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Homeland Security Chief Discusses State's Hurricane Plan

Posted June 18, 2007

— U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff met with Gov. Mike Easley Monday to discuss North Carolina's hurricane readiness.

Easley and Chertoff said they want to make sure North Carolina is prepared in the event of a hurricane. Recent polls suggest most residents statewide don't have a disaster plan or an emergency kit, Easley said.

The governor touted a new video, "Get Ready North Carolina," and the Web site readync.org as places state residents can get all the information they need to prepare for a storm.

The last time the state was really tested was in September 2005, when Hurricane Ophelia lashed the coast.

Since then, more members of the North Carolina National Guard have been deployed to Iraq, weakening the state's hurricane response capabilities. But both Easley and Chertoff said North Carolina is covered for anything short of a catastrophe.

"We've got more than enough at the National Guard level, both locally and nationwide, and supported by (the Defense Department), who deal with a number of disasters," Chertoff said.

"You get to a Category 4 or 5 (hurricane), we're going to need additional help here, and I think everybody recognizes that. The good news is, we generally know in advance if that's what we're facing," Easley said.


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  • daMoFo Jun 19, 2007

    Chertoff wasn't running homeland security during Katrina. Also the mayor of NO and Governor of La had prime responsibility to prepare for the storm. They both did nothing then blamed others for their screwups. The Governor of La wouldn't even order an evacuation of NO until President Bush threatened to declare martial law to get her to do it.

    And since all of you know we will have another hurricane sometime why don't you prepare for it yourselves instead of acting like babies and waiting for the government to do it for you?

  • ladyblue Jun 18, 2007

    This man was not in charge of Katrina when it happened. He took someone else's place weeks after Katrina hit. At least know what you're speaking of when criticizing someonw. No one could have helped Katrina victims cause the dumb mayor didn't take the storm seriously until it was too late. He should have had those people evacutated days before Katrina hit. He shoould have stood up to government officials and not let the levees get in such bad shape. He should have done a lot of things instead of running and hiding in a safe place, leaving everyone to figure it out. I never know why that clown didn't get kicked out of government.

  • tarholessuck Jun 18, 2007

    i look at this guy with disgust and think about my hard earned tax dollars paying his high salary for "NOTHING" DO YOU FEEL SAFE WITH THIS GUY AT THE HELM?

  • At Work Jun 18, 2007

    After living in NC just about all my life you get to know when to worry and how to prepare. Most of the time its a waste, that is if you dont know to properly monitor the storm. Its always good to have a plan and not wait to the day of the storm to do something but being prepared for it as soon as the season hits is a little crazy. The main thing is use common sense.

  • FlSunshine Jun 18, 2007

    I work in emergency preparedness for our County. In the case of a catastrophe people are advised to have at least 3 days of supplies to sustain them until government can get to them. That has been the rule....now they are telling us to have at least 5 days. It is easy to condemn Chartoff and government unless you have been there, done that. When you have you will have the right to complain.

  • FlSunshine Jun 18, 2007

    I just don't understand why people want to stick their heads in the sand and wait until a hurricane is off shore to say "Oh, my goodness, maybe I better do something." My husband has always been big into preparedness even before 9/11 and the more recent hurricanes we have had. He even had fire drills for our children when they were little. Buy yourself a big Rubbermaid bin, fill it up with necessities, put it in the closet and go on with life......it will be there when you need it....

  • shine Jun 18, 2007

    Hurricane Preparedness: Watch the weather channel or local television, listen, make a calculated decision while it is approaching, if you don't leave be willing to accept the results and don't complain. Information technology is too advanced for any one to have a complaint just like the numbers that would not evacuate during Katrina especially when you live in a town that is twelve inches below sea level. Articles were written in advance of Katrina of what would happen to N.O. several years before the storm hit. Remember Floyd in 99 in NC or all of the others. This is just a political meeting that represents what these people do in order to be paid by the goverment. Nothing will change no matter what is said - a hurricane is unpredictable and that has never changed.

  • tarholessuck Jun 18, 2007

    This guy is not credible anymore and should resign. Why in the worl would the people of NC think this man could help us on our hurricane plan when he had such a failure with Katrina, and is not enforcing the laws on border security now. This is one of many federal officials we can blame for the illegals being here in our state now.