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Johnston Deputy Fired, Arrested

Posted June 20, 2007

— A Johnston County deputy was fired Tuesday, shortly before he was arrested on three counts of assault, authorities said Wednesday.

Scott Richardson was a 10-year veteran of the Johnston County Sheriff's Department, having served as a patrol officer, a member of the narcotics unit and a school resource office at North Johnston High School.

Richardson's ex-girlfriend said he grabbed her by the wrist and tried to force her into a car, according to an arrest warrant. Warrants said Richardson then punched and pushed the woman's brother-in-law and punched another man before pulling a knife and threatening to kill the second man.

The woman took out a restraining order against Richardson on Wednesday, saying he also threatened to kill her.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell declined to comment on the case, calling it a personnel matter. He did say he thought it was in the best interest of the county to fire Richardson after speaking with the three accusers.


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  • beachgirl_08 Jun 22, 2007

    All that needs to be said here is that "you get what you deserve." Scott started dating this girl when she was 19 years old and he was 37... there's defiantly something wrong to begin with. It's about time he gets caught for something he does too, we all know that he isn't the worlds greatest deputy. He's done his fair share of illegal/wrong things also, this time he got caught... FINALLY. Also with Steve firing him right after it happened, doesn't anyone find that suspicious? It sounds like Scott has already done quite a few things he shouldn't have.

    Like I said... you get what you deserve!

  • t8rgurl Jun 22, 2007

    THANK YOU to brokenhalo!!! I'm SO glad someone knows the same Scott I do!!

  • I Hate Hippies Jun 22, 2007

    "Cops do not cover for each other like they did 20 plus years ago" - COPs EYE

    LIES LIES LIES!!! The first rule of the SHP is lookout for your "brothers" on the force first and foremost. They'd coverup, lie, cheat, slither their way around getting caught for the very laws the break and the power they manipulate and abuse on a daily basis.

  • THIN BLUE LINE Jun 22, 2007

    Hey Bishop310326 he should have arrested you for stupidity! I was just wondering if you have ever heard of spell check?

  • countrymusic520 Jun 21, 2007

    I so agree with loopy.. I attend NJHS and talk to Scott on a daily basis.. I love the guy to death.. He would harm a fly. He has gone through alot with his nephew passing away in the tragic NJ accident and losing his father just a couple of weeks ago.. He a good man.. Don't past judgement on him to we know all the fact.. SCOTT.. I'm here for ya man!!!

  • COPs eye Jun 21, 2007

    Your brother has obviously built a reputation with law enforcement as a law breaker or else he would not be getting stopped so often. As for the "code of silence" you are mistaken severely. The no snitch code on the streets causes people to suffer and is ignorant. If you do not vote then don't complain about politicians. If you don't tell police don't complain about crime! Cops do not cover for eachother like they did 20 plus years ago. If cops didn't tell then there would be no FORMER COPS in prisons because there would be no one to investigate the crime. None is above the law. everyone gets caught eventually, but few go to prison because of attorneys. They are the real crooks in the justice system. The more crime raises the more money they make. Think about it and you will see it is true. They run the leagal system not Cops.

  • COPs eye Jun 21, 2007

    Why is everybody talking about COPS as a group. This is ONE person who ALLEGEDLY committed a crime.He jst happens to work as a Deputy.It is like saying saying one ethnic group is all drug addicts, felons, rapist, terrorists etc.He will be tried and if found guilty punished.All these people that want to bash cops need not call 911 for their help because they won't be satisfied with what the result is no matter what the outcome.I did not know him personally but have heard of some of his actions.He is not someone I would want serving with me in my community.AS FAR AS THE BLUE LINE and not telling on your fellow officers that line stops when it deals with breaking the law.For non believers just check out WRAL websites they find pleasure in news bashing cops.

  • 39 going on 25 Jun 21, 2007

    I know this guy. Went to school with him and live in the same town. All I know is this guy got ahead right after high school when he turned in all his friends. He is a narc. I am so glad he got fired. He would tell on everyone and was always the one who PARTIED the most.GOOD RIDDANCE SCOTT!!!!

  • the alliance Jun 21, 2007

    Ha ha haaaa!

  • willchill Jun 21, 2007

    To: djofraleigh

    Can't show you "innocent until proven guilty" in the Constitution of Decalaration of Idependence. It's not in there (as are many other rights that we have as americans). And although the Constitution fo the U.S. does not specify the term explicitly, presumption of innocence is widely held to the 5th, 6th, and 14th amendments. The 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads in part, "No person shall be...deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of the Law...". In plain terms this means that constitutionally, you cannot be executed, imprisoned, or fined with the proper course of Justice taking place. "Due Process", itself is not defined in the consitution, but is universally regarded as meaning what we term as "Fair Trial", which in this case has not yet occurred.