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Man Accused of Killing Girlfriend's 2-Year-Old Daughter

Posted July 6, 2007

— Those who knew Antonio Byrd said they were shocked to hear that he was accused of killing his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Byrd, 24, of Spring Lake, about 5:30 p.m. Friday and charged him with first-degree murder in the death of Miracle McLean.

Byrd - who was the live-in boyfriend of Miracle's mother, Sheteka McDougald - rushed the child’s lifeless body to the Anderson Creek Fire Department station Monday, authorities said.

He claimed she drowned, officials said, but autopsy reports later revealed the girl died of blunt force trauma. Miracle was in cardiac arrest when she arrived at the fire station, officials said, and doctors at Womack Army Medical Center at Fort Bragg pronounced her dead after emergency medical workers took her there.

Family members said Byrd dated McLean's mother for about a year and a half. Miracle’s cousin, Katurah McDougald, said she wants to know what happened.

“It’s still a shock, because I never thought he would do anything like this. So we’re still like, is this really happening?’” Katurah said. “It brings more questions, because now the question is: ‘Why? What made you do it?’”

Investigators have said very little about the case, but they did say McDougald and Byrd cooperated with their investigation.

Byrd was held Friday afternoon at the Harnett County Detention Center.

Miracle's 3-year-old sister, Zahane, is in foster care, relatives said.

“[Byrd] came in the house and like, took over, bought the kids stuff and everything,” Katurah said. “We thought he was a good person to the kids until now. My question right now is why, if he did it, ‘Why did you do it? What made you do something to a child that couldn’t do nothing to you?’”


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  • PSPro Jul 8, 2007

    Preston1 and Pursuitofhappiness, aren't you going to be suprised!!

  • seeingthru Jul 8, 2007

    just very very sad... no words

  • rainy39 Jul 8, 2007

    I am technically the gf of the father of the girls but guess what..I am there 24/7 and the "real" mother? Well lets just say she lives 5 min away and cant even pick up the phone. So I am the heartbeat of them when it comes to the female person in their life. I know their fav music, their fav color, who they have a crush on. Their own "mother" bought them birthstone earrings for christmas and bought the wrong darn months..So to say that bf/gf has no right might be legally correct but if its a live in situation then they have the right to say yes or no to most things. I am not in any way shape or form taking up for this man or child abusers anywhere and they/he should be punished as severely as possible but til mothers and fathers start stepping up to the plate and being responsible for kids then things like this will happen. I even tell others children to sit down in church..doesnt bother me one bit.

  • gratefultoGOD Jul 8, 2007

    WHAT A THUD!!!!LOSER. "AN eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" like the Bible says.. he should be beat to death now!! In prison.. he will not make it.. they HATE child abusers. Pick on someone your own size bully!! Not an inocent child that is defenceless!! OVER 70% of black children in this country are born out of wedlock That's 7 out of 10!! No morales, no respect for GOD, or family life he created. It is all coming back to you.. and will continue to get WORSE> I MARK MY WORD.. by the word of GOD. The black community causes 70% of it's OWN problems. I can say it.. I'm not prejudice.. I live in it! I'm part black.

  • gopanthers Jul 8, 2007

    Rainy39 - I agree with you. If the child is left in anyone's care I.E. a Boyfriend or any babysitter and Mom leaves to go about her busisness- then yes it is that persons responsibility to keep the child safe. But bottom line the Law does not recognize a boyfriend as a full time custodial parent. Family courts will tell anyone boyfriend - girlfriend what-ever to stay out of the real Mom's and Dad's Bussiness in the upbringing of their child if their in court because of some dispute and yes many times Step Parents do help out and take on the roll of Mom or Dad. But not a boyfriend.

  • North Carolina Native Jul 8, 2007

    the problem is he lied... he said she nearly drowned but they find no signs of drowning but blunt force trauma. Maybe he shouldn't have lied.

  • rainy39 Jul 8, 2007

    "With all due respect and setting the real issue aside a boyfriend stepping in and buying the kids stuff was more then enough considering the children are not his. Not his place to take the Daddy Role and disapline. Mothers Responsibility!"

    I live with my fiancee and kids..Guess what, as long as I am living here, paying the bills and helping with schoolwork, etc..I will take the responsibility and discipline them as my own. It takes everyone on the same page to raise children. So if the mother was gone and the child wanted to use a knife and cut up all the furniture then the man shouldnt want to step up and show responsibilty? Cant have it both ways. None of us will ever know the truth and the whole truth about what happened here but to say this man had no duty if he was living there is not right.

  • Fuquay Resident Jul 7, 2007

    I wish you guys would stop with the "she fell in the tub and hit her head" or "she fell out of the high chair and hit her head". The blunt force trauma was not to her head. Know it all must know that that's not where she was hit.

  • Yelena Jul 7, 2007

    gopanthers, If a man decides to live with a woman who has children, he takes on the responsibilities associated with parenthood.

  • mercer88 Jul 7, 2007

    he had a bad childhood?