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Orange Deputy Charged With DWI

Posted June 8, 2007

— An Orange County deputy was arrested early Friday and charged with drunken driving, authorities said.

Ricky Lenier Sanders, 40, was pulled over shortly before 2 a.m. at a DWI checkpoint in Alamance County, said Lt. Thurman Boone of the Alamance County Sheriff's Office.

Sanders' blood-alcohol content was 0.12, authorities said. The legal limit for intoxication in North Carolina is 0.08.

His bond was set at $300, and he was released.


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  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jun 9, 2007

    How can you play the race card when you're stopped at a DWI checkpoint? I hope he's not doing that, I'd lost ALL respect for him.

  • lizard Jun 9, 2007

    I'm not human like the others,,,,,i never do anything wrong.

  • Mom to D and Z Jun 9, 2007

    richard@unity...yes, he did lose his job and probably his profession- I don't believe another law enforcement agency will hire him which is good, because my friend went to visit him yesterday and HE IS PLAYING THE RACE CARD (supposedly white officers were the ones doing the sobriety test).
    Playing the race card is totally unacceptable.
    He broke the law, now he has to suffer the consequences.

  • richard2 Jun 9, 2007

    Did he lose his job?

  • NYCgirlNCroots Jun 9, 2007

    He is a friend of mine, has been for a long time. He's human like the rest of us and entitled to make a mistake. Yes he was an officer at the time of the offense, no he isn't above the law, no he doesn't look good in "orange", yes he is a fairly big guy. By the comments the majority of you have made, I’m sure you’ve been 100% angelic and model citizens all of your lives and have never done anything wrong or anything that requires forgiveness or redemption. Don’t be so rash to cast a negative judgment on someone who is human like the rest of us. Tomorrow you’ll go on commenting about the next story, while he’ll have to deal with this on an ongoing basis. Not condoning the behavior, but still supporting my friend.

  • Mom to D and Z Jun 8, 2007

    To MajorLeague... He WAS a road deputy. I think in Orange County one starts in the jail until they get certified, unless they get to Orange County certified----which rarely happens. Any and all local agencies look down on Orange County, most people that get certified by Orange County don't even stay due to politics. Sad but True.

  • anonemoose Jun 8, 2007

    The $300 bond is usually the max in NC for DWI for somebody who is positively identified. Many (too many) get a written promise and released to a sober adult. Bonds and fines are way different from NC to the land of fruits and nuts. A red light ticket in NC that has a $25 fine. The same ticket would be from $300-$800 in Ca. That isn't counting court cost for either, and in CA fines are different from county to county.

  • MajorLeagueinfidel Jun 8, 2007

    A drunk cop might arrest you...or steal your booze so he can drink and drive...Oh jeezus I need to go re-read the story details that he was driving a patrol car during his arrest...I missed it the threee times I read it...certainly it is in there somewhere because a reader determined that was the case.....

  • lizard Jun 8, 2007

    Oh Yeah. Almost forgot. I'm more pink than he is.

  • lizard Jun 8, 2007

    My profession is still not tainted,,,his is. And it doesn't make me look bad. I'm still getting better looking every day!