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Man Beaten With Bike Wheel Rim, Dies

Posted June 19, 2007

— A local man who was beaten with the wheel rim of a bicycle two weeks ago died over the weekend, and authorities have charged another local man with murder in connection with his death.

Plade Goode, 65, of 212 Richardson Court, Charles Manning Jr. and Agusto Harrison were drinking on Harrison's front porch on McGregor Road on June 3 when Manning and Harrison began to fight in the front yard, authorities said. Goode jumped into the fight and tried to stab Manning with a pocket knife, authorities said.

Manning grabbed a bicycle rim and hit Goode in the head with it, authorities said. He was later apprehended while riding a bike nearby, authorities said.

Goode spent almost two weeks in Nash General Hospital and Pitt Memorial Hospital and then died on Saturday, authorities said.

Manning, 37, of 9422 Cedar Grove Loop Road, was initially charged with assault with a deadly weapon, but the charge was upgraded to first-degree murder after Goode died. He is being held without bond in the Nash County Jail.


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  • JKL876 Jun 21, 2007

    What I find positively hilarious is that you all have decided this man's guilt or innocence based on a 173-word blurb reported by a local news channel. Have we as a society NOT learned our lesson about jumping to conclusions without knowing all of the evidence? I don't know about you all, but I wasn't there that day...I don't know who started the fight with whom, and I have no idea if the tire-rim wielding assailant paused a moment to contemplate homicide before he struck, or acted on instinct while in fear of his life. Therefore I have no business saying whether it was self-defense or homicide, and neither do any of you. Unless, of course, you were there and want to enlighten us as to what really happened.

  • clickclackity2 Jun 20, 2007

    More than likely it is a case of self defense, but as we all should now be familiar with "situations like this", this man will be appointed a public defender and be put behind bars for first degree murder.

  • sonnyjim1969 Jun 20, 2007

    Once the attacker reached the point where he was no longer a threat, Mr. manning had an obligation to cease with his "self defense". I'm sure that it took more than one hit with the bicycle rim to kill the other man. If this is the case, then I think that charge of murder would be proper.

  • Tackman792000 Jun 20, 2007

    See what happens when some people drink that "oil"! It's an unfortunate situation and could have been avoided.

  • Gandalf Jun 20, 2007

    All that fine Thunderbird that went to waste.

  • Lightfoot3 Jun 20, 2007

    First of all, this is NOT first degree murder. Unethical district attorneys will often charge the maximum in hopes of plea bargaining it down, and thus getting another conviction notch on their belt. At most, this would be involuntary manslaughter given Manning struck Goode after being stabbed.

    However, while on the surface it seems like self-defense, it’s all based on who started the fight. If Manning started the fight, North Carolina law does not allow him to claim self defense. Of course this is a little more complicated given he didn’t start the fight with Goode, but the DA will claim that Goode was coming to the defense of Harrison.

  • Steve Crisp Jun 20, 2007

    "They had been sitting on the porch all day, drinking when the fight started," [police] said in a previous interview. "(Goode) grabbed a knife, jumped off the porch and stabbed (Manning) in the back.

    "Then (Manning) got a tire rim and hit (Goode) in the head."

    That's what the Rocky Mount Telegram states.

    So again, how is this anything but self-defense? The only way this is murder is if Goode stabbed Manning, then sat back down while Manning went off to find the tire rim. A delay like that would not be self-defense since Manning was no longer in immediate danger. By the way, this guy Manning appears to also have a history of problems with that law. Perhaps his priors influenced the decision to charge him?

    Regardless, it would be really nice if reporters would actually "get" the story to the point where it made sense. Maybe they simply don't know how to ask questions anymore. Kinda like news by press release.

  • friendlylady Jun 20, 2007

    I'm not saying that he was wrong for defending his self...he was right for defending his self. The two that was fighting are the two original two that started fighting( from what the paper states). Go to www.rockymounttelegram.com

  • banmewral Jun 20, 2007

    I hope they try to prosecute on first degree murder so the man can get off scot free, this would be an easy case to tear apart by any defense attorney.

  • banmewral Jun 20, 2007

    if it were reported otherwise in a different order, then you'd be correct, but it is not, the order of attacks come as he was defending himself against some geriatric with a pocket knife. the original quarrel was against two different people, but the one who died was the one who apparently jumped in to try and stab Manning.