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Victim's Family Finally Allowed to Collect Belongings

Posted July 6, 2007
Updated July 7, 2007

— A Fayetteville apartment complex relented late Friday and agreed to allow the parents of a woman found slain in an apartment this week to collect her belongings.

Police said Kenny Y. Salas, 30, shot 23-year-old Katherine Mardell "Katie" Krejci, his girlfriend, before turning the gun on himself. Their bodies were found Tuesday morning inside an apartment at the Cambridge Arms Apartments near McPherson Church and Morganton Roads.

Krejci's parents flew to Fayetteville Tuesday to collect her belongings from the apartment, but were told by a manager of the complex that they couldn't go into the apartment since only Salas' name was on the lease. The family has to show legal documents proving they have the right to go inside the apartment, the manager said.

"I don't care about furniture or whatever else is in there. I don't even care about her clothes. I want what was close to her," said Gordon Krejci, who lives in New Mexico.

Salas' relatives didn't have a problem with Krejci's parents going into the apartment, said Mona Anderson, Krejci's mother.

"We're working together. The families are working together," said Anderson, who lives in Seattle. "All we want are those personal things."

The conflict was resolved Friday afternoon, and the Krejcis will be allowed into the apartment Saturday morning with a police escort.


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  • Jokers Wild Jul 8, 2007

    Unfortunatley I do understand why the Apartment Manager would not let them in. How many crazy lawsuits do you see on a regular basis?? The Judge in D.C. that sued a drycleaners for failing to live up to their sign "Satisfation Guranteed", Black kids suing the school system because they got suspended and claim it was because they are "black" even though they make up 55% of the school, and it just goes on and on! Even if they win nothing, these lawsuits tax TONS of money that the defendant has to pay for Defense fee's and time away from work to defend themselves. The plantiffs lawyer probably works for a set commission of the winning's so they are free and clear of debt. Ever wonder why so many cases get "settled"? It sure is not because the Plantiff was going to win! It is sometimes cheaper just to payout the meager payout agreement and pay a lawyer their fees to fight the case in court! I am glad it all worked out for the families though.

  • At Work Jul 7, 2007

    That was just plain stupid, the apartments should have let them in from the get go. Who was going to sue both partys are dead!! Let the familys have so closer. I also agree that its good the family is working together and not placing blame on each other. Bless both familys for there loss's!

  • eldogg7 Jul 7, 2007

    I dont understand why the family was not allowed into the apartment, what difference does it make if they were legal or not? they loved one was dead, they wanted there stuff, plain and simple.

  • heelzlover Jul 7, 2007

    what a horrible thing for these families to go through...i hope they find inner peace quickly...

  • moose13 Jul 7, 2007

    What a sad story, its good to hear that the family is working together tho...

  • diwanicki Jul 6, 2007

    I agree

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 6, 2007

    It's great that the families are working together, unlike the Michelle Young case.