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City Leaders Look to Rid Raleigh of Smelly Situation

Posted June 26, 2007

— Getting rid of a foul odor from a sewer pump station near part of Raleigh's Interstate 440 Beltline will cost about $500,000, the city's public utilities director said Tuesday.

The sewer pump station near N.C. Highway 264 and the I-440 interchange collects about a third of the sanitary sewage from North Raleigh.

"We have covered the wet wells where the sewer gas collects in the pump station, and we collect that through a vacuum system," Utilities Director Dale Crisp said. "That sewer gas is then pumped into a tank."

Design costs on a new tank, which is expected to cut down on the smell, Crisp said, will cost about $100,000. That funding will come from the city's Capital Improvement program.

Crisp said he hopes designs for the new tank will be completed by the fall and that construction will begin shortly thereafter.

With new housing developments on the way there, nearby residents say the cost is a wise investment for the city.

"If I were looking for a home, and I smelled that horrible smell, I would not buy a home in this area," said David Hoover, who commutes through the area on a regular basis.

Motorists, like Hoover, who travel the area, said the smell is particularly bad in the summer, because it lingers because of the humidity.


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  • choirgirl Jun 27, 2007

    ahh-fooie, who'd be left to run the gov't then?? LOL!

    And RocknHorse, I hear ya! I just went to Raleigh/Durham yesterday to go to the airport. I thought I'd stop by one of the malls since ours in Fayettenam leaves much to be desired. I drove around the mall to see the new stores put in and couldn't believe it was the same ole stores that every other mall up there has. But we have that problem here in Fayetteville too. Except instead of all the PierOnes and REI's and the other nice stores, we have Family Dollar or Dollar General on EVERY CORNER with a Food Lion and some pizza and chinese food joint. LOL!
    This state really needs to spend some money in it's infrastructure and schools and stop wasting it on stupid stuff and worrying about art projects on roads and museums.

  • ghimmy47 Jun 27, 2007

    I'm just curious ... can ANYBODY tell me of ONE city official who lives near a utility? I live between the sewage treatment plant and the glue factory (made from intestines). Why is it that regardless of population density in an area they NEVER put the smelly stuff near home?

  • pirate lady Jun 27, 2007

    I'm from down east where it's always 10 degrees hotter than anywhere else. You haven't smelled stink until you get the turkey houses and hog farms all "cooking" at the same time.

  • I Hate Hippies Jun 27, 2007

    so that's where the smellis coming from? I figured it was drifting down from the big load of manure in the legislative building

  • ahh-fooie.... Jun 27, 2007

    Durn...when I first read the head lines I thought they were going to get rid of some dirty politicians

  • lpf88 Jun 27, 2007

    Cary is well on its way to creating the same problem in New Hill. They have sited the center of New Hill for their waste water treatment facility. In 10-20 years when all of New Hill is annexed and developed, they'll be shelling out a hefty load to 'reduce the stink'. Would it not be cheaper in the long run to just place the plant on Progress Energy land along with the power plant? I suppose the town manager doesn't have an in with PE, though.

  • Coach K is GREAT Jun 27, 2007

    This whole situation stinks!!!

  • Rocknhorse Jun 27, 2007

    Wake County NEEDS more houses. There is no excuse for undeveloped land. We must clear the way to entice more people into the area so our already over-crowded schools can continue to go downhill. Our over-crowded roadways can be filled to overflowing so that a 15 minute ride to work will now take an hour and the roads will be in disrepair b/c there isn't money to keep them maintained. Let's throw a few more shopping centers into the mix while we're at it so that each person has access to 3 different places to shop (sometimes being the same chain) all within a 10 minute drive from their house.

    Doesn't anyone else see the problem with all of this unregulated growth and the snowball effect it has?

  • methinkthis Jun 27, 2007

    Uncontrolled growth strikes again.

  • drnc Jun 27, 2007

    I think the State Legislature should be ordered to convene in that area next session. There would be a lot less time spent on raising taxes.