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Wake Schools Show No Improvement in Year-End Tests

Posted June 28, 2007

— Wake County high schools showed no increase in the percentage of students scoring at grade level on end-of-course tests, school district officials said Thursday.

The system average on the seven state end-of-course tests dropped from 79.5 percent in 2005-06 to 74 percent this year. The tests are administered in two algebra courses, geometry, biology, English I, civics and economics and U.S. history.

In the three courses where the tests were unchanged from last year, the percentage of students reaching grade level increased. But in the four courses where the state issued new tests this year, the percentage of students reaching proficiency decreased.

“We have seen this happen several times now,” Assistant Superintendent for Evaluation and Research David Holdzkom said in a statement. “When the state has strengthened curriculum and raised the proficiency threshold on the test, the percentage of our students reaching proficiency drops in the first year and then begins to climb. We expect that will be true here.”

On the biology test, 74.2 percent of Wake County students performed at or above grade level this year, compared with 73.7 percent last year. On the civics and economics test, 75.5 percent performed at or above grade level, up from 72.9 percent last year. On the U.S. history test, 74.2 percent performed at or above grade level, compared with 69.5 percent a year ago.

On the Algebra I test, 66.2 percent of students performed at or above grade level for 2006-07, down from 87.3 percent last year. On the geometry test, 72.4 percent performed at or above grade level, compared with 79.4 percent in 2005-06. On the Algebra II test, 73.8 percent performed at or above grade level, down from 87.7 percent a year ago. On the English I test, 79.6 percent performed at or above grade level this year, compared with 87.5 percent in 2005-06.

The state is developing new end-of-course tests for chemistry, physics and physical science. The new tests will be administered and reported next year.


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  • Refiman2 Jun 30, 2007

    and the lack of improvement should put to rest weather or not they should get raises this year. At least in the private sector, the issue would be done.

  • ladyblue Jun 30, 2007

    I'm from the old school and we didn't have this mess. It sounds like all the wasted money trying to get diversity is hurting all kids. Keep bussing and moving them around, wear them out riding buses, and then wonder why they are too tired to do good. We had end of testing but I understand it's all different now. Just goes to show when you want something make sure you know what your're asking for.

  • Refiman2 Jun 30, 2007

    I have built a massive weapon to combat this problem, the school board loves my idea. It is to build a huge catapult a throw huge amounts of money at the problem. Of course the real fix is to replace the school board with competence

  • richard2 Jun 30, 2007

    Give the teachers more money.

  • European American Jun 29, 2007

    One last thought... the Wake Co. BOE has seats up for election this Oct. Run for office, or do some due homework on the candidates and vote for someone whom will make positive changes to the failure of the BOE as it is now. Without voting, you have no merit to voice any complaints!

  • European American Jun 29, 2007

    PARENTS are to blame.. bottom line. Irregardless of the failures from the BOE, government, and everyone else, the bottom line is that the PARENTS are responsible for the failures of today's kids. If the PARENTS don't want to handle the burden (or joy) of guiding their kids to excel in education and life itself, then DON'T have kids! PARENTS today are either to pre-occupied with work, and just buy their kids a new sports car.. whatever! KIDS should be your highest priority in everything you do!!! Take the time, discipline/teach/love/guide your kids. If you're not doing that, then quit your complaining. Blame yourselves if you want to blame anybody. Only YOU can make a difference in your kids life. Wake-up and become an ADULT and do what you're supposed to.

  • bt_solutions Jun 29, 2007

    If they were testing them on what they are really teaching them (dealing with behavioral issues, diversity, etc) they would be in the 90+ percent range. very sad.

  • JennyT Jun 29, 2007

    Sounds to me like we are teaching to the test....that's why when the test changes the scores drop.

  • mlmt4 Jun 29, 2007

    I administered 2 different EOCs at the HS level this year. Students now may take as long as necessary to complete the exam. Many students were not finished after 3 hours, some went as long as 3 hours and 40 minutes. Test length is a factor in performance. It's just too long a period of time for students to sit and work. I really felt for the kids. Happily, I had a 100% pass rate this year.

  • gooddayfolks Jun 29, 2007

    Check out the whole story- http://www.wcpss.net/news/2007_june_eocs/