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Durham Rising Celebration Takes Over Downtown

Posted June 22, 2007
Updated June 24, 2007

— After 27 months of work to revitalize downtown Durham, residents and visitors celebrated the city’s new look Saturday.

Called Durham Rising, the event celebrated the nearly $14 million the city poured into the street-scape plan, which included changing sidewalks, lampposts and the overall look. City leaders said this is just the beginning.

Durham has received help in the form of both public and private investments, including $1 billion worth of new housing, office and retail space. Crews have converted three streets from one way to two way, and they serve as the city spine, linking downtown to other districts.

“It’s just nice to see something actually happening in the central downtown area,” said Durham resident Gary Cutlick.

Raleigh resident Gerri Carter said she heard about the celebration on TV and had to come check it out for herself.

“We thought it would be pleasant for us to walk around as we get to know the area,” she said.

A parade is planned for 7:30 p.m. Saturday, followed by a Light Show Spectacular at 9:30 p.m.


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  • jmcnugg Jun 25, 2007

    i love how nutty liberals( the global-warming crowd) manage to not see what happens in Derm or why.....liberals are fact-challenged self-defeating idiots who deserve to live in derm...High taxes and all!!

  • Durham-Raleigh Jun 25, 2007

    I'm sure all the right-wing nutcases who were predicting bullets flying at Durham Rising were, in their dark hearts, disappointed that it was a great event at which a good time was had by all.

    Really, I don't understand why folks can't be happy with their own lives and choices, and feel free to respect the choices of others. My family could have afforded to live anywhere in the Triangle, but we chose Durham because we like it. We're used to living in cities and urban environments and actually prefer it, so Wake County wasn't for us.

    Is the mere existence of a diverse, progressive community with one of the world's top universities and medical centers so threatening to suburban white-flighters that hate is the only response?

  • ncmickey Jun 24, 2007

    What are you talking about????

    Put down the beer

  • JustanotherNCopinion Jun 24, 2007

    I knew before I even got to read the comment section what I would find here. Durham+anything+locals=RACISM. Durham has and apparently always will be known as a troubled city with racist blacks shooting off their mouths about any and everything. It doesn't seem to matter if the issure at hand is good or bad for anyone involved; the response from the local population is always the same; "racism, racism"..."the white man is wrong again". This seems to be the case no matter what the heck the subject is about...get a life people. PERIOD.

  • NegroNelms Jun 24, 2007

    As a property owner and business man, I have an idea on how we can take Derm forward. We need to take back the city from crackheads, Johns, pimps, dealers, gang leaders, New Black Panthers, Rev Al and Jessie, Democrats, and city coucil people. I think we should put up a huge fence all around the city and refer to Derm as the official state zoo. Maybe organize some safari's and big game hunts. There would be good revenue from all this.

  • ncmickey Jun 24, 2007

    sure it is fireball.....

  • NegroNelms Jun 24, 2007

    My name is not racist as it is descriptive and correct. My last name is Nelms.

  • ncmickey Jun 24, 2007

    I will call you mr landlord if you change your racist username

  • NegroNelms Jun 24, 2007

    ncmickey, your aforementioned comments were filled with vulgarity, vitriol, and venom. Let's try to keep the comments on the Zoo we call Derm and less about the personalities of those who post here. I am a well know and respected landlord in Derm. I want you to address me as Mr. Landlord/"the Landlord"

  • Nancy Jun 24, 2007

    "That's what prompted my question--do you propose all white communities, a caste system, or what?"

    Those are not solutions are they, of course not. That question was worthless on it's face.

    The solution? I don't know. The police can't even tell you what the solution is, they deal with it everyday. But I do not believe that solutions are being sought within the black community to address the loss of their youth to prisons either.

    Children are a direct reflection (most of the time) of their upbringing and parental influence. When you have parents not willing or able to parent, the child learns from that home environment. Ask any teacher about an out of control student and they will tell you that many times the parents make excuses for their child, or their situation where they can't be present. "Not my Johnny" - thereby teaching their kid they are not responsible for their actions.