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New Raleigh Watering Rules Go Into Effect

Posted July 2, 2007

— New, year-round lawn-watering restrictions are in effect, starting Monday for Raleigh customers.

Watering will be limited to three days a week. Odd-numbered addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Even-numbered addresses can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. No watering can take place on Mondays.

The rules also apply to people in Garner, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell and Zebulon, which get their water from Raleigh. The restrictions do not apply to hand-held hoses.

Those who violate the water restrictions will first receive a written warning. A second violation will cost you $50. The penalty goes up to $200 for a third violation.

Violators who get caught a fourth time will have their water turned off.


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  • The Fox Jul 2, 2007

    Sheez. I haven't watered my yard in 20 years. Still green and growing.

  • Historians 12th Jul 2, 2007

    I see we are practicing rocket science over here, well that's over my head so I have a glass of orange juice & leave all of the mental heavyweights alone so they can concentrate, & have one also. {;o)

  • Hammerhead Jul 2, 2007

    Watering at night will preserve water, but invite mold if you have vegetation that is sensitive to it. It is best to water very early in the morning.
    Some one should invent a statue that holds a sprinkler, it would like some one hand-watering.

  • Newshound Jul 2, 2007

    Some one go to the magistrates office and make a complaint against easley and see how far it goes. i know its not feasible but it sure would be funny

  • bill0 Jul 2, 2007

    WardofTheState - Good God man! I assume you are being purposefully obtuse....hopefully?? If your address is 3442 Whatever street, it is even. There is no "first" number or "last" number. It is just one number - three thousand, four hundred and forty two. It is even because you can divide it by 2 and get another whole number. I assume what you are trying to get as are the individual digits. In that case, the final digit of any even numbered house will be 0,2,4,6, or 8.

  • lolly Jul 2, 2007

    Divide it by 2 with no remainder (nothing left over, no fraction remaining.)

  • lolly Jul 2, 2007

    A number is determined as even or odd if it is divisible by 2. If you can divide it by 2, it is even.

  • WardofTheState Jul 2, 2007

    T Man - I know what even and odd numbers are!! My point is that no source, neither the website or the N&O, has explained WHICH number - the FIRST number of the address or the LAST number of the address is the one to go by. Sheese...

  • Cleanup on Aisle Cool Jul 2, 2007

    In Charlotte, it was even-numbered houses water on even-numbered days, and odds on odds. Simply and easy to remember.

    Of course, Raleigh has to make it more complicated.

  • All child molesters should die Jul 2, 2007

    It's ok to water anyday, by hand. Maybe they need to get that out more, for those who live in Raleigh. I didn't know that, until today.