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Teen Suspect in Rape Case Rearrested

Posted June 5, 2007

— One of five teens arrested last week in connection with the alleged rape of a 16-year-old Chapel Hill girl was rearrested Monday after police said he violated the terms of his bond.

District Judge Joseph Buckner on Tuesday ordered Brian Gregory Minton, 16, of 118 Mann Drive, to be held under a $200,000 bond. The judge also placed him under a $50,000 bond for the charges of possessing a weapon of mass destruction and firing with the city limits.

Chapel Hill police received a report Monday that Minton had fired a weapon. When officers questioned him about the report, they found a shotgun in his home, police said.

Public Defender James Williams, who is representing Minton, said the teen is under psychiatric care.

Minton had been released on an unsecured bond last Thursday in connection with the rape case.

He and four other teens -- Mark Anthony Holland, 17; Chanquez Neville, 17; Colton O. Sanders, 17; and Sean Crawford-Brown, 17 -- were arrested two weeks ago on first-degree rape charges in connection with an alleged assault on Sept. 2 near the retail section of the Southern Village development in Chapel Hill.

The five teens are scheduled to appear in court on Friday.


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  • Builder03 Jun 6, 2007

    He must suffer from Paris Hilton Syndrome. If they let me off on the first more serious charge, then surely they won't care about the shotgun and a little weed. He'll be jonesin in jail.

  • jeebk04 Jun 6, 2007

    weasleyes, the reason this whole forum got change is because there are a few bottom feeding posters who come on here and harrass other posters, send them personal emails, post outlandish off topic comments, racially charged comments, etc. It very much needed to be regulated, unfortunately, because a few bad apples choose to take their personal problems out on other posters.

  • Aquamarine Jun 6, 2007

    I was referring to the guy arrested yesterday for doing all of those things and then killing the 54 year old man from Cary. Heck I know it's done by Americans too, but its an epidemic with the mesicans.

  • mg Jun 6, 2007

    Obviously the kid is not working with a full deck...way to bring more attention to yourself, kid.

    And, Aquamarine, take away the word Mexican/illegal immigrant from your post, and it sounds like a lot of AMERICANS (stealing cars and drunk driving is not necessarily a "Mexican" thing....) Driving without a license? Hell, kids in my neighborhood do it all the time, and they are from the good ol' U.S of A. ...just found it kind of interesting...

  • Aquamarine Jun 6, 2007

    weasweleys.........Are you Kidding? You KNOW the Mexicans have taken it over. Why else do you think they and do anything they want to, like steal a car, drive drunk AND without a license, be in the country illegally, KILL someone.........and then be protected from the wrath of a few American Citizens wanting to express their displeasure over the situation. Only in America!!!

  • The_Day_Is_What_You_Make_Of_It Jun 6, 2007

    Jail looks to be a permanent home for awhile for this kid.

  • djofraleigh Jun 5, 2007

    Pace Academy is a NC Charter school, thus a public school, and will not accept students expelled from public schools. These students are not expelled, but are locked up. They are charged with a felony, which means a public school doesn't HAVE to admit them. IF one is a special education student then they are still required by law to be served, but not necessarily with other students. They might be given homebased service or placed in an alternative setting.

    The young man with the shotgun could be homicidal or suicidal,
    but shouldn't have a shotgun, be firing it, or doing anything suspicious at this time. He needs to be locked up, examined and watched while detained. He is under a lot of pressure, guilty or not.

  • wizard633 Jun 5, 2007

    This kid is hard-headed!

  • Scarecrow Cow Jun 5, 2007

    Whiskers on Kitten,
    The fact of the matter is that alternative schools were built to accommodate students like these thugs who were kicked out of regular schools. Your child is an exception, not the rule, so MomV did "no all her facts."
    I'm glad to hear that your son is getting the education he needs now. At leat one of that school's students is headed towards graduation rather than jail!

  • Steve Crisp Jun 5, 2007

    I know a sawed off shotgun is illegal. It's just not a WMD under any definition I would even consider rational.

    Actually, the use of WMD can be traced to 1937 in the context of Japanese development of nuclear and biological weapons leading up to WW2.