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Plumber to Remain in Jail on Drug, Weapons Charges

Posted June 22, 2007

— A plumber was ordered held on a $1 million bond Friday, a day after police seized homemade bombs, other weapons and a marijuana growing operation inside his Apex townhouse.

Travis Edward Aurand, 29, of 146 Anterbury Lane, is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and deliver, maintaining a dwelling and vehicle for the purpose of selling marijuana and possession of weapons of mass destruction, including assault rifles and homemade explosives.

Police seized eight weapons, including an AK-47 and an SKS assault rifle, 3,000 rounds of ammunition, two gas masks, a flak jacket, a bullet-resistant helmet, blasting caps, a time fuse, assorted pipes, chemicals that can be used to make explosives, 19 cultivated marijuana plants and $7,910 in cash from Aurand's townhouse, according to a search warrant.

"For us, it's a horrible concern to have all these things mixed together in one spot," Apex Police Chief Jack Lewis said.

Police stumbled onto the operation when responding to a complaint about a barking dog. An officer who went to the townhouse smelled marijuana and investigated, police said.

Nearby residents were told to leave the complex while police investigated and secured the explosives.

"In a townhouse like that, the spread of a fire or some collateral damage would be horrible," Lewis said.

Aurand worked in Iraq for Halliburton for more than three years and now works part-time as a plumber in Raleigh, said his attorney, Hart Miles.

Miles said he knows of no motive for Aurand to make bombs in his home and said he needs to discuss the case more with police and other authorities.

"The man has no record, comes from a nice family. At this point, all I can say is we hope to find out a lot more about this. Hopefully, it's not as serious as it appears on the warrants," he said.

Aurand could have another bond hearing as early as next Monday.


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  • rainy39 Jun 24, 2007

    As long as I still have some morals left and choose not to do drugs and know its the wrong thing to do then I will be ok. Maybe a minority on that subject, but I still wont say its right even if I wanted to do it.

  • stevenkirkland Jun 24, 2007

    Rainy it's really funny how we don't question the law anymore.

    Oh it's illegal so it's wrong and immoral. Last I checked the two were not equivalent and we as Americans have the right to question laws, and change them if we feel it is apropriate.

    At this point the laws about marijuana have not been changed but I hope your not too married to the pot is illegal line because the change is coming.

  • Network dude Jun 24, 2007

    Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!!!!! Put him under the jail.
    Duke lacross people. Don't judge untill all the fact are out.
    He may be innocent, he may not. Last I checked the news station has no legal authority.

    Have a nice day.

  • rainy39 Jun 24, 2007

    Its really funny how breaking the law is ok as long as it applies to how others believe. Pot is illegal, just as illegal as anything else on the books. People who use/grow/sell it want to justify themselves by saying its ok for others.

  • mvnull Jun 24, 2007

    "mvnull, I think you're confused. Haliburton is fixing the oil pipe lines, providing truck drivers to haul supplies into Iraq, serving chow to the troops." Maybe it is just a matter of semantics. Haliburton employees are armed to the teeth use their weapons against suspect persons (essentially all arabs).

    Whatever you want to call them, there are tens of thousands of such Americans (including Blackwater) in Iraq who will bring home a tremendous amount of firepower and an inclination to use it. It will be a fact of this war that the US will suffer "collateral damage" here in America after the war is ended (if it ever ends).

  • akellion Jun 23, 2007

    In 2002 Travis was one of my room mates at a townhouse in north Raleigh. One Jan 1st of 2003, a friend of mine was asleep in the living room, but woken up by Travis Aurand putting a gun to his head and yelling for him to leave the house. He left, then Travis assaulted our other roommate, broke some things around the house, and left. Long story made shorter, he was evicted, and we tried to press charges against him for assault through the wake county court system, but on our day to appear in court, our case wasn't listed and Travis wasn't there. We then decided to not go through the hassle of attempting to press charges again.... Point of this being, Travis wasn't stable in 2002, and most likely isn't stable now. As his roommates, we didn't know that he possessed weapons until he threatened someone with them. He didn't show any signs prior to those assaults, either. It was sudden and unexplained, and evicting him was a tough thing to do because he was illusive& violent.

  • alwayslovingu30 Jun 23, 2007

    building homade bombs hah.some of the zebulon officers use to make them an set them off behind the utilities dept in zebulon.all of these are retired now Iwonder what they are doing at home hmmmmmmm.Hey what are people doing with tinfoil on the windows in the corinth holders area hmmmmmmm.thats strange.n.c. is A large supplier of pot they just cant look in the right places.1 of these are at the intersection of 231 an covered bridge road hint.we contacted enviromental about tires an other debri's be burned an burried here in corinth but no one cares to stop I will tell the truth it's all about the money

  • Worland Jun 23, 2007

    mvnull, I think you're confused. Haliburton is fixing the oil pipe lines, providing truck drivers to haul supplies into Iraq, serving chow to the troops... The private security (mercenaries as you call them) are provided by Blackwater USA here in Moyock, NC.

    This guy is a drug dealer, and should go to jail. But the reporting he had semi-automatic rifles and body armor was just to sensationalize the story. Any contractor in Iraq would have body armor. Who knows, maybe he took his semi-auto AK with him for protection? Most contractors I met in Iraq were armed to the teeth.

  • stevenkirkland Jun 23, 2007

    Wow glad they caught this guy. I mean good greif with all the freedom this guy was exercising he must have been dangerous to someone.

    Clickclack, yep he didn't fit the profile better expand the profile, get national ID cards, cameras on every street corner. We won't be safe until we live in a complete police state.

    The founding fathers were just a bunch of terrorist loving liberals.

  • DontBelieveTheHype Jun 23, 2007

    If the cops could smell the weed, why couldn't the neighbors? Police find probable cause when they need to.