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Teens Charged With Rape Released Under Unsecured Bond

Posted May 31, 2007
Updated October 3, 2011

Editor's Note: The charges against all five men were dismissed in Oct. 2007. The district attorney's office determined there was insufficient evidence to warrant prosecution.

Four teenagers jailed for allegedly raping a 16-year-old Chapel Hill girl were released under an unsecured bond Thursday.

Mark Anthony Holland, 17; Brian Gregory Minton, 16; Chanquez Neville, 17; and Colton O. Sanders, 17, had been in jail since last Friday under a $200,000 bond.

The four, along with a fifth teenager, Sean Crawford-Brown, 17, are charged with one-count of first-degree rape in connection with the alleged incident, which occurred Sept. 2 near the retail section of Southern Village.

Crawford-Brown was released from jail earlier this week under a $200,000 bond.

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said the suspects have known since December they were under investigation and that he did not think they were a flight risk or a threat to the alleged victim.

Under the terms of their release, however, they are ordered to stay away from her and away from Southern Village.

Their next court date is scheduled for June 8.

In court Thursday, Woodall also clarified that even though police did not get involved in the investigation until late November, the accuser immediately reported the alleged rape to her mother, who took her to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

The rape kit evidence, collected within a 24-hour period after the alleged assault, was held until the family decided to report the alleged incident to police on Nov. 30, he said.

Investigators then had to locate and interview the alleged victim and each suspect before making the arrests

Parents said all of the teens are friends, but it was unclear how the teens knew the alleged victim. Four of the five teens have made statements to investigators, but police would not elaborate further on the case.


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  • mugofipa Jun 1, 2007

    Isn't it kind of silly that men, young or not, charged with a violent felony are being released without bond? What kind of judge allowed this? And to the young woman who posted the offer from one of these thugs to cut another man to pieces... think about it. If he would offer to kill, what makes you think he wouldn't rape?

  • nosouthernershere Jun 1, 2007

    sounds like another "lacrosse" case. waited 2 months to go to the police. Maybe she should have waited longer to find out what Crystal Mangum got from her lies before creating hers.

  • friendlylady May 31, 2007

    It is sad for both groups of parties... With what is going on you really don't know who to believe. When they say gang rape, is this where everyone took turns doing whatever they wanted to do to this victim or is this one of the cases where "I'm going to say it was rape!" As far as the Duke Lacrosse team, I will be glad when another hot topic come up because this duke lacrosse case is really going on tooooooo lonnnnnnng! The duke lacrosse team is not the only team who was falsely accused. One thing I can say at least they didn't pull 17 years for being falsely accused. You have people that was accused of rape and they pulled years for the SO CALL VICTIM just to say he wasn't the one who rape her (after 17 years). So the DL should count this as a blessing. The other young men, you will have to deal with the punishment if it really happen!

  • lillianne May 31, 2007

    i was friends with one of the boys please dont jump to conclusions

  • lillianne May 31, 2007

    I personally know Mario Neville and he is not the kind of person who would do something like that... he has been my friend since we were in elementary school and when my boyfriend raped me right after i graduated from middleschool he said he would cut the guy to pieces and would sooner die than disrespect a woman like that. he always stood up for the girls in middle school and would get so mad when a guy disrespected them. as a fellow rape victom i understand how the girl feels but i can not bring myself to believe mario intentionally did anything so harmful and disrespectful to another human being. i would do anything just to go talk to him and find out what happened b/c if he was there and did do that it was clearly a product of peer presure and maybe illegal substances. i pray that he is innocent so i do not lose another friend to the title of rapest. please reserve judgement on him and the other boys until more info is known. mario has not had an easy childhood either...

  • nchockeyguy76 May 31, 2007

    I am confused by the dates given. She was allegedly attacked on Sept 2 but the family didn't go to the police until November 30th? Or was Nov 30th the date the police began their investigation?

  • lizard May 31, 2007

    Some cases are like this and it may be her word against theirs and someone confessed. Don't know that there would be any physical eveidence (unless she saved the dress - that's happened before).

    Praying for the victim. (and you to sunday sailor - LOL)

  • SANDHILL May 31, 2007

    So the authorities took 6 months. That is better than the rush to judgment as in the lacrosse case.

  • 2late May 31, 2007

    RE:"but it is a shame that nowadays any girl can say "rape" and people are immediately thought to be guilty."...according to that logic, a girl can so "NO" and not be listened to?

  • ncbookseller May 31, 2007

    Just go to myspace and enter the number at the end of the URL in the search box. I found 11737770 especially interesting. At the very least, he's guilty of mutilating the English language.