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Race for the Cure Takes Its Biggest Stride Yet

Posted June 10, 2007

— There was a record turnout and a remarkable amount of money raised on a warm morning in Raleigh, and it was all to help find a cure for breast cancer.

This year's Susan G. Komen Triangle Race For the Cure set records for attendance and donations.

"We're all here for the same cause!" said Ivey Dodd, a six-year breast cancer survivor as she rode a scooter along with the runners and walkers.

"I hurt my hip,” Dodd said. “I was not going to be able to be in the race if it were not for this electric scooter."

Organizers said 22,000-plus people signed up for this year’s event, and they expect to raise more than $1.5 million when all the pledges are collected.

"I think this is an awesome race. Every year, it grows. The money that they raise, the best part is 75 percent of it stays right here in this Triangle area," survivor Marilyn Ransopher said.

"I've walked in this event for 10 years now,” Ransopher said. This year, her family joined her.

"It's fabulous, fabulous,” Janice Farringer said as she cheered on other walkers. “They're raising money, and we're going to find a cure for breast cancer. There won't be and pink T-shirts. There’ll be just white T-shirts. The survivors will be fewer in number because we're going to find a cure,” Janice Farringer said

"I've had several friends to die from breast cancer, and I've had some to survive. With our support, research can continue to find a cure someday," Cynthia Ferebee said she walked.

Nationally, this is the 25th year for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Triangle has hosted a Race For the Cure for the past 11 years.


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  • lizard Jun 11, 2007

    The more abortions one has the more prone to some type cancers. This is a little known fact and one they don't want publicized.

  • TheWayISeeIt Jun 11, 2007

    'onpointe' Planned Parenthood does general women's health issues, not just abortions. Get with the times. How can you be so old-fashioned when breast cancer kills millions, whether they use condoms or have/haven't had an abortion. Ridiculous.

    Congrats to Race for the Cure and all the good things it does for women here and nationwide!

  • Come On_Seriously Jun 11, 2007

    Most everyone has valid arguments. There is an apalling amount of fluff that goes into these events and true, more money could get to the researchers if donations were direct and without part funding such an event. However, these events also raise awareness and generate a huge amount of money for research that wouldn't be given otherwise. It is sad that anyone would dump such a cause because of an affiliate gives money to Planned Parenthood. I hope that Onpointe and others like her still support a good cause. The point is not about Komen so much as it is about showing support for fighting the disease. Finally, there are many organizations researching prostate cancer. If you are upset that breast cancer gets 'all the good press', please donate to one of them. 'WE' (men I assume, and I am among that 'we'), as you state, are not immune to breast cancer either. 1 in 100 cases of breast cancer is in a man. My Dad has been fighting it for over a year. I want a cure too.

  • Harvey Jun 11, 2007

    You missed my point. I do not disagree with the cause... I disagree with the delivery and collection method. How much MORE could be done if they didn't spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to stage these events?

  • mizphylis2 Jun 10, 2007

    Harvey and Maximus, what are you thinking ? As a Breast Cancer Survivor, I live every day with the chance that it will come back. I support the cause in everyway I can. If any effort is made to STOP this disease, I am all for it. Maximus, if you want to premote a Race for Prostrate Cancer, go for...My dad is a Survivor of that also,I am sure that he would relish in an opportunity to find a CURE...But it is not all " Fluff " ... Go to any Cancer Center and tell those patients that and see their response...I pray it never happens to your family....

  • onpointe Jun 10, 2007

    I stopped participating several years ago after learning that the Triangle affiliate of Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood.

  • Harvey Jun 10, 2007

    Not to mention that walking does nothing to cure cancer. Give money... They drown in event costs to put on these silly high-profile events and very little money makes it to a place where it will help. I don't think we need ANY more awareness walks for breast cancer. If you now how much money is wasted for all the 'fluff' you'd stop participating. I've worked behind the scenes many times before... I know what I'm talking about. It's sad.

  • Frank Downtown Jun 10, 2007

    I agree with Maximus. Not to mention, there will never be an actual cure for cancers since they are genetic mutations that occur because of exposure to carinogens or because of age.

  • Maximus Jun 10, 2007

    Noble cause and all but where's the equivalent for Prostate Cancer Research? WE get bombarded with breast cancer awareness on a daily basis but never hear about prostate cancer. 1 in 4 men develop this type of cancer, yet there are no races for the cure or awareness months.

  • fbell Jun 10, 2007

    Great cause, great race that is growing.in numbers to increase funding.

    NC Viking