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Police Seek Man With Stolen Credit Cards

Posted June 17, 2007

— Raleigh police are looking for a man who they said has gone on a shopping spree – with other people's credit cards.

The man, who does his shopping in a dress shirt and tie, is also suspected of taking the cards from cars where the cards' owners left them, police said. His favorite products are electronics.

Police asked that anyone who can help identify or find the man call them at 919-890-3555 or Crime Stoppers at 919-226-CRIME (226-2746).


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  • dark_magyar Jun 18, 2007

    Hey! That looks like my boss! LOL.

  • WhatYaGonnaDoNow Jun 18, 2007

    @BILL52674 - Sorry but you're wrong. On the back of my cards I have "SEE ID" and only about 40% of the cashiers have asked to see my photo id. That's in many different types of stores from Wal-mart to Target to Belk. That includes restaurants too.

  • Familymatters Jun 18, 2007

    100% sure thats Al Bundy...just go pick him up and ask him...

  • ladybug23 Jun 18, 2007

    It is all about entitlement. Folks who think that something they did not earn should be theirs!! This guy is a con man...does not matter his ethnicity, he is a con, red or yellow, black or white...con man!! NO, folks should not leave their cards where they can be easily lifted, BUT, he should not be using something that is not his!! I am sure he goes in, schmoozes with the clerks, acts very comfortable in his skin, struts in and out, because HE IS cool, and lets everyone know it and makes them believe it. He makes the clerk trust him and distracts them so they don't check all that info.. Hope they get him soon and he finds out how cool he isn't!!

  • yep Jun 18, 2007

    k.n.oos, let it go. Go do some jumping jacks or something.

  • zeitghost Jun 18, 2007

    Oh, I didn't realize that all thieves successfully using other people's credit cards were middle aged white men. I also did not realize that it's funny and charming when they do. My mistake. So sorry.

  • yep Jun 18, 2007

    I think he may be buying some Creatine shakes....pretty big cat.

  • bill52674 Jun 18, 2007

    I'm from the same demographic as this guy and I get asked for my ID every time. Its called writing "See ID" on the back of your card. Amazing if everyone did that, this guy definitely would have been caught by now.

  • .Milky Jun 18, 2007

    k.n.oos - If he was from another demographic he would have been asked for ID.

  • sunflower69 Jun 18, 2007

    Either this guy is really stupid or he is purposely doing this to get caught just to show people how easy stealing a credit card etc is when you leave stuff around. Kind of ironic - most places I go these days ask for alternate ID. Also, you have the ability to write on your card See ID - which is what everyone should do to protect their $$.