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Cary Girl, 6, Headed to Tae Kwon Do World Championship

Posted June 20, 2007

— A Cary girl is headed to Arkansas to compete in the Tae Kwon Do World Championship.

At just 6-years-old, Marzia Josephson is already a second-degree black belt – the same level as her 32-year-old father, David Josephson.

“It is great, a lot of fun, especially to have something like that you can do with your kids anywhere,” Josephson said.

Marzia began taking Tae Kwon Do one week after her third birthday. Since then, she has been racking up belts and trophies. Black is the highest belt in tae kwon do, and there are several degrees of that rank.

She left Wednesday for Little Rock, Ark., and the Songahm World Championship, which features about 10,000 competitors. She will compete Thursday in the 7-and-under division.

“I’m a little nervous, and I’m looking forward to it,” Marzia said.

Instructor Alex Changho said Marzia is the youngest black belt he has at the Vision Martial Arts school where they train.

“She is so intense. But at the same time, you see her and she’s your regular little girl,” Changho said.

Once the world championship is over, Marzia can focus on her next dream: becoming a karate instructor when she grows up.


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  • jerryjosephson Jun 22, 2007

    >susjomiller, respect is not one of the tenets. For your >reading pleasure, they are....courtesy, integrity, self->control, perserverance and indominable spirit.

    That's in YOUR school. In this school respect IS one of the tenets (I'm a student there too). This school has different tenets and goals, using your school/tradition as a "standard" is invalid.

    And by the way, "Respect is not what you know, it's what you do."

    She's rated by ATA. Quit whinning.

    I find it amazing that this young lady's accomplishment is so very threatening to you.

  • jerryjosephson Jun 22, 2007

    To all who deride her status as a 2nd Degree BB, I suggest you discuss your differences with her instructor, Mr Changho, who also appeared in the piece.

    I'd advise you approach him with a great deal of respect though, he's currently testing for his 5th degree in AR.

  • redgate23 Jun 21, 2007

    jonp63 - what does that have to do with the story

  • the alliance Jun 21, 2007

    Looks like my daughter. Never judge a book by its cover criminals. Big things can come in small packages.

  • jeebk04 Jun 21, 2007

    meltkd, exactly. Very well said, thank you.

  • MelTKD Jun 21, 2007

    And sets realistic goals.

  • MelTKD Jun 21, 2007

    jeeb, yes I too wish her the best as I would any one who aspires to a lofty goal. I do hope that the passion about my point of view on kids as BBs has not fallen on deaf ears and that anyone wanting to get their kid/s started in any martial art looks into it a great deal before starting classes.

  • jeebk04 Jun 21, 2007

    MelTKD, very well put. I only got to my blue belt, tested every chance I got, went to class 3-4 nights a week, competed, etc. Took me two years, IMHO, to get what I got the right way. I wish this brave little girl all the best, again!!!

  • MelTKD Jun 21, 2007

    sujomiller, I was not offended in any way. Sorry for any misunderstanding. However I personally feel that awardeing a BB let alone 2nd degree to a child of 6 is a slam to all TKD everywhere. As an instructor, I try to explain to parents that my school is not a BB mill and I do not run a "McDojang". How can can they believe me when this sort of thing is allowed to be. I pull no punches explaining that a child can not be a BB as they do not possess the emotional or mental maturity that goes with being a real BB. Those that want to "buy" their kid a BB go elsewhere because of stories like this, is all I'm trying to say.

  • jeebk04 Jun 21, 2007

    Zillard, just because you do not agreew with mine or others posts, does not mean I or they are "throwing dung". Not your opinion or your way does not equal wrong. Diffrent people, different opinions. It would seem you are too personally invested here to be rational, IMHO.