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Police Arrest Wilmington Man for Raleigh Kidnappings

Posted June 28, 2007
Updated June 29, 2007

— A Wilmington man was arrested and charged Thursday in connection with two abductions and multiple robberies that occurred Monday afternoon and Wednesday night.

Omar Cortez Sharpe, 26, has also been charged in connection with two rapes and robberies that occurred previously in Raleigh, and he faces additional charges in Wilmington, police said.

He is being held under a $4.8 million bond.

Sharpe is charged with two counts of second-degree kidnapping and two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the abduction of a woman and her daughter who had stopped for pizza at Tower Shopping Center Wednesday night.

Sharpe entered their SUV while the two victims were inside a restaurant and hid until after they returned, police said.

The two counts of robbery stem from Sharp allegedly demanding the woman make two withdrawals from an ATM before releasing her and her daughter. He was armed with a handgun during the crimes, police said.

Sharpe is also charged with one count of second-degree kidnapping and two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the abduction of a woman from a Wal-Mart parking lot on June 25.

Sharpe entered the victim’s vehicle and forced her to drive to various locations, eventually demanding that she make two withdrawals from an ATM before releasing her, police said.

The two counts of robbery stem from the fact that the suspect demanded that the victim make two ATM withdrawals. Sharpe was armed with a handgun during the crimes.

Sharpe is charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping, one count of first-degree rape and one count of robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the abduction of a woman who was leaving an apartment on Hylton Drive.

The abduction occurred at approximately 4 a.m. on June 24.

The suspect pushed the victim into the vehicle, took her car keys and drove her away from the apartment complex’s parking lot. After driving around in the area for a short period of time, the suspect took the victim to the Green Road Park, where he raped her.

After the rape, the suspect ordered the victim back into the car. He again began to drive but the victim managed to escape and to summon help from Raleigh Police Department officers she located in the area. After the victim escaped, the suspect fled in her car.

Sharpe was armed with a handgun during the crimes.

He is charged with one count of first-degree rape and one count of robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with crimes that began with an abduction in Wilmington on June 16.

Sharpe transported his victim to Raleigh, where he subsequently raped her in a wooded area near Bonneville Court, according to police. The suspect subsequently released the victim shortly after 10 a.m. at a nearby location and took her car. He was armed with a handgun during the crimes.

Sharpe was taken into custody without further incident at Tower Shopping Center shortly after noon Thursday by members of the Raleigh Police Department.

He had previous convictions dating back to 1998 for assaulting females, assault with a deadly weapon, shoplifting, trespassing and larceny, according to court records.


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  • Nancy Jun 29, 2007

    "I am originally from the Bay Area lived here many many years. I loved North Carolina and still do. But I am sick to death of the increase crime. I'm not kidding the crime seems to be getting worse here then in the Bay Area. I am so disgusted with the crime in this wonderfull state. Something has to be done about it. What? I don't know. Not an expert just a concerned citizen. Its catching up with Oakland and that is a very bad thing."

    Not even close, Oakland is way ahead...


  • Sallie Jun 29, 2007

    No need for a trial......just fry him!!!

  • shine Jun 29, 2007

    I had doubts earlier this week this guy would get caught.

    Great job RPD !!

  • Templar Jun 29, 2007

    It's all about the media or the information age. You only know what available to you...and all information is not available. So becareful out there...

  • fvb19562 Jun 29, 2007

    I'm also a Bay Area transplant! I agree that the crime is getting worst here. In Oakland I watched the city turn from a nice quiet area, back in the 70's, into a maze of confussion and violence. That seems to also be the fate of this area. It appears that the South is usually a decade behind when it comes to societal issues. Not to be critical of the South, but the South is more of a bible belt, and for a long time had managed to stay away from a lot of the social problems that are a problem up North and out West. The South also has had more of a conservative imprint stamped to it. And please do not let my use of the world conservative spark a political debate. Trust me, you win. I live to fish period. Just a view I have. Let me also say this, I have no intentions of returning to Oakland!

  • none123 Jun 29, 2007

    Hopefully he will experience a slow painfull death.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Jun 29, 2007

    Attn: Lookelou

    I know what you mean. I spent 2 years in Union City and 4 years in San Francisco. There's a lot that this state has to offer but it seems like lately the crime is getting more frequent, more violent, and closer to home. It's sad to see such a great place start to be overrun by crime. The recent stories about gangs moving in is a bit depressing, I thought I had gotten away from all that, and I did, but it's slowly creeping in. Not that the Bay Area was dangerous but at least here I don't feel so worried if I don't lock my car up everytime, that's quickly going away though.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Jun 29, 2007

    This guy is a not a problem that a lethal injection wouldn't fix. Some people just cannot live in society, it's a fact. Do you really want to risk others lives on the slim chance that he, and others like him, might be rehabilitated? I don't. We need to wake up as a society and do what needs to be done to protect the rest of us that do abide by the our laws which are very basic and easy to understand.

    But isn't the death penalty a little harsh in this case?

    In a word, no. Why should I pay into a system that I will probably never get anything back out of to pay for food, shelter, a gym, cable tv, a library, and whatever else for this scumbag. Consider this, why don't we put more into schools and other areas that could actually put the money towards good use rather than into prisons.

    How many lives have to get ruined before we say enough and do what needs to be done. And if an injection is slow and painful that's even better.

  • BE Jun 29, 2007

    Yet another animal who should never be allowed to see the light of day again........it is time for the justice system to work for the people who do not do what he has done....assuming he is guilty of the charges.

  • gob_gobbler Jun 29, 2007

    This person will never belong in society. He has ruined enough lives already. He probably wanted to get to prison where he can be taken care of. The more crimes he commited, the longer he can stay there. He can finally retire to a life of relaxation and three squares a day. Strap him in the chair, and show the ones thinking of such crimes, where they will end up. We make it too easy for these criminals.