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Wake School Board Drops Deal for Apex Land

Posted June 19, 2007

— The Wake County Public School System decided Tuesday to walk away from a deal to buy 108 acres of land in Apex, officials said.

The school board made the decision partly because of current tense relations with the county Board of Commissioners regarding the system's budget, school board member Patti Head said.

In April 2006, an investor group called Apex Olive LLC had paid less than half of the $8.7 million the school system agreed in February to pay for the land south of Hume Olive Road, near the intersection of Evans Road.

The profit that Apex Olive stood to make had raised the county commissioners' eyebrows. Apex Olive said in February that it had done engineering work for a possible subdivision before the school deal arose and that land prices in western Wake County rise rapidly.

Water and sewer service would have reached the land by the time the schools needed it, so the value would have risen, Head said Tuesday. The current appraisal put the land value below the purchase price, however.

The site would have been used for a high school, middle school and either a transportation center or an elementary school, according to district plans. The system is still looking for land in the Apex area for those facilities.

The commissioners agreed Monday to give the schools $300 million for the coming fiscal year, $6 million more than the county manager recommended and $5 million less than the schools asked.


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  • hkypky Jun 20, 2007

    kicktheirscoveryours: To my knowledge, there has been only one school bond that was not approved by voters in the 17 years that I have lived in Wake County. If anyone is to suggest that failure of this one bond produced the mess we are in now, then I need not defend my comments any further.

    To your point, it is not solely the BoE's responsibility. However if you look at, for lack of a better word, autonomy in which the BoE operates, I am not sure how many other parties have the power and control over how the schools are run as the BoE.

  • Americanpatriot Jun 20, 2007

    wake county schools can not fix overcrowding by building more schools. they need to stay out of apex! is that clear

  • poohperson Jun 20, 2007


    Why is it always the BoE's fault. How did any of the growth fund the schools. It did not, and there are enough Wake County Taxpayers that do not have kids that there were bonds shot down in the late 90's that could have helped ease the pain we are experiencing now.

  • hkypky Jun 20, 2007

    1WakeCitizen: "Lighten up, Francis!" TaxMan has a point. And before you write that check to stop the County/City/State from making your front yard yet another freakin' Year Round School parking lot, you ought to travel over to SW Maynard in Cary between Kildaire Farm Road and Old Apex Road and just take a peak!

    I don't believe anything is or should be off the board when it comes to alternatives to blinders-on approach of the WCPSS towards Year Round Schools. Yes, they have their place, but they are not the single-mouse-click solution they want it to be.

    Does anyone actually believe the growth we have experienced in this area happened over night? Is the 3000 or so new students that are supposed to come into the County next year a number someone arrived at last week?

    We are in this predicament largely because the WCPSS is unwilling and incapable of planning out the future of the school system any further than perhaps the next school year It's pathetic.

  • Wake1 Jun 20, 2007

    Another case of where greedy developers almost greatly profited off the taxpayers dime! It'll never end - the rich get richer & the poor have to keep working to pay more taxes & higher fees.

  • poohperson Jun 20, 2007


    You call them idiots because they let it go, but the CC did not support this purchase. Since the BoE needs the CC this was more than likely a smart move. Apex is the heartland of the anti year round initiative. They argue they have schools that are undercapacity and that they do not need YR. Why give them immediate relief, when they can not admit they even have a problem?

  • BigUNCFan Jun 20, 2007

    arent they planning another billion dollar bond in a year or 2?

    That is what I have read in the past.

    I imagine the super rich will be pushing that one as well to up their property values so they can sell their land b/c of the "good schools here"

    I voted for the last one but not voting for the next one.

    I voted for the last one becasue they would get the money either way, this was at a lower interest rate so felt like even though I was against it, I would lose out if I voted against it.

    This time, I don't care if it costs more for money if I vote the next bond down. I am tired of forking it over and want my voice heard at the ballot box.

  • Professor Studley Jun 20, 2007

    "Finally, School Board is listening to somebody. Since they don't plan to end bussing, there's plenty of land on Raleigh Blvd. and Rock Quarry Roads." ==fl2nc2ca2md2nc

    Much of this land is already under development for future subdivisions.

  • wrx44 Jun 20, 2007

    Nosmo...you are right on....The Goodnights preach how much they support public schools...then push the bonds so the property owners pay for them, buy huge tracts of land, and then try and turn over 150% profit in one year, cause our school board is clueless...I've lived in Cary for 15 years...someone please point out a piece of land that will more than double in 12 months.

    The Goodnights need to put their money where their mouths are, and the school board needs to quit lining the pockets of developers and being their personal friends and benefactors.

    Basically the average tax payer is enriching the super rich in these deals...Thank god common sense prevailed....Who the heck buys land that doesn't appraise!

    The Wake Co. school board would if no one was watching!

  • nosmo_king58 Jun 20, 2007

    Why doesn't Ann Goodnight just buy the property and donate it to the school system? She claims to be a big advocate for the school system and her husband already offered to return any profits.