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Alcohol, Speeding Suspected in Crash That Closed I-40

Posted June 30, 2007
Updated July 1, 2007

— Police said Sunday that they believed alcohol and speeding were involved in a Saturday night crash that closed a portion of Interstate 40 for a time near the Gorman Street exit in Raleigh.

Brian Reynolds, 44, of Kenly, was driving a 2004 Nissan at at least 90 mph in the middle lane of I-40 eastbound shortly after 6:30 p.m. when he lost control of his vehicle, police said.

A car changed lanes in front of Reynolds and he lost control of his car, Officer M.K. Ford wrote. The car crossed three lanes of eastbound traffic and went through the median.

A police report completed Sunday said officers suspected Reynolds had been using alcohol. Tests results were pending, the report stated.

Reynolds' car struck a 2005 Chevrolet head-on in the middle lane of I-40 westbound. The Chevrolet was driven by Robin Mitchell, 40, of Cary.

Officials said a third vehicle, a 2007 Toyota driven by Don Faircloth, 52, was also slightly damaged during the collision. Two unidentified passengers were in the Toyota.

Reynolds, Mitchell and Tammy H. Graham, 44, of Wilson, a passenger in Reynolds' car, had to be extricated from their vehicles.

Ambulances took all three to WakeMed.

Reynolds was still in the emergency room Sunday morning, hospital officials said. Mitchell was listed as being in intensive care. Graham's condition was unavailable.

The lane closure created a major traffic tie-up around the Gorman Street exit, officials said.

Traffic was detoured while the westbound lanes of I-40 were shut down for more than two hours. Eastbound lanes were also shut down for a short period of time.


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  • nc native 54 Jul 2, 2007

    To the guy that wrote "I am all for the Virgina laws... is there one for the ever irritating tailgater that wants to see how close they can get to your bumper before you have to touch your brakes to see if they even back off?"

    ...and for everyone else that prefers VA laws, or any other state or country's laws...Please go there and stay!!!! We have too many Yankees and others that are taking up our limited space in NC. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • The new guy Jul 2, 2007

    Do you know how much it costs to install cable rail? Its not cheap. And if you are worried about people crossing over, then install concrete walls. And that will cost even more. Stop mentioning about cable rails whenever there is an accident.

  • ladyblue Jul 2, 2007

    readme-- I am glad you never got behind a wheel on the many many occasions you have been so drunk you even vomited on yourself. Never say NEVER. Study what alcohol can do to you. There is such a thing called drinking to where you drink yourself sober, better known as blackouts. When you hit this phase, you could get in your car if no one is around to stop you and drive. It has been known to happen and I've heard the horrible tales from such accidents.

  • RPD07 Jul 2, 2007

    The cops are enforcing the laws. Its the judges/prosecutors that let these scum bags off with warnings or reduced sentences. Only so much can be done when you pull someone over and give them their 10th ticket for speeding or whatever when in reality I wish we could handcuff them to the bumper to take them to jail. But, it's all about self control and personal responsibility. You can't fix stupid and unfortunately there are no laws for stupid or common sense either.

  • readme Jul 2, 2007

    I had a cousin killed by a drunk driver just like this A-hole. She was the most beautiful 9-year old girl I can ever remember. Her sister is all grown up and awesome, and I only with we could have seen what the other one would have grown up to be. We'll never know.
    I have been very drunk many times in my lifetime. I have vomited all over myself and barely been able to walk. But in all of those times, I NEVER would have gotten behind the wheel. I always had enough sense to make the right decisions like this. There is NO excuse for this behaviour. Period. This person, if he was drunk, needs to be punished severely. People on this site should have no sympathy whatsoever for this guy, and we should be merciless in our justice.

  • nothingbutthetruth Jul 2, 2007

    how is this a cops fault? since when did they become superman and have the ability to stop all crime?

  • Sumo Vita Jul 2, 2007

    I have to note that there's no shortage of clueless drivers that contribute to accidents, even if they're driving at or below the speed limit. There's absolutely no excuse for drinking or going 90, but it sounds like the vehicle that changed lanes in front of this guy might have also contributed to this accident. I'm amazed at the nonchalance at which slow drivers will pull in front of you, regardless of the speed differential, and rely on you - and all those following you - to slam on their brakes in time.

  • illegals--GO HOME Jul 1, 2007

    Just another prime example of the "me generation".....they only care about themselves and what they want to do and total disregard for the safety and welfare of others.

    For those who say enforce the aggressive laws better......think about this....do you want TWO vehicles out there in that type of traffic traveling at that high rate of speed??? And, if a cop did chase them down, God forbid if that officer got in an accident because most people would jump on here and start cop-bashing about driving like that. Cops have to weigh the jeopardy they would put others in, but they do generally try to stop this type of aggressive behavior when it can be done.

    This idiot doesn't need a license, and it is a shame that the ticket books don't have a block to check for INABILITY TO DRIVE LIKE A SANE PERSON or DRIVING STUPID IN PUBLIC instead of just the mundane CARELESS AND RECKLESS DRIVING. Hope the judge throws the book, the desk and a few other things at him ! ! !

  • LocalYokel Jul 1, 2007

    The aggressive driving laws we have need to be enforced! Its these aggressive drivers that cause most fatalities on our roads. Renoylds should have got a ticket instead of the jaws of life. I suspect he had been driving like this for years.

  • mindyourown Jul 1, 2007

    Drinking and driving AGAIN!!!! When will people learn???????? Stupidity deserves pain.