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Catholic Churches Calling For Justice For Immigrants

Posted June 10, 2007
Updated June 11, 2007

— Catholic churches around the country and in the Triangle are calling for justice for immigrants.

Members of St. Francis of Assisi answered the call Sunday from the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops to get involved in the immigration issue. They signed post cards that will be sent to members of Congress.

The goal is to encourage lawmakers to continue discussions on an immigration reform bill that appeared to be losing support in Congress this week.

“This weekend here at St. Francis, we’re focusing upon educating folks about immigration that we might form our conscience in the teachings of the church in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Father Mark Reamer.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants are currently living in the United States.


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  • Iron Man Jun 12, 2007

    Adepto Avita,

    Let's keep or laws stagnet in that way we can make women wear a large capital A on their dress, burn witches at the stake, hang people from trees, shoot trespassers, beat wives and children.

    I love your logic

  • z Jun 12, 2007


    Cockroaches contribute to the economy, because people pay to have them exterminated. Contibution to the economy is completely different from contributions to the state tax base.

    YOU are the one misrepresenting the data.

  • prideinusa4evr Jun 12, 2007

    When I said this nation would cease to exist, I meant just that. It will become the same as the nations these folks are coming from and they are supposedly "escaping" from. Do any of you seriously believe we can absorb this kind of population increase, whether it be white, black, orange or brown. I am not a racist, but I am a realist. There is a huge difference between those who come here legally, whatever their race, and those who broke the law to get here, whatever their excuse.

  • Iron Man Jun 12, 2007

    Jesus never condoned criminal activity and did not suggest to protect those who participated in illegal activity. Jesus never suggested that the Jewish communities should become intergrated and did not preach against segregation. To suggest that we should not punish those that we love, is foolish. There are many reasons for punishing our loved ones; i.e., to protect our children from harming themselves; to teach our teens how to be discplined and responsible; to protect abused and battered women and children.

    Here is a analogy of what law has been broken. If the homeless came and set up their communities as they do in the dark corners of our city, on St. Francis of Assisi's property; i.e., in the court yard, would they allow them to remain. I would like for a member of St Francis to answer this comment.

  • macx Jun 12, 2007

    The church and many others are quick to complain but offer no practical solutions to the problem of getting these folks aligned with US sentiment. It is too expensive and non-productive round up and deport all of the illegal aliens. I propose a solution whereby:

    1. Illegal aliens in the US can request an application for a 1 year, limited renewable temporary work visa from US Immigration. This would establish baseline documentation set for each person.

    2. The application/visa would provide sufficient identity credentials to permit background checks if required for driver's licenses, criminal history etc.

    3. Employers would have to keep on file, a copy of their worker's visa and compensate the temporary workers per US law for any employee including tax withholding.

    4. Employers employing illegal aliens would be subject to legal penalties including fines and possible prosecution.

    5. Aliens with an expired visa, falsified information on a visa or no visa must be deported.

  • Sumo Vita Jun 12, 2007

    If the requirements for legal immigration today were the same as they used to be for the earlier generations - just show up and get processed - today's illegal immigrants would be legal too. What if that were to be the case? Would people suddenly have a change of heart?

    It isn't like those earlier waves of immigrants were exactly welcomed with open arms. New immigrant communities - Polish, Irish, Italian - have always been despised for being drunken, unruly, lower class, and "foreign". The legality issue today is simply a more convenient stick to beat them with.

  • Monkeywrench Jun 12, 2007

    Incredibly funny the Catholic Church is calling for "Justice" for illegals. If "justice" is served, they will be deported.
    And yes, all of our ancestors were immigrants, but not illegal immigrants.

  • Sumo Vita Jun 12, 2007

    Elcid89 said: "Perhaps you actually meant to say "we'll no longer exist as a white majority nation" instead? I suspect that's the underlying basis of most of these diatribes".

    Sadly, that's probably true for some of these diatribes. I don't think it's the case with most. Rather, it's just the fact that poverty, starvation, and dire need is just so darned UGLY in one's own backyard. We'd much rather address it from behind our 40 inch TV screens, with the nice man in the Santa-like beard asking us to sponsor a cute child for $20 a month. And if we don't feel like it, why, we can simply click back to our Wiis.

    It's easier this way, too. It's easy to invoke the rule of law in the present day, and forget the centuries of lawless pillaging and plunder that caused the abject poverty that "those people" now seek to escape from. Shame on them. Why couldn't they have had the decency to have been born on this side of the border?

  • Sumo Vita Jun 11, 2007

    Venting one's frustration with this problem is understandable. Claiming that "sending them all packing" is the Christian way, is not.

    Spare us the sanctimonious quotes about giving to Caesar what is Caesar's. That ironically, was a directive offered pointedly to those looking to twist God's words to suit some very un-Godly agendas.

    Yes, Jesus advises us to obey the laws of the land. No, he doesn't advocate that we use these to beat others up with.
    Remember, "hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye"..
    or "let he who has never sinned, cast the first stone"..
    or the commandment to "love thy neighbour as thyself"..
    or "love one another as I have loved you"..
    or the story about the good samaritan..
    or the countless other exhortations to wash each others' feet.. all sentiments conveniently ignored here.

    None of this is easy, and hopelessly contradictory to human nature. It's easy to get on the "throw 'em all out" bandwagon, but let's stop pretending it's a Christian one!

  • elcid89 Jun 11, 2007

    "We have to fight this or we will no longer exist as a nation."

    Perhaps you actually meant to say "we'll no longer exist as a white majority nation" instead? I suspect that's the underlying basis of most of these diatribes.