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1 Dead, 4 Injured in I-95 Accident

Posted June 2, 2007
Updated June 3, 2007

— A driver falling asleep at the wheel might have led to an accident that killed one person and injured four others Saturday afternoon.

William Sullivan, 83, of Towson, Md., said he was feeling sleepy while driving from Myrtle Beach to Maryland with his two brothers, sister and sister-in-law and that he believes he ran off the road when he woke up, Trooper J.M. Dorsey with the North Carolina Highway Patrol said.

The accident happened at about 12:30 p.m. on Interstate 95 near Four Oaks when, Dorsey said, Sullivan lost control of his vehicle, struck an embankment, overturned and hit a concrete-based road sign.

All five were pinned inside the vehicle. Sullivan's older brother, Raymond Sullivan, 79,died at the scene.

William Sullivan, Ernest Sullivan, 86, Naomi Sullivan, 93, and Theresa Maskeroni, 78 were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

Sisters-in-law Naomi Sullivan and Maskeroni were at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill Saturday afternoon. Maskeroni was listed in critical condition and Sullivan was listed in fair condition.

William Sullivan and Ernest Sullivan were taken to Duke Hospital. They both were listed in fair condition Saturday afternoon, and Duke declined to disclose their conditions on Sunday.

No charges have been filed yet, Dorsey said.

Both northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 95 were shut down for about an hour. At one point, traffic was backed up about 7 miles in the northbound lane while crews cleared the scene.


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  • luvtoshag Jun 4, 2007

    My daugther and I were on our way back from Smithfield headed to Dunn (I-95 south) when we came by the wreck. There were ambulances and police there but I do not think they had gotten anyone out of the car. There were a number of back boards out on the ground. There was a HP trying to get to the scene coming up from behind us and there was a car in the left lane that just about ran the HP into the guard rail. I couldn't believe people were not trying to get over and told my daughter so. When we got to the accident (which on the Northbound side) I was so sad to see the car lying on its' side. It looked like it was flatten, I am so glad there were no more casualties but it is hard to believe if you saw that car. Only the northbound lanes of I-95 were shut down when we went by. I hope the remaining survivors recover and glad no other vehicles were involved. It is such a sad situation and I had only been by there (going northbound) about an hour earlier.

  • TomLynda Jun 4, 2007

    Aaron: Yes, if you call 66 elderly, yep there are a lot of us on the site. Please read the following and shut your mouth. The driver in this instance was 22. This is a very sad case, but unfortunatley is the norm as young drivers cause the majority of fatal accidents.
    Five Family Members Killed in I-95 Accident
    (06/04/07 -- PRINCE GEORGE, VA) - A tragic accident leaves five members of a North Carolina family dead.
    Police say they were killed Saturday after the sport-utility vehicle in which they were riding lost control on northbound Interstate 95 in Virginia. Some victims --weren't-- wearing safety belts.
    Officials say the wreck killed 22-year-old Barbara Z. Zayas of Charlotte, North Carolina, who apparently lost control before her Ford Explorer flipped several times.
    Also killed in the accident were Coralyz Nicole Zayas Nazario, who was one-and-a-half and from Charlotte, 57-year-old Candelaria Miranda Carreras, and 29-year-old Dalilah Ramos, both of Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Aaron Jun 4, 2007

    i guess there is a bunch of elderly people on wral's site

  • JustDontUnderstandPpl Jun 3, 2007

    OH! BTW Aaron, While you are 59 1/2 you are on the way to have your eyes tested so you can keep driving and you look in the rear-vies mirror and you see a 17 year old driving a "souped-up" Mustang (bought by a 60 year-old father) exactly three feet off your rear end, and the 17 year old is talking to friends, holding a cell phone to hie ear, and eating a fast-food burger and combing his hair, at the same time. He plows into your car causing you to veer off the road, up an embankment, and overturn several times before hitting a conctete based road sign. Sound familiar???

    Too true. I have had to work harder to avoid accidents related to teen drivers than anyone else. They talk to each other out the window, on the cellphone, they mess with cd's, etc. They speed and don't watch where they are going. I think the age for driving needs to be INCREASED to at least 18; 21 would be even better.

  • daMoFo Jun 3, 2007

    How do you know they didn't plan on stopping later in the day and finish the drive the next morning? Do you really expect them to stop for the night at 30 minutes past noon? And people on trips drive 8 to 11 hours a day all the time.

    One accident is hardly an indictment of an entire group. We've had three kids at my school wreck their cars this year after falling asleep.

    And ignore AfricanAmerican, he's(or she's) just trying to get you folks riled. South Africa used to have similiar laws for blacks wanting to travel before apartheid was ended.

  • beachie Jun 3, 2007


  • beachie Jun 3, 2007

    jon2four, thanks for the info.

    jon2four, thanks for the info. i just wanted to get my point across.

  • clickclackity2 Jun 3, 2007

    Wow. I hope I'm blessed to even have the spunk to take an extremely long road trip at that age. However, I would never take a trip from SC all the way to Maryland. That's at the very least an 8-11 hour drive. The older you are the slower your reaction time and length of alertness. Even so, according to the highway patrol, driving while sleepy/fatigued is the equivalent to driving drunk. At least, this didn't involve any other cars.

  • seeingthru Jun 3, 2007

    it must be aweful to realize you killed your own brother accidentally my sympathies

  • ashmich_21 Jun 3, 2007

    All people over 60 should have their licenses taken away?? How ignorant are you for saying that... How many young people kill civilians everyday while driving under the influence or how many young people kill people when they fall asleep.?? Just because these older adults were in a car driving and one of them fell asleep does not mean that they should lose their licenses or only be allowed to go to the store and to church.. Are you going to take them to the doctor and run errands for them that need to have ran.. Older people are just as capable of driving as me and you.. I am sure that Mr. Sullivan is feeling bad enough right now with out the ignorant comments that you are posted about this VERY SAD STORY!!! And for the people that are mad because they got caught in traffic during the clean up of this accident GET OVER IT!!! The Ambulances and the aircraft had to pick these injured patients up and take them to the hospital.. Also they had to clean up the wreckage!!!