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Budget Shortfall Could Mean Pay-Raise Cut for Wake Schools

Posted June 23, 2007

— Wake County Public School System leaders might cut employee pay raises to deal with a budget shortfall.

School officials are expected to discuss the propose to drop $4 million in salary increases, as well as funds to start lacrosse programs at high schools, at a work session scheduled for next week.

The system will also use more than $800,000 from its reserve fund.

In May, the school system requested $305 million to keep up with growth and the influx of students, and county commissioners hinted that it would be able to allocate $294 million without raising taxes.

On Monday, the Wake County Board of Commissioners approved a 0.8 cent increase in the county property tax rate that will give the school system $6 million more for its 2007-2008 budget but $5 million less than what it requested.


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  • daMoFo Jun 25, 2007

    moninnc, two of my friends work for the state in Raleigh. One works two evenings a week tutoring HS students in Spanish. Another works for Sylvan tutoring middle schoolers in math.

  • ladyblue Jun 24, 2007

    Proudconservative- You need to read my post again. Not one word did I say about salaraies of private schools. I know they make less, my neighbor was a teacher and had children there. I said they don't have the MESS public schools have. It is true they have prayer and other ways of being able to teach so the kids enjoy it more, and the drop out rate is low. I am from another generation of public schooling and we were given the necessaary schooling to enter college. We didn't have all these extra caric. programs to pay for so we didn't have a mess either and teacher's made good money for the 50's. Mama stayed home, dad taught school. It seems to me every year the public school system gets more messed up and Wake seems to make the news the most. My son is grown. I paid my property taxes when he was in school. I know I'm getting tired of raised taxes for schools, bonds for schools, lottery for schools and it's still messed up and not enough. That's my opinion.

  • Lolly52 Jun 24, 2007


    Administrator Count = 25;

    Teacher Assistant Count = 25;

    Extra Duty Count = 27;

    Teacher Count = 163;

    Support Count = 168;

    Grand Count = 408;

    I do apologize if this sounds unfeeling – it is a delicate subject. I have had kids in public schools and know how much a good teaching assistant can add to the classroom experience. Most of the women I have known who were TAs were over qualified for the job – they took it to be on the same schedule as their kids and kept it because they loved the job. Having said that, we all bring a personality, education and skill sets to the market place and exchange our time and skill sets for monetary and intangible rewards. When the market place is not at equilibrium, such as an unfairly low pay, you will see an exodus from the jobs. I do not see that exodus here for TAs.

  • overworkedunderpaid Jun 24, 2007

    Teachers are NOT the only ones effected by the pay cuts. I am a teacher assistant and I do what I do because I love my job. It is sure not for the money...I work a full time job in special programs and I also work 3 part time jobs. The 2 years that WCPSS could not "give" us a raise but choice instead to give us bonus days that we could not take if we were required by law to have a sub (which special programs TA's are) was a token. I still have over 6 of those days left because I am unable to use them. WCPSS needs to treat all their employees fairly and find a way to give pay us what we deserve. I am SURE now with the lack of funds that the bonus money for scoring high on EGO's is gone as well. It's sad that I see so many of the people I work with having to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Is it a wonder that WCPSS loses so many teachers?
    Someone somewhere needs to come off some money!!!!

  • wcnc Jun 24, 2007

    potsie- I understand more than you think!! I have relatives who teach, so I know they do extra work because they have to. Since my husband is in law enforcement and works at least 2 off duty jobs, I know this is to meet our needs, not our wants. But my husband doesn't get the summer off like my relatives do- they choose not to work it. Not saying all teachers should work summers, but they do have the option.... THe problem in Wake COunty is the schools (admin, not teachers) bully the commissioners for more money- never for teacher raises!!- and the law enforcement get left in the cold!! THere's not enough to go around and schools get over their fare share- it's not the taxpayers fault if the admins can't manage it well....

  • wcnc Jun 24, 2007

    damofo- just who is a state employee going to tutor??

  • Lolly52 Jun 24, 2007

    Whenever you cite a fact, such as NC is ranked 41, a source would be appreciated. For example,
    offers this info for 2004/2005:
    Spending per pupil: NC = 36;
    Spending for Salary: NC = 27;
    Spending for Administration: NC = 27; Revenue Federal: NC=33; Revenue State: NC=22; Revenue Local: NC=42; These numbers tell me that NC has more “challenges” than a lot of states, which pulls more Federal revenue. Our state kicks in more than money most states.

    Our NC cost of living is ranked in the lowest quarter. http://ded.mo.gov/researchandplanning/indicators/cost_of_living/index.stm Yet salaries spending is ranked 27th. – almost the median.

    Sometimes one little statistic is lonely without some friends.

  • daMoFo Jun 23, 2007

    mominn, I coached last year at my high school. I made a grand total of $700 before taxes. After taxes and retirement I took home $450. That was for working, on paper, an extra 150 hours. In reality, it was more than that. If I tutor for pay, it has to be off campus and it cannot be students from my school. And anyone can tutor for pay, state employee or not.

  • Tax Man Jun 23, 2007

    Lolly50 - muchas gracias! I learn something new everyday - appreciate everyone's help and comments. Y'all have a nice evening now & God Bless our fine teachers!

  • Gus Jun 23, 2007

    mominnc - I am not a teacher however I am married to one. You say teachers have the option to tutor, coach, and teach summer school, but what you don't understand is teachers do these extra activities because they have to. Especially if they are first or second year teachers. If the salary was in a range suitable for todays living standards, teachers would not have to work the extra duties and could spend more time at home with family. The same goes for the police officers you mentioned. You said it yourself, "to make ends meet". That is the point. Employees in most any job should not have to work overtime, days off, ect just to "make ends meet".
    I will agree with you that the super and his upper level administrators could cut back on some of their perks, but we all know they are not going to do that. How would they ever survive?