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Faithful Dog's Bark Brings Searchers to Missing Toddler

Posted June 30, 2007
Updated July 1, 2007

— A toddler who went missing Friday night was found alive more than 24 hours later, the family dog at his side.

Connor Cummings, one week shy of his second birthday, had a few scrapes but was in good condition when a searcher found the boy sitting on a stump about one mile from his house Saturday evening.

"It's a prayer answered. It really is," his mother, Teresa Cummings, said Saturday evening as she held the toddler and he guzzled from a bottle, seemingly unconcerned by the whole affair.

Connor and his family's golden retriever, Sandy, wandered away from home and went missing about 6:30 p.m. Friday. A massive search ensued.

Steven Brewer was searching on horseback when Sandy barked once and he found Connor and the dog near Highway 96 and Gos hen Road.

About 250 people had searched a wooded area near Connor's home in the Gos hen community Saturday. They used horses and all-terrain vehicles as well as fanning out on foot.

The boy was outside with his mother to feed their dogs Friday, authorities said. The mother realized he and the dog were missing a short time later and searched for them for about two hours before calling the Granville County Sheriff's Office for help.

Crews searched the woods near the home on Jack Haycock Road Friday night, and additional search crews from as far away as Asheville arrived Saturday morning to assist. The North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol was also called to assist.

Connor celebrates his second birthday next Friday.


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  • readyforgodswilltobedone Jul 2, 2007

    ladyblue, when I am cleaning the kitchen the twins are in their playpen or in their highchair... When they are sleeping I get up in the night and check on them. Children are too precious to let them out of your sight especially outside. And any mother with common sense would know not to let a 23 month old loose like that. If she as near him like she should have been he wouldn't have gone far. If all parents did what she has done, we would have dead toddler all over the world. I remember a case where the toddler got out of the house while the mother was sleeping and she was put in jail for neglect. And this was neglectful for the mother to wait 2 hours to call the police..
    It was neglectful for her to let a 23 month old out of her sight. I am sure she was not there with me in eye sight the entire time.

  • dont_preach Jul 2, 2007

    thank god everything is ok!

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 2, 2007


    I disagree. It takes more than a few seconds for a toddler to get a mile away from his home.

    Read my statement again. I said that it only takes a few seconds for a child to get in trouble, not wander far from home! :-)

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 2, 2007

    If it was black mother they would be stating neglect....

    Here we go....let's stir the pot, please.

  • sheablue22 Jul 2, 2007

    Well, then. Now THIS is a story that makes my heart sing. Although, I have one problem (and I am not one to ask why very often): why did ya wait two hours to call for help? Me, being a mother of four, and being ever aware of the threat of pedophilia, would have called for help after two minutes...

  • Weetie Jul 2, 2007

    I agree with Americanpatriot...WHO in their right mind would leave a 2 (TWO!) year old outside to play with a dog or alone???

    I don't care if it was for a minute or an hour...it should not have happened especially in today's world. This was a lucky - or BLESSED child that he wasn't kidnapped!

  • special k Jul 2, 2007

    and as an afterthought to the comment below whenever we take my son around crowds we use a buddy leash which looks and acts pretty much like a dog leash so we can keep him in our sight at all times and he can't take off without us knowing and don't think we don't have people telling us how cruel and evil that is to restrain a child like a dog even though we're trying to protect him and take care of him the best we know how without limiting his life b/c of his special need so there you go...

  • special k Jul 2, 2007

    Refiman2 - i get so tired of comments like yours b/c it really does only take a second and life happens with children around - you can't put them in a bubble and tell them not to move any more than you can sit in a chair and follow them around all day - be realistic - i lost my child at a wedding rehersal once in my own backyard with 60 other people in attendance - b/c of his autism he didn't talk at the time and finding him took about 20 minutes, but they were the scariest 20 minutes of my life - he had pedaled his little flinstone car up beside the heat pump and couldn't get out or call for help since he didn't speak so i feel their pain and wish people would show a little more compassion when commenting on this stuff -

  • 68_polara Jul 2, 2007

    Why vilify parents? "I just turned my back for a second" That's all it takes, it can happen so quickly. That sinking feeling accompanied by adrenaline must be the worst feeling in the world. the Thank God the boy is ok.

  • Refiman2 Jul 2, 2007

    Good thing the dog was around, since the parents were missing (when it mattered) when they should have been watching the child. Same old excuse "I just turned my back for a second", yeah right. Even so, if you know a child can disappear in a second, don't turn your back on that child....................