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Appeals Court Denies Wake School Board Request

Posted June 27, 2007

— The North Carolina Court of Appeals has denied a request by the Wake County Public School System to be able to place new students in year-round schools without parental consent, if necessary.

Board of Education members were notified Wednesday of the court's ruling that requires the school system to adhere to Superior Court Judge Howard Manning's March directive for parental consent for non-traditional calendars.

Wake County school system spokesman Michael Evans said the decision will have a significant impact on the district, because it will cause overcrowding, making it harder to utilize school facilities and more difficult to retain good teachers.

Schools across the county will have more students than others, causing schools not to be evenly populated, he said.

The school system went through a complicated reassignment process after about 2,600 students out of approximately 30,000 said they did not want to stay in year-round schools if they were already in them or did not want to be assigned to them, as the district had planned.

The school district is converting 22 number of elementary and middle schools from traditional to year-round calendars this year as a way to handle increasing numbers of students. Schools on year-round calendars can enroll more students because a quarter of the student body is always on break.


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  • Refiman2 Jun 28, 2007

    good, a government entity should never be able to appeal the will of the people and the courts. Sounds like someone on the school board has a "private agenda"

  • speedy Jun 28, 2007

    It was the judges RULING that they were not following the law. No "opinion" mentioned.

  • weasleyes Jun 28, 2007

    They are reducing Teachers' salaries to fuel the public outcry. NEVER do they consider cutting administration or overhead costs.

    no.ral.old guy..... Amen! It has been that way for years! I was a two-term PTA President. They need to cut Central office by about 50-75%!

  • seankelly15 Jun 27, 2007

    speedy - there was no law to follow, just a judges opinion.

  • gtyellowjacket Jun 27, 2007

    Well maybe the board members themselves do not consume alot of taxpayer money, but the administration bldg that they meet in and the number of employees within the bldg sure do. I was recently there for an appeals meeting. Not only was there a security guard on duty to assist visitors in making their picture id badges but there were also two employees sitting at a sign-in table signing us in for our appts when realistically only one was required from a workload standpoint. Talk about overkill...you'd think this was a govt. facility that feels threatened (ha ha).

  • djofraleigh Jun 27, 2007

    The board of education can't stop more students coming at the rate of 8000 a year, but the County Commissioners who can by not issuing permits to build, join water and sewer lines. The school board is trying to accommodate the too fast growth. Year round is still 180 days of class, just like traditional schedules and the BOE wouldn't be trying to force YRound unless they were being forced to find a way within means.

  • Jokers Wild Jun 27, 2007

    Not a problem Tax Man - and Yes it is less than minimum wage. And actually it is 5,000 less than the Federal Poverty level for a family of 4. Most of BOE member's are not doing to bad though! They usually have good paying job's elsewhere from the one's I know personally anyway.

  • Tax Man Jun 27, 2007

    Eli & Joker - thanks for the help & the link. I did notice that the BofE has it's own budget of $804,000 for the year. So these folks who are caught up in all this bitter debate over MYR vs. Traditional - teacher's pay, etc. are really just volunteers with a few dollars to help defray their actual costs? Can't say I would be motivated to do this. I can understand why Patti Head is stepping down - it would be very frustrating - different if you made $150,000 a year, but less than $20,000 - that has to be below minimum wage! Incredible. Thanks again & good night all.

  • Jokers Wild Jun 27, 2007

    Tax Man - Actually 13,000 a year is about right. Most of the BOE member's do not pay for their own sign's out-of-pocket. They have fund-raisers and have money donated to them from various people just like any other election campaign. They are not reimbursed for meeting's as far as "gas" goes, and they also have to live within a certain "district". Someone living in District "a" can not run against or take the seat of someone representing District "b" unless they move. I know alot of BOE's are made up of people that were once teachers or in the education system some shape or form, although anyone can run if you have the qualifications to get votes.

  • 18monkeys Jun 27, 2007

    Sorry. Here's the link for the budget: