officer struggled with a man during an arrest, police said.

The incident took place on Camden Street near its intersection with East Martin Street, east of downtown, shortly after 11 a.m., police said.

Officers A.R. Caruana and K.C. Heckman were observing drug activity as part of an ongoing street-level drug enforcement effort when they saw someone being robbed, police said. As the officers tried to arrest the thief, they fell toward a patrol car arriving to provide assistance, police said.

The trio hit the side of the cruiser, knocking the mirror on the passenger side loose.

"The scary part was when they got hit," said Garth Bonner, who saw the entire incident while working nearby. "The police (were) wrestling with somebody down there, and the police car came up trying to cut the van from coming out. Momentum sent both of them into the street, and they both got hit by the police car."

Eddie Keith, 33, has been charged with strong-arm robbery in connection with the incident.

Brenda Jones, who rushed to the scene after hearing about the incident, said Keith is her son and has a history of drug problems.

"I've been trying to talk to him. I've been trying to talk to him to stay away from Martin Street and trying to get him help. He's just getting out of the drug place," Jones said.

Neither of the officers nor Keith was seriously injured, but Caruana and Keith were taken to WakeMed for treatment. Keith was later taken to the Wake County Jail.

Officer J.C. Willauer, who was driving the patrol car, won't face any disciplinary action or charges in the case, police said.


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  • roadtrash Jul 11, 2007

    roe...you are an idiot. Period.

    claudnc....if your friend's husband is such a jerk, then you are a moron for letting her set you up with Mr. Attitude. You probably did him a favor by not wanting a second date.

  • gopanthers Jul 10, 2007

    robjustrob and Ladyblue - Great Post. Loved them both!

  • ladyblue Jul 10, 2007

    I too wish to say Thanks to all the LEO, Firemen and rescue people including ambulance. You do a great job but law enforcement you catch it at both ends of the stick. The crooks want you dead and when you try to protect yourself the people want to chew you up. Have a safe night out there.

  • ladyblue Jul 10, 2007

    NCcarguy--i like your post and I think that's a good idea what's the numbers for stupid (788-7430) Make them have to dial all the numbers...

  • imrickjamesbitch Jul 10, 2007

    why is were in parenthesis?

  • imrickjamesbitch Jul 10, 2007

    "He's just getting out of the drug place,".... They will just love his sweet bottom in jail. Good no one was hurt, but the way they tell the story, it would fit in captions in a sunday morning funnies......

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Jul 10, 2007

    Maybe we should create another number for those that don't like Policemen or Women, so when they have a need, they can call the help of their choice??? maybe 811....and some of their friends will answer, and come running????

    Glad to hear this wasn't any worse than it turned out to be!

  • robjustrob Jul 10, 2007

    I hope the officers are okay. These guys deserve our gratitude - not our attitudes. They put it on the line daily; never knowing where it's gonna come from - who'd have thought one of their own patrol cars. Still, they persevere. Good job, guys!

  • wcnc Jul 10, 2007

    "My feelings towards the police has always been the same. They come with really big attitudes... even in their personal lives they have attitudes."

    Let's not make a general statement about ALL LEO's based on experience with some. I do have to say that most of them have a thick skin, as they have to with all they deal with, and maybe that comes across as an attitude to some. To those with the thought that the cops have attitudes, try doing their job for 1 day and see how you'd feel. Maybe you'd change your mind about your generalizations..........

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 10, 2007

    np. Tell your husband I said thanks for all he does. Doesn't sound like a lot, but I do appreciate LEOs!!!