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Rolesville Community Collects Donations for Families Who Lost Homes in Fire

Posted June 3, 2007

— Members of the Rolesville community came together Sunday to help two families who lost their homes to fire Friday.

Neighbors in the Village of Rolesville community went door-to-door collecting donations for the Bennett and McCord families.

The community is hoping to collect enough money to purchase gift cards from local grocery and department stores.

Neighbor AnnMarie Mehm was one of the volunteers collecting donations.

“They actually have very positive attitudes about this, and it’s wonderful how the whole community has gotten together to help them and give them whatever they need,” Mehm said.

On Friday, the fire spread quickly from one house to another and melted the siding on two other homes on Redford Place Drive. Fire investigators are looking into whether a propane tank, some furniture varnish and the heat combined to ignite the fire.

Kimberly McCord was in her house with her four daughters Friday when she saw flames.

“I screamed to my daughters,” she said. “We heard an explosion and at the whole back of the house you could see the smoke and flames coming up.”

Firefighters were able to salvage some things.

“These are all home videos from the time the kids were first born,” Chris McCord said.

A doll house Chris built for his daughters also made it through the fire.

“I’ve been working on this for months,” he said.


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  • carolinafire Jun 4, 2007

    hey childfree, where do you get off being so insensitive? I imagine it would not be too hard for you to figure out what I do for a living. How about doing the rest of us a favour when you have a problem or emergency.....don't even pick up the phone!! But in reality, we all need each other...if we didn't, the good Lord would only put one person down here so we wouldn't screw things up!!!!! Probably don't even believe in Him either!!

  • computer trainer Jun 4, 2007

    As far as Japan, they have a different culture from the Good Ol USA. That is why their suicide rate is out the roof. And if I am not mistaken, in Japan, MANY people live in High Rises, so YES, a fire in YOUR home, could endanger others. This is not Japan, this is Rolesville, NC and they are helping out a couple of families in their community, and you know the nice thing about it? They have the FREEDOM to do just that.

  • computer trainer Jun 4, 2007

    GAD! Some people on here should just go jump off a cliff. It scares me that people can be so rude and mean spirited. God help them if they ever have a need. NONE of us know when it might be us who are displaced or otherwise in need. Someone here always has to stir things up and be mean. I just wonder what kind of jerks some people are. If you have said something mean or cruel about these folks, I hope you are proud of yourself.

    Rolesville citizens, you should be so proud of your community and their attitude towards taking care of others!!

  • rpdwife05 Jun 4, 2007

    kelseykens, you are exactly right. I work for a home insurance company. NOT only do you not get money right away. Most always there is a cap on your home insurance payout. So add up everything in your home, I mean everything up to and including dental floss, and what your home is worth. You may get 75% of that amount from your home owners insurance.

    Suggestion to everyone, walk around your home with a video recorder & record every single thing in your home. Keep the video tape somewhere other than your home. Do this AT LEAST every year. It will come in great handy if something like this ever happens to you.

  • viablade Jun 4, 2007

    I am amazed at the insensitivity by some people. This fire was a tragic event that displaced two families and could have been a lot worse. Before making any comments, please know the facts. Insurance was never mentioned and if you read or looked at the news, you would have been informed that they have contacted their insurance companies.

  • 2alegal Jun 4, 2007

    I say prayers are just for several posters here! No one has to give unless THEY WANT to. I myself will be glad to send my donation because its not what I didn't do that will get me into those pearly gates! I might not have a lot of material things, but I AM the first to start helping no matter what. Need more info to share with others to help collect. God Bless Us All.

  • kelseykens Jun 4, 2007

    We all know the insurance companies do not cut you a check as soon as there is a fire. Therfore I think it is wonderful the community is willing to donate money for the incidentals (clothing, medication, food, etc.) needed until the insurance company does pay.

  • latanya512 Jun 4, 2007

    Childfree, haven't you heard of just giving from the heart or just because? A few dollars will be wasted on frivilous stuff when you can give it to someone else. Remember when you give from the heart, you will be blessed tenfold.

  • spiritwarriorwoman1 Jun 4, 2007

    childfree_in_rdu - It doesn't say that they don't have insurance. Shame on you! Did your parents never teach you about random acts of kindness?

    Praying for the victims.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • auklet8718 Jun 4, 2007

    And what a wonderful thing it is that the community is willing to help. It says a lot about the people in need. The collective community must think a lot of them. Personally I would like to see more good news like this offered into the mix. Yes something bad happened but something good is coming from it. I for one salute the community for helping and wish the best for those who have lost.