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Teen Responsible for Fatal Crash Was Unlicensed

Posted June 7, 2007

— In a split second, 16-year-old Arturo Arguijo's decision on an Apex highway changed his life and that of another family.

Apex Police said Arguijo was driving his parents' pickup truck with four other passengers. He was turning onto U.S. Highway 64 late Wednesday morning when he collided with a vehicle carrying Salud Avellaneda-Marin, 41, of Asheboro, and her two sons.

Avellaneda-Marin died at WakeMed; her 20-year-old and infant sons were injured, but they were expected to recover.

Arguijo faces charges of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and driving without a license. He is in the Wake County Jail under a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in August.

Even if the teen had a license, investigators said he would have been violating the state's graduated license program by having too many passengers in his vehicle.

“I can’t believe things like this happen,” Valentin Avellaneda-Marin, the victim's brother, said Thursday.

He said his sister was in the process of becoming an American citizen and was returning to Asheboro after a visit to the Mexican Embassy in Raleigh.

"She was pretty excited about this stuff," Avellaneda-Marin said. "She was, you know, making plans."

North Carolina lawmakers are working on toughening penalties for people who violate the rules of the road.

One bill in particular would give officers the right to take someone's picture when they're pulled over for a traffic violation. The picture would help nab anyone trying to conceal their ID.


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  • Mia Jun 9, 2007

    It is sad that everyone assumes stuff without knowing what really happened or if the kid is illegal or not. I have known this kid all my life and all I can say is that he is a wonderfull person with a beautiful heart. It is totally out of place to say that the kid is showing no remoarses because you all do not live in his house and you dont know what he is going through. He made a mistake a huge mistake that changed his life completely and he is going to have to deal with it regardless of punishment he could face. Its an unfortunately accident.

  • canfarce12 Jun 9, 2007

    In school I knew him as a good person, outside of school I never knew what he was doing, I never got involved in the personal lives of people unless they were very good friends (he and I were mere acquaintences). And yes, it was completely dumb of him to drive around wiithout a liscense. For the record, as I have already mentioned, I did not know him outside of school, so I was just as surprised as anyone else when I found out he was driving without a liscense.

  • richard2 Jun 9, 2007

    This happens across this country every day because our laws are not being enforced. If you don't like the laws change them, but you must obey the laws we have or you have chaos.

  • anonemoose Jun 8, 2007

    First, I can't believe WRAL is allowing comments on this topic. Second, "canfarce" does a good person drive around violating several laws each and every day? If that is your definition of a good person, I'd hate to see your definition of a criminal.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jun 8, 2007

    Sorry about the type. I meant becomes, not because.

  • canfarce12 Jun 8, 2007

    Arturo was in my fourth period class is a good person and I feel sorry about everything that has happened with him and this situation. Condolences to the family of the mother and as someone said liscence or not, this type of accident can happen to anybody. It is also very sad how some of view portray someone's race, those who said the idiotic things like "DEPORT HIM" and "he's just going to go back to Mexico when this is all over" need to take some type of diversity class in order to understand your own faults (and kudos to the one who brought up the ancestry).

    For the picture, is that just a picture they put up or was that taken recently since the accident? Also if you look at the picture of the original article, one of the pictures shows him by the truck sitting down with his head down, now tell me, does that show remorse or not?

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jun 8, 2007

    "I believe that the police are simply making an example of this young man without any evidence, and have been able to do this simply because citizens refuse to ask the obvious questions before posting half-informed and ill-thought out posts."

    Hahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahaha!! Now that's funny!! Is that a serious post?

    And since you don't know the law, his name was "released" because he is old enough to get arrested. If you're old enough to get arrested then your name because public record. What a joke.

  • Tressa Jun 8, 2007

    PLEASE IF YOU WERE A WITNESS TO THIS ACCIDENT EMAIL ME AT Tressaandken@yahoo.com. I am a friend of this family and they are looking for any witnesses...

    Now for some answers to all the questions. Yes the 20 year old son was driving. Yes he is destroyed. All five of her children are. Yes she was not wearing a seatbelt however it is because she was attending to her infant son in the back seat. She was first a mother. Please stop making these nasty comments. This young family is devastated. No it is in no way the son's fault that this 16 year old chooses to drive his parent’s truck. Also I am a parent with young driver and I always knew when my child drove somewhere. I have also been told the young man had writing all over the windows of his truck. Out of all five passengers were any licensed?
    As for High School rules for parking passes why do you think he would follow the rules to get one?
    No he does not look remorseful! Has this family sent flowers? No? Nothing..

  • lpf88 Jun 8, 2007

    I think it is rather amusing that many of the posters on this page have never made a judgement error while driving. I also find it funny that so many have jumped to the conclusion that this the driver was illegal.

    Apex High has had several fatal accidents in the last few years. All invovled white teens. No one once showed anything but remorse for any of the drivers in these accidents. It's time to grow up and stop blaming our problems on race.

    A life was lost, TWO families have been changed forever. I hope that every one of us can find it in our hearts to support and pray BOTH parties involved.

  • NCGal Jun 8, 2007

    >>I would ask all of you, how exactly did your ancestors come to this country?
    Does Native American count?
    I was about to post the story didn't mention this kid's legal status.

    >>Also, what evidence has been given to the conclusion........
    The charges of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and driving without a license. Evidence will be presented in court to determine guilt or innocence.

    >>Furthermore, there has been an assumption that it was the woman driving in the other car.
    I thought her son was driving while she was in the back seat with the baby.

    >>I believe that the police are simply making an example of this young man without any evidence
    What LEO would arrest a kid as an "example"? Ever heard of false arrest?