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Wilson Officer Charged With DWI

Posted June 6, 2007

— A Wilson police officer was arrested early Wednesday and charged with drunken driving, police said.

A North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper stopped Officer David Seagroves at about 12:30 a.m. near the intersection of West Nash Street and Lake Wilson Road. Seagroves was clocked at 58 mph in a 35 mph zone, police said.

Seagroves was off-duty and was driving his personal vehicle, police said.

The trooper charged Seagroves with speeding and took him into custody for suspicion of drunken driving, police said. Seagroves provided two breath samples at the Wilson County Detention Center about an hour after the arrest and registered an alcohol content of 0.09. The legal threshold for driving while impaired in , slightly above the legal limit for intoxication in North Carolina is 0.08.

Seagroves was charged with driving while impaired and was released into the custody of a friend, police said.

He has been placed on administrative duty pending an internal investigation, police said.


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  • brettgrsx03 Jun 8, 2007

    To Ralwood, I would like to know what part of all this makes him an alcoholic that needs to go to AA? He had 1 too many drinks one time, and thats basis to send him to AA? No, its not. I come from an alcoholic family and trust me, if he was to drink ALL the time, 24/7, then he would need it, but thats not the case here.
    and Legalbeagle, what in the world was going through your head when you decided to say, i bet you think that we are proud of you? your comepletely ignorant and really dont need to post anything further about this situation.
    all you people continue to put someone down for a mistake he made, think about your life, and if your the perfect one, then i guess you have a right to say things, if you have made a mistake before in your life, then you also have the right, to SHUTUP!

  • ralwood Jun 7, 2007

    hopefully this officer will realize he have a problem, and seek treatment. AA is waiting also!

  • mindyourown Jun 7, 2007

    So...Wilson is in the news again, this isn't suprising, this time it's one who has sworn to protect and serve, disgusting, some public official and servant he is....good move there buddy, smart play there Shakespear, have one for the road, guess you think we're proud of you....don't think so, grow up!

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jun 7, 2007

    Why would you send him to wherever his rottweilers are? huh?

  • esco2313 Jun 7, 2007

    see people not only mexicans drink and drive you hipocrates jajaja send hin back to wherever his rotts are from jajajajajaja

  • wizard633 Jun 7, 2007

    This is getting to be a habit for law enforcement!

  • brettgrsx03 Jun 7, 2007

    For one, none of you that have even posted on here would even know about this situation if it wasn't a policeman involved. A few people I know have gotten a DWI recently, did anyone know about them? NO YOU DIDNT! They are not Police. And to the person that is talking about their tax dollars being spent for him to be on "leave" 1- he's not on leave, and 2- you hit it on the head when you said "WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES"
    All I can say Seagroves, dont worry about these ignorant people against you! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US!

  • lpf88 Jun 7, 2007

    COPs Eye, Thank you for bringing that up! I have been mad since I read that headline this morning. Why is no one demanding she be given the noose? She not only got a DUI, but then violated parole. How many of you will continue to buy magazines featuring Paris?

    Lindsey Lohan was recently sent to REHAB instead of PRISON for cocaine possession. I'll bet half of you will see her new movies.

    Yet someone who has served your community has one horrible night and you're willing to hang him out to dry. Interesting standards.

  • nursevb8 Jun 7, 2007

    Why is he on administrative leave pending an investigation? What investigation? There is no question about it. He was going 58 in a 35 and blew a 0.09 Deal with it. He should be punished just like any other person. Let him go to speeding school. And my tax dollars shouldn't be paying for him to be on administrative leave. He should be setting an example. We all make mistakes, but not ones that put others lives in jeapordy. He has seen this first hand what drinking and driving can do. That is not a mistake!

  • COPs eye Jun 7, 2007

    Has anyone thought of Paris Hilton's early release from jail? She is a public figure hold her to a HIGHER STANDARD. Oh no she is rich and sleazy so she can get out of trouble.