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Wake School Buses in Accidents in Fuquay-Varina, Raleigh

Posted May 29, 2007

Traffic Accident (generic)

— Several high school students and a bus driver were taken to hospitals for examination Tuesday afternoon after a mail carrier's vehicle ran into a school bus at Stobhill Lane at Feather Ridge Drive in the Spring Hills subdivision in Fuquay-Varina, town police said.

About two hours later, emergency officials in Raleigh said a van struck a bus at Glenwood Avenue and Pleasant Valley Road. There were initial reports of injuries, but officials later said there were no students on the bus and the bus driver was unhurt. Officials said they had no information on whether the van driver was hurt.

Paramedics at the Fuquay-Varina accident checked the bus driver and four of the 15 students on board at the time and decided the five should be looked at by doctors, and they were taken to Western Wake Hospital and WakeMed, officials said. School officials had said two students and the driver went to WakeMed.

The patients at WakeMed were treated and released. The patients at Western Wake were not believed to be seriously hurt, either.

The mail carrier, whose name police did not release, was charged with a traffic violation, Fuquay-Varina police said.

School officials said the carrier's vehicle pulled into the road and hit the front end of the bus.

The first accident happened about 2:30 p.m. as the bus was taking students from Fuquay-Varina High School, the school district reported. The Raleigh accident happened at 4:16 p.m., officials said.


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  • haulingbabies May 30, 2007

    GET OUT OF THE ROAD when you walk!!! Buses are BIG...with mirrors. Don't wave for us to slow down,..get out of the way so we can proceed at the posted speed. We are NOT your enemies. We carry your children. BE KINDER to us. Bus Drivers are people too. And we work HARD for low pay in hot and cold conditions. Try and understand the issues we're having to deal ON the bus WHILE driving at all times. Children are not self-contained you know. We're glorified baby sitters. Please look at us with respect.

  • North Carolina Native May 30, 2007

    a bus driver that travels my road drives like a bat out of hell... that is until she got a speeding ticket about 2 miles from FV Middle. She's prob slowed down a little now. Glad everyone was ok in these "accidents" though.

  • Panther May 30, 2007

    You said it all!

  • Piratemed May 30, 2007

    Someone please help me understand this ... when I was in high school I was a student bus driver ... they stopped letting students drive buses because they were prone to accidents ... but in my memory I don't remember anything more serious that getting stuck in a ditch ... now we have adult drivers because they are supposed to be safer ? ... yet every day it seems there is in the news a report about a school bus accident ... we had a gentleman who I believe worked for NCDOT that was always around watching the student drivers to be sure we obeyed the rules ... if a student driver did not they lost their bus license ... no questions ... is there not someone now that patrols the roads watching these so called "safer" adult drivers ? .... maybe the state needs to put the "govenors" back on the buses and let students drive again ? ... it was nice to get "paid" to drive to school everyday ....

  • then who cares May 29, 2007

    melmika, if a school bus stops so fast it leaves skid marks I believe someone on the bus would be injured! Even if they weren't I believe you need to report it to the police--before someone is injured!

  • LLL72KNT May 29, 2007

    In defense of both drivers, there is a ton of construction in that part of the subdivision. However, I would hope that this would send a message to anyone driving in an area with construction trucks parked all over the place, to be extra cautious.
    hope no one was seriously injured.

  • melmika May 29, 2007

    The school bus that goes down my street leaves skid marks ever so often when she stops to let off the kids.

  • Fuquay Resident May 29, 2007

    So the school bus driving too fast caused the mail man to pull out in front of it.

  • CharinSpringhill May 29, 2007

    I am not surprised. The school buses drive down this street way to fast, I have even spoken to the development about getting some speed signs.

  • diwanicki May 29, 2007

    hope all are ok.