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California Christian Expected to Pack the RBC Center

Posted June 21, 2007
Updated June 22, 2007

— What can unite 250 Triangle churches of different denominations? How about a man from California who usually speaks the gospel wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

His name is Greg Laurie, and he's expected to pack the RBC Center this weekend.

Described by some as the California version of Billy Graham, Laurie is most comfortable wearing Converse sneakers when talking about Christ.

At his gatherings, which are better known as Harvests, he mixes rock and religion.

“The message that we bring is not Greg’s message. It’s a message from the scripture,” said John Collins, with Harvest Ministries. “Like Mr. Graham, Greg will bring a simple, straight-forward message. He’ll make it relevant.”

At the request of more than 250 local churches, Laurie will use the big stage to preach a message of faith and the purpose of life.

"These are all questions that I think aren't just Christian questions. They're universal questions to the human existence,” said Pastor Chris Connell, with First Assembly of God.

The Laurie Harvest has a budget that’s more than your average Sunday service – about $600,000. Organizers say it will be worth it. They’re expecting 30,000 to 50,000 people.

They've even drawn support from the private sector.

“He’s such a good communicator. His messages are culturally relevant,” said Jay Scott, with Priority Associates. “He will relate to the audience in the area whether he’s from Cali or a good old Southern boy.”

The Laurie Harvest begins Friday night. Members of Billy Graham's family plan to attend.

"The whole family is thrilled that Greg Laurie is coming to the RBC Center, and we will personally be there every night in prayerful support and encouragement,” said Anne Graham Lotz.


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  • elcid89 Jun 23, 2007

    "PS: The churches don't pay Laurie to come, they just help promote the event. That "profit" that so many claim Laurie pockets from this type of event and sales of event items is put into the costs of the next Crusade. The only required costs from people attending is parking. Whatever they choose to spend on anything else is up to the individual."

    Funny ... Billy Graham always said that same thing, yet between him and his son they pocketed a cool million a year in compensation. When you scratch beneath the surace with these people, it's always about money.

  • jdavis464 Jun 22, 2007

    I intend to be there. If you don't beleive, it would be your loss. Nobody said you have to go, there is a knife and gun show at the fair grounds or maybe a good ole dog fight somewhere. The man gets a strait salary from his church nothing from the crusades. Of course some of you would not beleive someone would do something for what he beleives in. I guess you think yopu have to get paid for everything you do.

  • moonpie Jun 22, 2007

    mvnull, Christians don't have the corner on truth, however you may want to read John 14:6. it says "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; NO one comes to the Father but through me."

  • mvnull Jun 22, 2007

    "There is only ONE right way." No. There isn't. I was called by God to be Christian, but I know others who were called to be other denominations of Christian as well as Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Islam, and others. One of the evils of religion is to presuppose a special exclusive connection with God (see Charles Kimball's book, 'When religion becomes evil'). Christianity doesn't have the corner on 'truth'. Abraham Heschel once stated (in a speech entitled, 'No religion is an island'), "The religions of the world are no more self-sufficient, no more independent, and no more isolated than individuals or nations."

  • bounkey Jun 22, 2007

    Some of you folks posting here are downright dangerous in your anger.

    In a free society people should be considering and evaluating things: ideas, ethics, and yes, religion. Those of you screaming that Christians are wrong for trying to convert others really don't get it. In a free society that ability to evaluate and accept or reject a particular belief is a threat ONLY to the intolerant. In nations with a Muslim majority it is a crimminal act to proselytize Muslims. Is that type of personal malaise and governmental tyranny what you want?

    Frankly, I cannot understand those that are too intellectually lazy or closed minded to have a civil discussion on the topics of philosphy and/or religion. The most pathetic example of that is the nihilistic "there is no right/there is no wrong, there are only opinions." Hmm, I thought Nuremburg had established once and for all that there are, in fact, some absolutes in life. I guess the defendants there got a bum rap.

  • lizard Jun 22, 2007

    There's more documented proof ofthe truth of the Holy Bible than any other ancient manuscript. It's God's Word alright. You can bank on it.

    Some people better hurry to the RBC Center, I can see that.

    Remember everyone - you only live here for a short time in this body but death is forever.

  • Akirus Jun 22, 2007

    I am very glad you have done research on your own. I hope that it was with an open mind. I do however question what you call give him the answers he wants. I do see where you would feel that way. But the title is the Case For Christ not against it. It is only a vehicle that would offer insite to the evidence for Christ. That was my only point and suggestion. But, the interviewers offer plenty of evidence that is to wich I was referring to. Josephus was writing about politics between Rome, but gives verification about Jesus. Again this offers more evidence. I do hope that you would pick up the Holy Bible and let the Lord lead you to him.

  • BassetHoundMom Jun 22, 2007

    GeordieLad - you are not paying attention. That is exactly what I said. There is only ONE right way. Somebody is right, somebody is wrong. Of course, the Muslim, or Hindu, or Buddhist, etc. thinks they have the one right way just like the Christian, but only one can be right - they can't ALL be right at the same time. It is up to each individual to study, earnestly seek the truth, and make absolutely positive that they themselves know for sure.

  • Lightfoot3 Jun 22, 2007

    Thanks for the support. Sadly some people need Vishnu, Allah, Amon-Ra, Zeus, Jehovah, Jehovah Jr., Thor, (insert your favorite god here) for their world to be bearable and complete, and they falsely assume others need some sort of god too. I’m moral, happy, and just fine without some invisible spook in the sky. Plus, without a god, I never sin, so I can cast the first stone at others. :)

  • Lightfoot3 Jun 22, 2007


    I’ve read The Case for Christ. It’s utter garbage. The author asks a question, then only interviews people that will give the answer he wants. I’ve also read Josephus. He only briefly mentions what he heard, but did NOT observe. While they’re may have been a person called Jesus that claimed he was the messiah (he wasn’t the first or last), there’s no proof what so ever of that any of the supernatural miracles in the bible actually happened. Sorry.