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Taps Run Dry in Moore County Neighborhood

Posted July 9, 2007

— One Moore County neighborhood went without water from Saturday until late Monday, said residents and water company officials.

Aqua North Carolina restored service to 20 of the 22 homes in the neighborhood by Monday evening, said company officials.

Neighbors said the company’s response to the water outage upset them.

“We’re mad, because we’ve been good customers,” said neighbor Betty Cole. “We want someone to do something about it. Because calling customer service people for these people has done no good at all.”

“I’m upset, because no one from the company called us, even to inform us how long it was going to take to get the situation straight,” said resident Lou Chambers.

Residents said their water comes through a pump house from a neighborhood well, neither of which were ever broken.

A broken water pipe caused the outage, but workers were unable to isolate the leak until Monday evening, said water-company officials.

Chambers said the lack of water made it hard to care for her house full of children and grandchildren.

“It’s totally inconvenient trying to find some place to take a bath, trying to find just enough water to clean with,” said Chambers.

Chambers said she bought bottled water for drinking and carried water from a near-by pond to flush the toilets.

“At the end of this day, I would love to have some water in my home. At the end of this day,” wished Chambers.

While Aqua North Carolina granted that wish for Chambers, the State Division of Environmental Health is mandating that all residents boil water before using it. That advisory will last until tests show the water is safe to drink.


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  • silverbullet Jul 10, 2007

    got water? I do! WAAAAAAA.. cry me a river. life will ger better.

  • RYANROCCO Jul 10, 2007

    i cant believe these people are complaining. its not like you were out for weeks, and someone said they should have called..thats idiotic. why would they have to call everyone, if water stops running through your pipes, most people can put 2 and 2 together. why should they put them up at a hotel..thats just plain out ignorant. things happen and you cant do anything about it hen it does but ride it out!!

  • Mad Baumer Jul 10, 2007

    The clouds owe me water, I am suing...

  • BR549-ssdd Jul 10, 2007

    Oh cry a river. A whole day and 1/2 without water. Sounds like Katrina victims.. Fran left us 9 days with no power or water. Improvise, take care of yourselves for a change and drop the attitude everone owes you something.

  • Supie Jul 10, 2007

    wral : we are in a draught and we had to read to the 7th paragraph to hear the why in the whowhatwhenwherewhy.

  • WhatsInAName Jul 10, 2007

    For those who have problems with Aqua (as I have), I urge you to file a service complaint with the utilities commission.http://www.ncuc.commerce.state.nc.us/ the complaint phone number is in the upper right. If enough complain, the commission can put the heat on Aqua to improve or not get their rate increases, expanded service, etc. It's not much, but its the best we can do when we are beholden to an monopoly.

  • Mad Baumer Jul 10, 2007

    This will start heppening more and more. As they build 2,000 houses above agreed capacity in Wake Forest, (Yes I said 2,000 above the agreed water capacity,) we will run dry. And these contractors, many whom are out of state, will count their money, grab another stack of granfathered in water permits, and run somebody elses town dry

  • lunamag Jul 10, 2007

    I tried looking for any news of it in the local newspaper (The Pilot) obviously it wasn't news worthy. Unfortunately the rich Grandparents of Pinehurst who sent their beautiful, 20 yr old Emily to Europe for two weeks is more cultrually important than perhaps a whole neighborhood losing water.

  • Adelinthe Jul 10, 2007


    People should be able to go to hotels at the water company's expense whenever an outtage lasts more than 6 hours. PERIOD!!! Because any residence that doesn't have running water is usually condemned under normal circumstances and because it keeps the water companies honest.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • myview Jul 10, 2007

    We've had the same problem with Aqua here in Wake County, too. Customer service has gone downhill since they bought out Heater Utilities. There is no local number to call for ANY help - their only customer service number is somewhere up in Pennsylvania, and many times on weekends, it's tough to get someone to answer that number. Buyouts many times hurts the end user of the service instead of helping, especially when it takes away the local contact and relationships that built that business to begin with.