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Jury to Decide on Death Penalty in Waring Murder Trial

Posted July 6, 2007
Updated July 9, 2007

— Jurors on Monday will begin deliberating the fate of a man convicted of fatally stabbing a Raleigh woman two years ago.

Superior Court Judge Paul Gessner sent the jury home for the weekend Friday following closing arguments in the sentencing phase of Byron Waring's murder trial.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Waring, who was convicted of first-degree murder on June 28 for the Nov. 8, 2005, stabbing death of Lauren Redman, 22.

Police said Redman was stabbed more than 20 times inside her Raleigh apartment before managing to crawl outside and ask for help before she died.

"Lauren Redman was taped, and she was tortured," Assistant District Attorney Doug Faucette said. "(She was) taped up and tortured, tortured physically and tortured psychologically."

Shortly after his arrest, Waring confessed to the crime on audio tape, part of which Faucette played in court Friday.

"I looked at (Redman), and then she looked at me," Waring said on the recording. "She said, 'Please don't kill me.' She said she was about to die anyway. The last words she said to me was: 'Can I please get some water?' I said no."

"Just how disturbing are these facts?" Faucette then asked. "Is this an ordinary murder or was the brutality of this case particularly disturbing?"

Defense attorneys said Friday that Waring's troubled childhood led to his violent behavior.

"The evidence that we've tried to present to you in the second phase of the trial and the evidence you heard is the story of Byron's life," defense attorney Ann Groninger said.

Waring also told police Redman allegedly owed money to George Sasser, her former roommate. Waring said he and another man, Joseph Sanderlin showed up at her apartment to collect on the debt. Waring said Sanderlin raped Redman, and then they both stabbed her.

Sanderlin, who is also charged with murder, will go on a trial later. Sasser is charged as an accessory after the fact.

No Wake County jury has handed down a death sentence since 2001.In that case, Fernando Garcia was sentenced to die by lethal injection for the beating death of Juliann Bolt in the clubhouse of the Cameron Lake Apartments in 2000.

The deliberations come as questions about the death penalty are tied up in the legal system. Court battles over a doctor's role in the lethal injection process have stopped executions since January.


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  • srp19203 Jul 9, 2007

    All I know is theres alot of people who lost a great friend, daughter, sister and family member here and I dont see b/c of their sick childhood that they had the right to take her from us! May they all get the death pently and give us all some kindof releif that they no longer will be able to breath or eat another meal, have anything to do with their familys or even watch tv, Lauren cant why should they?

  • .Milky Jul 7, 2007

    I am very glad to see that Paul Gessner is over this case. He is a great family man and very involved in keeping our society safe.

    I hope the jury comes back and recommend the defendant and his lousy childhood get nuked.

  • Halyard Jul 7, 2007

    Stabbing someone 20 times!? Its a no brainer!

  • superdad412 Jul 6, 2007

    I'm sick of hearing about a criminal's childhood. If it was so bad then we should find his daddy and hang him (as an accessory before the fact) right along beside his no good offspring!

  • wilbo Jul 6, 2007

    hang them all

  • jhnewman Jul 6, 2007

    Ben Rim. Please point out the post to which you refer. I have not intimated that there is any excuse for murder.

    The Lawyers would argue that a "lousy childhood experience" is an excuse for the violent crimes that plague society. I don't buy that.

    I only suggest that lousy childhood experiences are a product of socio-economic factors.

    There is no justification for murder, under any circumstances.

  • Bent Rim Jul 6, 2007

    jhnewman -at- wave-net -dot- net,
    That is a great excuse for murder.

  • imacopiceman Jul 6, 2007

    This "Gentleman" earned the death penalty. Just as you wouldn't hesitate to kill a wild animal that was prowling your neighborhood killing children, this person made a decision to brutally murder someone over a $60.00 debt. To assume that he deserves more consideration because he is, "Human" is an arrogance could line you up as a future victim.

  • jhnewman Jul 6, 2007

    Dear Know (it) All. We all would appreciate your solution to this problem, in 100 words or less.

  • Know All Jul 6, 2007

    Please, enough with long comments. Just make your point and move on. No one wants to read loooong comments. Trust me. "I Know."