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Murder Victim's Family Praises 'USA Today' Ad

Posted June 25, 2007
Updated June 29, 2007

— USA Today published a full-page ad Monday about Jenna Nielsen, who was a carrier for the paper and was found murdered in Raleigh. It's one example of the national attention the case is beginning to attract.

Her family said they are grateful for it.

The pain is still raw for Nielsen's father, Kevin Blaine, nearly two weeks after her June 14 murder.

“We're just struggling through day by day. I can't tell you what we're going to do tomorrow, how we prepare ourselves for the rest of our lives, but we keep going,” Blaine said.

Nielsen was eight months pregnant when she was found dead behind a Raleigh convenience store. She had been delivering newspapers for USA Today.

The newspaper’s Monday advertisement asked for information about her death.

“I was grateful USA finally came to bat and posted something in their publication about what happened to someone who was carrying their newspaper, someone who worked for them,” Blaine said.

Nielsen’s husband, Tim, said he was relieved, too.

“After days and days and days of not hearing anything, not seeing anything, it was a big relief knowing that they're stepping up and they're realizing what happened,” Tim Nielsen said.

CBS News, Fox News and others have all shown interest in the investigation.

“The ad and the publicity surrounding the ad is generating additional calls, and that's what we need right now,” Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Police have no suspects, through they continue to search for a person of interest to whom they want to talk.

For the family, the wait has been nearly unbearable.

“We're always waiting for the phone, and it doesn't ring,” Blaine said.

They're keeping busy by keeping Jenna Nielson's memory alive through a Web site and through her two sons, Schyler, 3, and Kaiden, 11 months.

“He knows mommy's not coming home. He knows she was buried,” Tim Nielsen said of Schyler.

The Web site that Nielsen's family set up is justice4jenna.org. They say their goal is to get as much attention as they can until the killer is behind bars.


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  • NC Sunshine Jun 27, 2007

    In my opinion, no matter what her financial needs were, this senseless act of violence was totally avoidable. There has been several comments regarding there only being 1 salary. I must have missed something. Did the husband not have a job? Is he Incapacitated in some way? Why didn't he do the paper route and Jenna stay home?

  • NC Sunshine Jun 27, 2007

    "This woman ran this route so that her children didn't ever have to be in a daycare. That was her family's choice and a wise one. How could she have known that she would be a victim of random (or premeditated) crime?" - Happy.

    She didn't know she would be a victim, but some common sense may have saved her life. I agree a woman as well as a man should be able to go about their life without fear of being harmed or killed. In the same breath, everyone and their brother knows that evil lurks at night. She was already physically compromised by being 8 months pregnant. As was said in another post, her killer probably knew of her routine, her condition and figured she would be no match for him.

    My deepest sympathies for those who are left to carry on without her by their side.

  • Seeminglyopposed Jun 27, 2007

    Your point has been taken with the lady working, but remember she has family that may be reading these articles, and coming from a religious stand point, you are really bashing this woman for helping herself and her family..There are so many children that are latch key because both parents are having to work, not because they want to, but because they have to. I don't know where you live and what type of job you have, but not many can live off of one income.

    You bash her and her working then you come up with praying for the family, by that time, your prayers are mute. Staddling the fence is a more appropriate term at the moment with the comments. Ease up from one Christian to another.

  • fatkatts2 Jun 26, 2007

    1- I noticed the drawing looks a lot like a young woman. And this is just a drawing of someone with possible information, not specifically a suspect.
    2- I thought the husband, when shown in a TV interview, was strangely unemotional and "matter of fact"...he reminds me of other male spouses who killed their pregnant wives or girlfriends because they just couldn't "handle" the responsibility. Yet, there has been so very very little from or about him in the news...which makes me think they suspect him but don't want to "spook" him. When interviewed at a playground with his kids right after this happened his personality was as if he was just talking about the weather or something...very detached and unemotional. Very suspicious to me. And of course they rushed the body off to Utah to be buried. hmmmm.

  • clear heart Jun 26, 2007

    people who do stuff like this, deserve to be off the streets for life when found. my heart goes to Jenna Nielsen's family and friends.

  • cyr524 Jun 26, 2007

    I understand exactly what you are going through. My brother was murdered in a store robbery. It has been a 2 1/2 years. We have not had the trial yet. It is like a roller coaster. He was murdered in Durham at a Kangaroo store. Stay strong as best as you can be and have patience. Cause the more you press for a trial then it would be not a good turn out for the killer. I was told that we have to give him as much time. Cause then he will cry that he did not get a fair trial and maybe he would get off. We are going for the death penilty. But, he pleads guilty then he will get life without parole. Everyday is a struggle for me and his kids. I don't think I will ever have a normal life again. So, my heart goes out to the family. Claudia

  • mythoughts22 Jun 26, 2007

    it doesnt matter if she should have been or should not have been working the fact is she was and thats it. i dont think that is the important topic here. i am wondering did the gas station not have camera's outside i know some do for "drive offs" or was the murder committed behind the store i mean some time over the last few weeks the murderer might have come in the store or walked past the camera's outside somewhere the killer slipped up.

  • MamaDummy Jun 26, 2007

    There is another situation pending that has not gotten national media coverage, and I dont understand...a local (Wayne County) man either fell off a cruise ship or was murdered or is simply missing, and I have only heard local TV stations talk about it. And I also agree that the story about Jenna is as news worthy as any other. It makes one wonder, who decides what news we get and dont get. Anyway, not to belittle the origin of this blog, I am very sorry for the pain that Jenna's loved ones are going through.

  • Adelinthe Jun 26, 2007

    Oftentimes people don't NEED as much money as they think they do to survive; oftentimes they don't even NEED what they think they NEED. I've seen so many people do some very nice things with very little money.

    Her husband was well able to run this route for or with her for safety's sake. Putting oneself into dark areas for extended periods of time and repeatedly, increases one's odds of falling victim to crime.

    So now instead of having to go to daycare because their mother had to work, they'll have to go to daycare because their mother is dead.

    Lame excuses is all I'm seeing here. This woman should not have been running this route in the middle of the night alone. PERIOD!!!

    And if nothing else shows that to some people, her death should do so. This isn't reality tv we're seeing her, it's reality itself.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • shine Jun 26, 2007

    CNN carried a short quip on this story yesterday as well.