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Residents Turn Out to Decry Cary Development Plan

Posted June 18, 2007
Updated June 19, 2007

— Growing pains are causing problems in one Cary neighborhood, and residents gave town leaders an earful Monday night about a proposed development at the intersection of Davis Drive and High House Road.

It was standing room only as several hundred people packed a meeting of Cary's Zoning and Planning Board.

“Are they living in a bubble?” Erin Holmquist asked. “If Cary town approves more growth for right there, we don't need it.”

There are shopping centers on two corners of the intersection. Developers want to erect a senior center on a third corner and a five-story building with retail and residential space on the fourth.

“That isn't right – not for my neighborhood, not for Cary,” Heather Patisaul told the board.

“I think everyone here is concerned how our neighborhood is developing and what we can do about it,” Aimee McIntyre said.

Residents argued to the board that new development would bring more people and more noise and would create safety issues for nearby schools as well as traffic issues.

Bill Sears of Searstone Development, one of the proponents of the senior project, told the board, “We are not proposing to do anything that would increase the intensity of congestion.”

The board voted 5-1 to allow the assisted living facility to submit revised plans and move forward.

It voted 4-3 to recommend that the Town Council disapprove the other project.


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  • RainierBeer Jun 20, 2007

    silver makes a very good point. What do people who live near other shopping destinations think about the traffic, etc. near them?
    Also, It seems like most people here missed the point. The 'whiners' at davisandhighouse.org are not opposed to the development, not NIMBY'ers, they just want the town to stick to it's original P&Z requirements for this area.
    God Bless Our Little Slice of Paradise!

  • Hardrock757 Jun 20, 2007

    I am completely mystified as to how anyone should have a say in what happens to this property besides the current land owners. I wonder how all the opponents would like it if the developer/land owner of the property in question would go to their yards and start telling them where they can plant a bush or a tree.

    If people want government to dictate what should be down with others private property then they should move to Cuba – I am sure they would love it there!!!!

  • Steve Crisp Jun 19, 2007

    To the Rev:

    I live on the old Kaplan Dairy property, hence the name Kaplan Road. Two different things, but I was using my own situation as a parallel example.

  • bananaboy Jun 19, 2007

    Developers are employees of hell reporting directly to Satan. Any living tree seen is mowed down to make way for another Starbucks or Eckerd Drugs. (never mind there is one across the street).. or better yet, another subdivision of McMansions with 1/100th acre lots for all the WOPs to move into .. BUT.. it all comes back to poor town leadership in Cary. They will keep building until the last tree has been felled.

  • KevInApex Jun 19, 2007

    For the past 20-30 years this area has been labeled a hotbed for job and economic growth thanks mainly to the RTP. Whether you like that or not is irrelevant at this point. As long as people are coming in droves development is going to happen.

    You may want to consider that before buying your 1-acre lot in a part of what is for now rural Chatham County and then raving about how peaceful it is to your friends. Unless we have some kind of significant economic collapse most of Wake and the surrounding counties will be heavily developed in the coming decades. Good or bad it is just the nature (or lack thereof) of this area.

  • Cahulawassee Jun 19, 2007

    Anybody that moved to Cary in the last 10-15 years and was taken by surprise by this type of development didn't have their eyes open when they bought. Anybody that was living in the area prior to that expecting pastoral country living relatively close to the "big city" I have genuine sympathy for.

    The nouveau residents of Cary deserve their gov't and planning commissions just like the electorate of Durham deserved Nifong. Truly a shame for the yet-to-be annexed areas.

  • sjmr1216 Jun 19, 2007

    do people in cary always whine like this? more people always equals a greater potential to do business, hence the commercial growth. i'm sure the people who are complaining were frowned upon when they first moved into the neighborhood. isn't this the same situation? geez, what did they expect...

    and what are they whining about anyway? the article states that developers are planning a senior center and a five story building.......TWO BUILDINGS.......whoa, that's too much expansion for me. i suppose the several hundred that rode into the meeting all live at that one intersection...i bet traffic will just double with the assisted senior living center. if you don't want growth...then don't have kids...

  • enderby Jun 19, 2007

    Yes, bring it on. The higher my house value goes, the more money I'll have to live somewhere good when I leave. Leave everything to the narcissistic little boys and girls who moved here and brought their petty nonsense with them. Other than when you sell and leave, there is no real advantage to growth unless you are a developer or realtor.

  • the alliance Jun 19, 2007

    Isnt the driving in that little overcongested roadie area bad enough? No more developement, you guys are sqeeze Apex and Cary into traffic hell.

  • ncvaluer Jun 19, 2007

    Bring it on. The more development the hight the value of my house. Pretty soon I will be able to shop close to home. I hate driving to Southpoint whenever I feel the need to shop.