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I-40 Reopens After Accident

Posted June 10, 2007

— All lanes on Interstate 40 at Fayetteville Road were reopened just before 5:30 p.m. Sunday, according to Durham Police.

An accident had closed the eastbound side of the highway Sunday afternoon and slowed westbound traffic while firefighters and paramedics worked to rescue the victims.


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  • raysson Jun 11, 2007

    It is apparent that you'll see this almost everyday when you get people that drive on these roads like they're crazy. And the entire route of Interstate 40 is getting dangerous daily.
    I don't even mess with I-40 during the week because of drivers who get up on your bumper while they're on a cell phone and giving you the finger while your driving the mandatory speed limits according to the roads and laws of this state,and its a shame. If you think I-40 is a hassle,then keep your eyes peeled for other triangle roads too like the notorious Raleigh beltline(which is known for a string a potential wrecks and accidents),US 15-501(between Durham and Chapel Hill,another dangerous as hell highway),US 70(near RDU Airport),and I-95(between Benson in Johnston County and Fayetteville in Cumberland County)

  • Amused Jun 10, 2007

    Anybody know the accident statistics of the German Autobahn?
    Drunk driving causes a lot of accidents.

  • then who cares Jun 10, 2007

    supes, I'm about positive that there have been drivers far more skilled than what you've stated about yourself that have been killed in automobile accidents. Even if you were even better than you claim that does not prevent someone from not seeing your fast approach, pulling in your lane and possibly forcing you into someone else. You are not--and should not be--above or better than the law!! Unfortunately there are a lot of drivers like that and I personally know of at least one girl who didn't make it while her "skilled" driver did. Mostly because it hit on her side of the car! He was demonstrating his skills!!

  • dk12 Jun 10, 2007

    ya'll are missing a big factor in accidents..FOLLOWING TOO CLOSE..

    how many follow at 2 seconds or more???
    oh. 2 second following at 60 mph is 176feet. most people( with 20/20 vision) cannot read a license plate to 176 feet. think about it..

    TOO CLOSE not time to react..BANG an accident.

    the other issue. why do so many driver wait until the moment to move over when their lane is ending??? if your lane is ending why do you expect me to move out of the way..its your lane that ending...MOVE OVER SOONER!!!

    for going slow in the far left lane.. I agree don't. its for passing.
    sometimes I go slow in the center lane, but it because I know the right lane is ending and I need to go straight. I don't like going slow. but my bus just cannot as fast some times :(. if it could I would.

  • jronald Jun 10, 2007

    Everyone posting here is whining either for or against speeding.
    The real question should be..... Why should it EVER take numerous hours to cleanup a wreck.
    #1 Video tape the scene, from several angles, Perhaps 1 hour total
    #2 In that first hour dispatch a couple of front end loaders
    #3 If it is within 1 hour of rush hour, shove it out of the way and cover it with tarps
    #4 Dispatch the flat beds to be loaded by #2, provided it is not rush hour

    A minimum fine in the neighborhood of $10k should get the responsible parties attention.

    While we are talking about fines, lets add 2 more zeros to the speeding in a workzone, during an accident. $10k for the accident and $10k for being stupid.
    You are not going to stop the morons who think "it cant happen to me" Face it the NC Drivers Test is not an I.Q. test.

  • Southpoint Jun 10, 2007

    Why is everyone in such a hurry anyhow. I see so many crazy things on the road. FAST FAST speeds, while weaving and darting. FOR WHAT? Where are people going that it is worth an accident to save 5 minutes. Why don't people slow down and enjoy life. It's insane out there. Personally, I don't want to get to work so quickly.

  • anonemoose Jun 10, 2007

    Speed does not kill. It's the sudden stop that's the problem.

  • TriangleMommy Jun 10, 2007

    Gee and here all along I misunderstood how the word LIMIT was defined. Must be that lame NC education again.
    Just because you think you can drive safely above the speed limit doesn't mean you should. YOU have no way of knowing what the OTHER drivers around you are going to do at any given second. Follow the rules folks. You do remember what rules are, don't you?

  • amyg113 Jun 10, 2007

    I've seen people pulled over for driving in the passing lane in the NC mountains.

  • ladyblue Jun 10, 2007

    supes-- are you trying to say demagoguery, which if you are, (used in context )doesn't make sense. Hope your driving is remarkable as you state so you can avoid all accidents. Don't tell me people going 80 mph bumper to bumper as most do is a good thing. Speeding doesn't harm sure, but it's the wrecks that kill. Cars traveling 80mph are more likely to destroy more than one out their doing the speed limit. Why is it so many americans always thinks of themselves first and what they want is the only thing that counts.I personally try to keep my limit within 5 miles of the posted limit and I get there just as quick. I've personally witnessed this.