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Inmate Dies After Work Crew Struck on I-40

Posted July 10, 2007
Updated July 11, 2007

Editor's Note: We want to clarify part of our coverage from Tuesday. We showed video of a man holding a child at the accident scene. That man was NOT the child's father or the driver of the SUV. He was actually someone who stopped to help.

One of three inmates who were struck by a vehicle while working in the median of Interstate 40 died Tuesday afternoon.

The driver of a westbound sport utility vehicle lost control of it near the Lake Wheeler Road interchange of I-40 at about 8:15 a.m., and the SUV skidded into the median, hitting three inmates and an empty prison van, authorities said.

The inmates were part of a trash-pickup work crew from Wake Correctional Center, a minimum-security facility on Rock Quarry Road, authorities said.

The SUV rolled on top of one inmate, prompting the other two to come to his aid, Department of Correction spokesman Keith Acree said.

"The one inmate that the SUV landed on top of, the other inmates actually lifted the SUV and pulled him out from underneath before the paramedics arrived," Acree said.

But their efforts were in vain. Inmate Charles G. Wilson, 31, died about six hours after the wreck at WakeMed, authorities said.

Inmate John Junior Perry, 38, and Corrections Officer John McDonald also were injured in the wreck. Their injuries were not considered life-threatening, authorities said.

A third inmate, Chasi Shabayen, 42, was unhurt, authorities said.

The SUV driver, Frederick Henri Beaujeu-Dufour, 37, of Clinton, and his 3-year-old son weren't seriously injured, authorities said.

Authorities aren't sure why Beaujeu-Dufour lost control of the SUV.

According to the Department of Correction, another work crew inmate was recently struck by a passing vehicle.

Andre Voznyuk, 19, was struck June 13 by a pickup truck on Interstate 26 in Henderson County, officials said. He was taken to an Asheville hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Corrections officials also said an SUV struck and killed an inmate May 18, 2006, in Iredell County on I-40.

The department's safety office will investigate Tuesday's incident on I-40 and could decide whether any procedures need to change, Acree said.

"It doesn't happen every day, but it happens more often then we'd like it to," he said of the wrecks. "We have inmates working on the road year-round, and we know that the public wants us out there. We hear it from the public and from legislators -- they want us out there cleaning up trash on the highways -- but that doesn't come without lots of risks."


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  • ghimmy47 Jul 12, 2007

    None of you remember Roscoe from DOT do you? The deceased guy's record shows a strong possibility that he would have continued a life of crime. I'm not too reluctant to say he probably would have been responsible for an innocent person's death, by intent or accident in another high speed chase. It's totally not related, but the 17 year old who broke into my house twice some years back is doing time for murder. Just an illustration of someone who fails to learn from experience.

  • bpstation14 Jul 11, 2007

    yaright - get a life

  • bpstation14 Jul 11, 2007

    It wasn't a Ford Explorer, and who says he was even speeding? Know your facts.

  • bpstation14 Jul 11, 2007

    Mr. Dufour and his wife are two of the greatest people I know. I know they would never intentionally hurt anyone. They are two of the most hardworking persons I know, and are as American as apple pie - even if one was born elsewhere. I respect this family more than any other adults I know, and look forward to seeing them at both church and our family drive-thru. Although this family could choose to be snoody, they instead choose to be humble hardworking church going friends. I know they would never intentionally hurt anyone. And this bit about "race" is nothing but bologna. This is a sad tragedy that many will not forget - including the Dufour's. Both families need to stay in our Prayers. Those of you who are saying good riddens to the inmate (or the dufour's) ought to be ashamed of yourselves. These are families that will have to live with this the rest of their life. I know Clinton will come together and stand behind one our most enjoyable families.

  • wildncrazynana Jul 11, 2007

    To the all the idiots who posted good riddance comments about the inmate who was killed, I salute you and hope you never have a family member, child, friend get into trouble and end up in jail. What goes around comes around. Comments like that make me sick. And if you think you're perfect, can't happen to me, its just low class trash, etc. Keep on dreaming.Things and circumstances can change in the wink of an eye. So heres to all of you gods and judgers. peace.

  • Run_Forrest_Run Jul 11, 2007

    ......06/23/1999 HABITUAL FELON (PRINCIPAL) 12/20/2002. He had a rap sheet long as my arm evidently. I do feel sympathy for the man and his relatives. Loosing a loved one is never easy. I'd feel more sorry for those who work beside the roads as a profession. This person did the crime, and was doing the time. He was a recidivist (one who goes in and out of prison without being reabilitated). His life (if he hadn't changed) would have been one of returning to prison over and over by causing harm and heartache to others. I'm thinking that putting the baddest criminals out beside the road to work...might be the better idea. (Nah - wouldn't want them to get away and terrorize others). Just a thought.

  • tlh1005 Jul 11, 2007

    For the record derrrrrrrrrr, I was actually misquoted, I never said that they don't let violent inmates out for work release. I said in response to another post, that we don't know that the deceased killed or committed ant heinous acts. I never mentioned the guy who was only injured. My post was in reference to the, "he probably deserved it, good riddance posts". Last, 9 years for manslaughter isn't necessarily "a lot" without nowing the facts of the case.

  • Seeminglyopposed Jul 11, 2007

    And for anyone who has a 3yr old and driving with them on one of their bad days, don't have to ask what was the distraction...it doesn't take a cell phone to cause the wreck. Especially if it was a dad, that wasn't use to dealing with that 3 year old in the first place, the child was probably driving him crazy.

  • Seeminglyopposed Jul 11, 2007

    Where is the man that killed the little boy and just got the 15 DAYS LAST WEEK IN FAYETTEVILLE!!!!!!!

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jul 11, 2007

    "just like tlh1005 said they do not let violent inmates out to do road details"

    One of the injured is serving a 9 year sentence for manslaughter. I searched for the details online but couldn't find any. But 9 years is a long sentence for manslaughter, so I'm sure he's no saint. He's a convicted dope dealer too.