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Bill to Loosen School Calendars Has Major Senate Opponent

Posted May 28, 2007
Updated May 29, 2007

— The state law that helped influence the setting of school calendars in the state is under fire at the Legislature.

Some lawmakers are re-thinking their vote on when school should start and end, but the bill may not go anywhere.

The state House of Representatives voted this spring to roll back the law, which would make it easier for school districts to decide when to start the school year and to end it so they can get in the required 180 days.

House Bill 359 passed 74-39, but there has been no action in the Senate.

The bill would make it easier for school systems to win exemptions from the law. If they could show an educational purpose, they could start and end when they want.

The tourism industry strongly backed the law limiting the school year, and Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight supports keeping it.

One of the sponsors of the House bill, Rep. Earline Parmon, D-Forsyth, said she has changed her mind after hearing from her district. She had voted to roll back the law.


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  • supermom2 May 29, 2007

    If they are so worried about teacher classes...then the state needs to send in their specalist to the schools. Teahcers already have enough to do and requirements to meet. The state should make it more convient for the teachers. If this is staffing people in the schools so that the teachers meet the states requirements then so be it. Leave the kids summer break alone or better yet do away with 10-20 of those 180 days the children are required to go to school....they do not do anything the last 2 weeks of school anyway.

  • supermom2 May 29, 2007

    Fact is, the average salary for teachers with 10-19 yrs experience is 46,000.00 a year. Now you tell me how this amount is suppose to be so wonderful. Was Dave Sanders life worth this amount of money, he was one of the teacher shot at Columbine HS trying to save his students. and he is not the only teacher who have been shot and killed by a student of the school. On average a teacher who teacher in the public school system spends nearly $500.00 of this wonderful salary on school supplies for their students. Do you realize that for millions of kids, the only hug that they ever get is one from their teacher. Do you realize that they only time millions of kids feel special and loved is at school. These teachers that you are calling over paid are the only ones giving these kids love, confidence, encouragement. Teachers are daily dealing with our broken down society so that your kids will have a chance at being a successful adult.....they do not get paid near enough!!!!!

  • SWinslow May 29, 2007

    herelegally, I've got an idea. How about you go and work as a teacher for just one year, but save all that "take home work" until the summer. See how that works? Obviously, you have a grudge against teachers because it is apparant they didn't serve you very well. Here is a concept that I think my 1st grader might get, though. Teachers have take home work when they actually have students in school with them, not when they are on vacation. Also, if you think their job is so luxurious, let me ask how long you get for lunch? I got 20 minutes a day when I was a teacher. Only a fool thinks teachers have luxurious, overpaid jobs. Check the dept. of public instruction and look at those gigantic "bonuses" you think they are receiving on top of those huge salaries. I'm certain you would leave your own job to have such a cushy one like teaching then.

  • herelegally May 29, 2007

    oh and Yabo...lets not distort the special or enhanced employment status teachers DO enjoy within the State of North Carolina

    Unlike other State Employees teachers enhanced pension and disability benefits, they are given bonuses, they have received pay increases higher than all other State Employees for years now, if given tenure at their school then they are virtually impossible to get rid off even if they are not capable of meeting minimum standards!!

    Like I said, play your shell game somewhere else...

  • herelegally May 29, 2007

    Hey Yabo tell your wife to get herself a full time job if she thinks she can handle it...until then play your shell game on someone else...I'll virtually guarantee you, though, she won't be making 60% more...nor will she have all those paid holidays!!!

    Part time work is part time work and teachers make darn fine money for their PART TIME jobs!!!!!

  • Marvin May 29, 2007

    Herelegally, I forgot this one!

    To take a day off for a house closing, or a speeding ticket, or any other personal reason, teachers have to take a personal day. The catch is that the teacher has to pay $50.00 out of their pay to cover the substitute who cover for them while they are out, "just like the rest of us." Oh, that's right - if we're going to be out for a day, we can just put it on our voice mail that if it is an emergency to contact a co-worker, but we don't have to pay them out of our pocket to cover for us.

    And Luke 2-19, that's a great idea, but to do that would require doing away with nearly every student holiday and teacher workday. Parents would go nuts if students had only one week at Christmas, two days at Thanksgiving, and no spring break, which is what your plan would entail.

  • Marvin May 29, 2007


    I love people like you who say thinks like that with no idea of how teacher employment works.

    Most classroom teachers are 10-month employees and get paid for 10 months of work - no school in July and August, so no check for them in July and August!

    Beginning teachers earn 10 days of "vacation", but those days are built into the 10-month calendar, so they are told when they have to take them. And yes, many of those days are around holidays, so teachers have to take their vacation "just like the rest of us". More experienced teachers earn more vacation time, but that time cannot be taken on a school day. So they cannot just take an earned vacation day at any time they like "just like the rest of us".

  • yabo2k3 May 29, 2007

    I completely agree with that comment of making teachers work a "full" year like the rest of us. Then, and only then, the school can pay them a FULL-TIME salary. Do you realize the Federal Gov't views the Teaching Profession as a PART-TIME position? Teachers are not protect by the Family Medical Leave Act, they are not covered under Unemployment as a full-time employee. A teacher's salary is based on 1250 hours per year compared to 2000 for those of use that work full-time. I would be happier than a pig-in-**** if my wife's salary went up 60%, she had the same number of vacation days that I have, and her pay increases are based solely on her teaching.

    However, you have to factor in that teachers are rated on how students perform. Students performance is DIRECTLY correlated to the parents. Therefore, parents should be fined by the School System for their child being an idiot and the parents being losers.

    Nice try.

  • no more - no less May 29, 2007

    The school year should run as follows:

    Start - the Tuesday after Labor Day

    End - the Friday before Memorial Day

  • herelegally May 29, 2007

    Here's a novel suggestion...why don't we return to the traditional school calendar year for THE CHILDREN but revamp the STAFF (teacher)work schedule so that they work the same work year as the rest of us...we could be a bit generous and instead of allowing them two weeks paid vacation and 12 days sick per YEAR (like the rest of us) lets allow them 5 weeks any kind leave BUT they have to choose when they use it for Christmas Holidays, Easter Break or Summer Vacation JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!!

    I figure that would really help teachers with all this "taking work home" problem they seem to ALWAYS bring up...I know if I was asked to do my job with only 180 days per year to do it...I'd have to take work home too!