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Fayetteville Apartment Deaths Ruled Murder-Suicide

Posted July 5, 2007

— Police on Thursday determined that two people found shot to death in a Fayetteville apartment were the victims of a murder-suicide.

Officers responded to the Cambridge Arms Apartments near McPherson Church and Morganton Roads on  Tuesday after receiving a call from a neighbor who was concerned that all of the windows were open. An officer found the bodies of a man and a woman inside.

Police on Thursday said the preliminary investigations showed Kenny Y. Salas, 30, shot 23-year-old Katherine Mardell Krejci, his girlfriend, before turning the gun on himself.

Krejci's co-workers said she had missed several days of work. Police haven't said how long the bodies were in the apartment before they were discovered.

The case remains under investigation.


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  • imocassie Jul 7, 2007

    As a friend of Kenny Salas, I would like everyone to know that he was neither an evil or violent person. He worked every day and has never missed a day of work in almost 6 years. He was a good friend and would do anything for you. He loved children but didn't necessarly want any. He loved life and he loved Katie. Any one who knew him liked him. He liked horror movies and playing games on his game system. If he had something he didn't mind sharing. He liked Japanese animation and the history channel and ufo's. No one can say what happened on July 3 but whatever it was changed alot of people. As for myself I will not let one terribly tragic moment define his life and what he meant to me. I didn't know much about Katie except that he loved her very much, so it makes this hard to understand. Please remember to say a prayer for everyone involved victims, family, and friends. Please don't judge, no one knows what happened only Kenny and Katie. Peace be with them.
    GOLO member since

  • Juliett Jul 6, 2007

    When I see murder/suicide it upsets me so much. I realize that people can get down so down and in such a dark place they just see no other way. I just don't understand why they feel they have to take someone else's life before they go. Suicide leaves so many feelings of guilt and anger for the loved ones left behind. We should have seen the signs we say. We feel guilty because we didn't see it and felt we should have and could have stopped it. Rationally, we know better. Somedays we will see suicide as such a selfish act that we get angry. To add to that the murder of someone else before is just too much. I've been there with a father that committed suicide and a few months later my sister did too. I feel so much compassion and sympathy for these families left behind. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • skinnycow Jul 6, 2007

    Peace and blessings to the friends and loved ones of the murdered and the parents and friends of the murderer. It is always horrible when someone takes their own life but when they feel the need to take the life of another it is even more disturbing. I hope all touched by this tragedy find the strength needed to get them thru their time of grief and sorrow.

  • HP Jul 6, 2007

    Get out of the 60's, this is 2007, no more Vietnam War, there or in Fayeteville. Our military here in Fayetteville are fighting for the freedoms that you enjoy. Every place has its share of crime. No city or country is immune from it, so get off the Fayettnom ban wagon

  • MeatHead Jul 6, 2007

    Raleigh Total Crime =14,873 Murder=19 Rape=97 Robbery=762
    Durham Total Crime =13,819 Murder=14 Rape=98 Robbery=976
    Fayett. Totale Crime=14,377 Murder=15 Rape=48 Robbery=506

    Get off your high horse Raleigh!

  • moonpie Jul 6, 2007

    It's too bad he didn't shoot himself first....

  • isabella731 Jul 6, 2007

    I don't live in Fayetteville....I live 50 miles away, but it seems to me that this sort of thing (murder/suicide) could happen anywhere, not just in this particular "pocket." If you can't live without someone, there's something terribly wrong. There are healthier relationships. Rather than shoot, THINK, and then just LEAVE.

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 6, 2007

    When are people going to learn? If they don't love you, LEAVE 'EM....ALIVE. What did he accomplish? Nothing. He's now getting the suntan of the century where he is and she's...wherever she may be. Stupid, stupid, stupid....

  • animalover Jul 6, 2007

    For all you haters of Fayetteville, check your statistics before you go chatting about something you know nothing about.

  • gunfighter Jul 5, 2007

    hey ghimmy47

    The 82nd ABN DIV has 4 combat brigades now days. It is true
    they are all currently deployed. Main post has lots of 18th ABN Corps, Coscom, and JFK Center folks still in town.