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Police Believe BB Gun Shootings Connected

Posted June 1, 2007

— Police are looking for two suspects who are shooting randomly at people with a BB or pellet gun. As many as seven people have been hit in four different shootings this week.

“I heard the car was coming past me and then I heard this bang, bang,” said Robert Murdock, who was struck on his left hand while walking along Poole Road in Raleigh Wednesday morning.

Three of the shootings happened outside Wake County Schools. The first was at Vandora Springs Elementary in Garner around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A group of parents were preparing for a student field day outside the school. Witnesses say a red or maroon car drove by. A shooter inside the car fired into the crowd. One person was hit in the neck and another was shot in the ankle.

Fifteen to 20 minutes later Murdock was hit. He described a reddish colored car as well. On Thursday morning, two more shootings were reported. The first happened outside Enloe High School in Raleigh.

“I got shot with a BB or pellet gun while walking to school,” said Marquesa Davis, 17.

Davis said she didn’t know where the shot came from. She noticed a stinging in her leg and saw a small cut.

About two hours later, a group of students outside North Garner Middle heard shots fired at the bleachers. As many as three students suffered minor injuries.

In the case at North Garner Middle, witnesses saw a suspect firing from some bushes. Police in Raleigh and Garner believe the cases are too similar to be disconnected.

“Something out of the blue with pellets and BB’s, this type of shooting, it’s too close to be random,” said Garner Police Sgt. Joe Binns.

So far, all injuries are minor. Murdock said he feels lucky, but frustrated.

“You want to get into the minds of these people and figure out how to change their minds,” he said. “There’s no fun in hurting someone.”

Police don’t have a good description of the suspects, but believe they are looking for two men.

If you have any information, call Garner Police at 919-772-8810 or Raleigh Police at 919-890-3335.


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  • mulvay8888 Jun 4, 2007

    OH, by the way, the perp was black and he was the most ignorant child I ever met in my entire life. He was using the foulest language that "I" have ever heard from someone at the age of 13. Not using racial terms or even inciting that color is an issue, but a previous post suggested race as a factor. The family that had the bike stolen was a mix (Black & Mexican (Legal Mexican in case some are wondering). I say we need to take back our neighborhoods from these thugs. If not, we give them the time and place to move in on sanctity.

  • mulvay8888 Jun 3, 2007

    This is actually funny. Recently my neighborhood was shot up in Fayetteville by some thugs who thought it was funny to shoot out windows of cars. I was criticized because I called the police 2 times in 25 minutes. Sorry for those who have problems like this in their neighborhood, but now is a time to be proactive. My neighbor's son’s bike was just stolen here in Fayetteville. We caught the people responsible for stealing the bike; guess what, nothing was done. The police came out and took a report and 2 hours later, we watched the same perps ride by the house. The police DO NOT CARE about crimes like this.

  • choppa Jun 3, 2007

    To the hate mongers who have interjected that the perpetrators might not be white. What will you say if they are white (which is the most likely case)?

  • wizard633 Jun 3, 2007

    dlb800 - I agree with you. Like you said, they haven't come across the right one yet. I been known to " Pack some Heat myself ", & I would hate to know that I had to drop any-one, especialy a kid for them getting a laugh. Some-one really needs to get thru to who ever is doing this before they get their-selves killed.

  • dlb800 Jun 3, 2007

    What needs to be done is that they point the BB gun at the wrong person and that person is going to point a real gun back at them.
    I have a concealed carry permit, and if someone points a gun at me, I'm not going to ask if it's a BB gun or not, I'm going to point my gun back, and if need be, I'll shoot, and I don't shoot to wound.

    Kids need to realize their actions have serious consequences.
    It may be a joke them, but someone isn't going to find it as funny.

  • momofthree16 Jun 3, 2007

    to: Mathforall - I expect the principal of VSES to not lie to me and not inform me until 1 - 2pm in the afternoon what happened via an automated message so that the school doesn't lose money by everyone pulling their children out early on in the day!

  • momofthree16 Jun 3, 2007

    They probably aren't allowed to say what color the perps are b/c then they'll get sued by the NAACP! LOL

  • JustDontUnderstandPpl Jun 3, 2007

    teecup...I agree.

  • clickclackity2 Jun 3, 2007

    Here we go.. YOU post mugshots of teens..but where is at least the DESCRIPTION of this suspect(s)??!!

  • rainy39 Jun 3, 2007

    gcarheel37 no one has seen them to know what color they are.