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Johnston Approves Youth Soccer Complex

Posted June 4, 2007

— Johnston County Commissioners voted 4-3 Monday night to approve a youth soccer league's multi-field facility, but with some modifications to please neighbors who didn't like the idea.

The league agreed to reduce hours and to forbid fans from using noise-makers during matches.

With those changes, the board approved a special-use permit and rezoning needed for the complex proposed by the Johnston United Soccer Association, a league with 550 kids, ages four to 18. The league hopes to have balls flying around the fields by next spring.

Currently, the league's players practice at schools and city parks, and the league has spent about $10,000 renting fields.

"When kids are younger, we can play on baseball outfields, fields that are smaller. But when they're older, we need full-sized fields for kids to play on. Those are very scarce in Johnston County,” the league's David Parker had said Sunday.

The problem, according to the group, is that other organizations need to use the fields as well.

When J-USA decided it needed its own soccer complex, one parent bought 25 acres off Jordan-Narron Road. Plans call for three soccer fields, lights and 120 parking spots.


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  • AntiSoccer Jun 6, 2007

    Get Going,
    JUSA is getting grant money from the recreation bond. I was just at the Johnston County Managers office today and was informed that JUSA has been approved for $25,000 (Our tax dollars) and also has other pending applications on for another $25,000. You need to get your facts straight!!! Also they do charge membership fees. Go to www.jusasoccer.org and observe the $65.00 fee just to sign up. That is a membership fee!!!
    Johnston County residents you need to start paying attention to the fact that your tax dollars are going to a private organization.

  • getgoing Jun 5, 2007

    Tho Antisoccer, Xscout577 and MUD,

    Perhaps you should get your facts straight before posting your comments. Firstly, the recent bond referendum had NOTHING to do with this project. The monies for that bond have been earmarked for a long time for other needs in the county. The papers posted exactly what they were for. The papers also repeatedly informed Johnston County residents of the date of the vote etc. It is up to each citizen to be his or her own advocate and remain informed of such issues. There was nothing underhanded about it. JUSA is seeing none of the money from that bond and that is fine. It is an organization just starting out with motivated individuals who intend to fundraise and pay for what is needed.

    Secondly, JUSA does not actually charge membership fees. That was misinformation from your hired council. There are recreation fees which is different all together.

  • AntiSoccer Jun 5, 2007

    Whatever. We were here first. And dont talk about what you dont know. There was a zoning ordinance created for this very reason. I cant help Johnston County Is corrupt. Go the the Johnston County Website and rear the ordinance for yourself. I clearly states that this typr of nonprofit orginization that has membership fees is only allowed in General Business District. They put it in an Agricultural Residential District with a special use permit. It is written in Black and White. Everyone read it for yourself. Section 14 GB! Your corrupt county tax dollars at work.!!!

  • Xscout577 Jun 5, 2007

    Yeah!!! Thank you Johnston County Commissioners. ~Soccer Mom

    Yep, thank the Commissioners & all involved with setting up the Bond Referendum Voting back on May 8th that makes this Soccer Complex possible. I think it was done a bit underhanded & shady that hardly ANYBODY knew that there was voting going on that day. In my district, by 3:00pm there was scarcely over 78 ballots cast. (I know because I was #78)
    Yeah, Johnston County Commissioners thank you so much for slipping one by on us.
    I now have more taxes to pay, but will very unlikely seem ANY of that funding coming back to the rural communities like McGee's Crossroads for our childrens' benefit.
    So think about that one, Soccer Mom, when your kids are playing in the new Complex in Smithfield (or wherever it's going)

  • superman Jun 5, 2007

    Get a grip dude. Soccer is only a couple months. Just be glad the kids are doing something contructive rather than throwing rocks at your house. I live in a residential neighborhood on a dead end street. My neighbors have yard sales all summer-- traffic usually blocking the street, my driveway and cars bumper to bumper all weekend. Either smile and accept it-- or just move-- no point in being miserable the rest of your life.

  • 2late Jun 5, 2007

    RE:"Bought and paid for at the expense of the surrounding neighbors property values."...save your money..move way out into the country on a bunch of land...put up a fence...have no tv or phone and no visitors.....take a sleeping pill and chill

  • AntiSoccer Jun 5, 2007

    Bought and paid for at the expense of the surrounding neighbors property values.

  • youngerby5mins Jun 5, 2007

    Yeah!!! Thank you Johnston County Commissioners. ~Soccer Mom